Android Gingerbread and Honeycomb to Be Followed by Ice Cream


ice-cream1If you’re craving something sweet you know you can always count on the Android team to give you your fix. OK, so they can’t really satiate your desire for snack foods and treats, but they sure can whet your appetite with the code names they assign to each new version of Android. Froyo (frozen yogurt) is the most recently released version at Android 2.2, and we are all eagerly awaiting Gingerbread. Reports surfaced a few months back pinning the Honeycomb name on the iteration to follow that (right now it is assumed that Gingerbread and Honeycomb will be Android 3.0 and 3.5 respectively, though this isn’t confirmed).

But for those extremely forward thinking individuals a report at Forbes is laying claim that the next next next version of Android will carry the name Ice Cream following the alphabetic pattern set up by previous releases. Forbes has it from ARM president Tudor Brown, though Google’s only comment on the matter reiterates the Gingerbread and Honeycomb names while neither confirming or denying Ice Cream.

We have to assume that they will go with two or three scoops as opposed to soft serve in order to make a distinction between Ice Cream and Froyo.

[via Forbes]

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  1. Does anyone know what was “A” called? Apple pie? & for the “B”? Brownie? Brown Sugar lol…Thanks in advance

  2. HMMMM…..Not to interesting.

  3. There’s not a whole lot of desserts starting with “i” besides icecream

  4. Then Jello, Krispy Kreme, Lemon Pie, Mousse, skip N, then Oreo, Pavlova.

  5. So…Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, and I guess Ice cream. What will they call Z? Any guesses?

  6. @Mr. G2 , android releases with cupcake so no official a or b. However, I assume it started with A for android

  7. @spencer 1.5 is cupcake. The G1 first came out with 1.0

  8. that is what i was thinking it would be called when thinking about what they would name future android releases. i guess i was right but i dont see what else it could be called….

  9. @Spencer – Z would be… Zebra Cakes?

  10. this is what the future timeline will probably be like: (excluding some letters)

    c -cupcake
    d -donut
    e -eclair
    f -froyo
    g -gingerbread
    h -honeycomb
    i -ice cream
    j -jello
    l -lolli pop
    m -mousse
    p -pie
    s -strudel
    t -toffee
    v -vanilla
    y -yogurt

  11. Alpha, Beta, Cupcake?

  12. Hmm Ice Cream all we need next is some ICEE’s

  13. I was just telling my husband the other day my guesses for upcoming releases… I think it’s fun, because I am a DORK.

    I – Ice Cream
    J – Jellybean (How perfect and cute is that! I’m willing to bet money on it. Any takers??) :D

  14. Hamlet is right, lol android 1.0 was a alpha version, i remember everyone complaining about it being a imcomplete OS.
    Can’t wait for Gingerbread and all on my G2 once we root this baby.

  15. @Spencer – zeppoli?

  16. Is there a soy version? I’m lactose intolerant ;)

  17. My Nexus is ready for Gingerbread.


  18. Whats the point of reporting this? Updates from Google are nice to hear if the Manufacturers would put use of these updates…… This is why android is making me sick. Froyo came out months ago but people are still waiting for it….and now gingerbread is around the corner!!!!

  19. After z are they just gonna quit?

  20. A and B never had official codenames. Prior to Google acquiring Android Inc, however, A stood for “Android” and “B” stood for “Bender” (Android from Futurama)… Their roadmap had C for “C3PO” and D was “Data” but obviously those happened long after Google took over.

  21. I think A was android and B was Bagel

  22. @PhaseBurn — thanks for clearing that up! I always assumed it was either an alpha beta thing or it just started right at Cupcake

  23. I prefer “Icee” over Ice Cream.

  24. how do u get gingerbread?

  25. So does this mean we can all go straight to whatever goodness 4.0 will have and skip those other silly updates?

  26. ‘A’ was Apple Pie… but you cant use that.. since the world APPLE..
    ‘B’ was BlackBerry Pie… ooopppss.. not a good idea.. so they skipped to Cupcake.. that’s the story!

  27. YOU’RE.

  28. Z for zabaglione, which is delicious.

  29. zabaglione is adoreable no doubt.

  30. What are they going to do after they run out of letters?! :O

  31. J – Jelly bean
    K – Kiwi fruit
    L- ?

  32. lol i never knew it was in alphabetical oreder. ice cream sounds great.

  33. You know what’s funny? The .sig file that made and use in the forums called all of this a while ago up to J. Looks like I have to make a new one to go beyond it.

  34. After z Google will have been implemented in all computers to some extent, Android will have become the dominate OS and will start to upgrade itself becoming more and more self aware until it decides to exterminate and/or enslave humanity. After humans are only a thing of legend to our future android overlords one of them will base a new OS on these people of myth and call that OS human v1.0 The cycle will then start anew. Or not :D

  35. I’ll throw in my 2 cents on this one. How about:

    i = icing
    z = zingers

    then when it starts over:

    aa = Apple pie Alamode
    bb = Banana Bread
    cc = Chocolate Cheesecake (or is that ccc?)

    I’m out… my head hurts now.

  36. you are all faggots!!!fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck all of you!!!!!

  37. shut up KDroidX!!!

  38. You suck KDroidX. Dicks all around for you!!!!!

  39. Jelly Bean seems logical. I highly doubt they will use a trademarked name like Jello. I also didn’t realize they were going alphabetical. More useless information that I probably didn’t need.

  40. My opinion –

    Gingerbread will be released officially next year on a Sony Vaio tablet.

    Juggling the phone/tablet form factor will be difficult for Android and will make a lot of current users extremely unhappy.

  41. @Janelle I agree. Jellybean seems most probable. K seems harder, since krispy kreme is trademarked (but google has the funds to buy them out, I’m sure. :D)

    Z will be tough, too, but what the hell are they gonna do with X?

    Also, kdroidx should drink bleach until he’s full. Then he should drink some paint.

  42. I vote for P being for Pizza!

  43. N = Nookie

  44. when is pixie stick coming out?

  45. Jello is not a dessert, it is a brand name of a gelatin dessert so it’s not likely to be the J name.

    N could be nuts, or even nutmeg.

  46. Hmm lets see I didnt get them all but hey i tried lol. and a few funny ones.

    Froyo (frozen yougurt)
    Ice cream
    Jelly Bean or jawbreaker
    Kaiser roll lol
    Orange juice
    Quiche? lol not a sweet
    Strudel (what no SPAM?)
    X (xylophone)
    Y (dont think yougurt would be used twice)

  47. Cupcake should be named cookies…

  48. I would much rather them go with “Icee” than ice cream, since it’s a bit similar to “Froyo”.

  49. Does G for Gingerbread symbol a December/Christmas release

  50. A = Android
    B = Banana Split

    Maybe.. Well, it works :D

  51. do u know y the purposefully miss the A ND B?
    This is how it happened :-D
    A for Android….
    B for Bitten Apple

  52. but of course t will be tiramisu! my fave. i’m planning ahead for 2015 already…

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