One More Leaked RUU for the HTC Merge



The latest, leaked, RUU for the HTC Lexikon has been snatched and released by the guys and gals over at XDA. While nothing new is to be had, one can infer that this means Bing is still the default search engine and no word on whether or not it will be powered by the latest version of HTC Sense as found on the Desire Z.

However, since the phone hasn’t been launched yet anything and everything is still up in the air. And, as Mr. Kennemer said: “anything else is just drool material…”.

[via Talk Android and XDA]

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  1. The only thing I like about this phone is the red & black color. G2 FTW :)

  2. htc glacier ftw

  3. What is it with HTC that every phone they make looks the same as the last? Junk! !

  4. fuck you guys!!you guys are all gay!!android sucks!!apple is wayy better!!

  5. android does not suck!!!it is really good!!be quiet KDroidX!!

  6. Sheesh Steve, grow up!

  7. Time to turn off commenting Phandroid.

  8. another htc there all the same. got the droid x and its no better the my d1. just bigger screen. moto and htc need to set down and wait awhile before releasing another phone.

  9. I don’t know how much different they can make a phone look. One side is mostly screen, and what portion of the front that isn’t screen doesn’t leave much room for innovation in terms of soft or hard keys. The back covers differ, but I personally prefer it be some matte finish black or gray, and look professional. It’s what’s under the hood that counts.

  10. I have never used SENSE. If this comes with the older version of sense and that butt ugly wallpaper, can sense be updated to the new version?

  11. Hells ya what ive been waiting for an htc phone with sense with a keyboard on verizon!!!

  12. I’m NOT going to buy an Android phone that has Bing search instead of Google Search.

  13. whats RUU?

  14. I don’t know if bing will matter. I imagine I can download and use any Google app I want, and make Google search my home page. I noticed that I never use that search button on my Nexus One, but the google widget I have used, or the browser.

    I still think this will lock out root like they did with the g2. Won’t that make people happy.

  15. The quality of comments on this page reflects fairly poorly on Phandroid…

  16. As someone who is a Verizon subscriber and has yet to own a smartphone, I’m really excited by the HTC Merge. Its got everything I want. The stylish look and feel of an HTC phone. A full keyboard. Android and Sense under the hood. I’m sure there’s plenty of people out there, like me, who have yet to purchase a smartphone and are sick of waiting for a potential Verizon iPhone. While I know many people, particularly (probably) those commenting here, purchase new phones yearly and are sick of seeing minor changes, this phone is quite appealing and stands out to me among the plethora of android devices on the market. An Incredible-like phone with a keyboard! Who cares about Bing? Get a Google app, or wait for me or someone else to hack the thing and get Google on there.


  18. I am hoping it comes with the newest version of Sense. I think it is crazy that we have seen the “prototype” reviewed and videotaped and it has the older version. This would be a strange decision. Plus, if it doesn’t have the newest version will they update it in the future!?!

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