Advent Vega Won’t Launch With Android Market


VegaThe folks over at Engadget have divulged, via Electricpig, that the Advent Vega shan’t launch with the Android Market. Instead its app fix will have to come from from the Archos AppsLib store, and its 5,000 apps, for the time being. Advent product manager was quoted as saying “The plan is that when you get to January time, there’s a new release of Android and you’ll be able to get the marketplace on this product.” This hints strongly that the fragmentation issue that is beginning to plague Android is at the forefront of Google’s train of thought with new Android releases.

Side comment: Totally digging Engadget’s Vega image.

[via Engadget]

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  1. If someone bought me that for Christmas, it would be on the refund-train on boxing day.

    What’s with companies who go through all the effort, just to neuter their product by not making sure it qualifies for the Android Market? Do they wish to fail?

  2. @Alvin why do you think the market isn’t included? Because this device _can’t_ be a Google experience device and thus Google won’t let them have any of the closed-source apps. Current rules are: no 3g, no market. Personally I think its a _great_ deal and I’ll be getting one the _second_ its available.

  3. It would probably be a downloadable update. This also hints that the market will be available on more than just telecom sold phones which is also probably suggests that is the drop dead date for the old copy protection on apps and developers will need to the new one in place. They hint that may be possible on more kinds of devices with the new licensing system.

  4. Honestly, I think this is a product with dream specs at that price. I would buy one android market or not, cause I can search for the apps on my phone and get hold of the apks. Besides, if enough people buy it maybe it’ll get rooted and a custom android with the marketplace will appear.

  5. you have to be nuts to shop at dsg. often out of date stock, often over priced, may be they want me to think thats their old image, well ive wasted too much time to be suckered again

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