Samsung Galaxy Tab Now Available in Russia



The Samsung Galaxy Tab roll out trudges along on a path of global domination that hopes to eventually reach 10 million units sold. The Tab, which recently launched in Germany and is due in the UK on the first of next month, has touched down in Russia. Keeping with the high prices quoted for the unlocked version of the Tab, the slate is retailing for 36,990 rubles. That is right around $1225/870 euros. For that price the device comes SIM and network free.

[via UnwiredView]

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  1. This came out in Israel 2 days ago…:P just saying, haha,
    I sent messages to u guys all the times about different phones and stuff comin out in Israel so u can post it, but u never do…it seems as if u guys are neglecting news for israel and that ain’t cool….

  2. The Samsung Galaxy Tab came out in Israel 2 days ago! haha For once Israel is ahead in the game! :D ALRIGHT!

  3. @Marcos Whats Israel? Oh you must mean Palestine.

  4. @Marcos

    Dude, that sucks. I love Israel. My heart goes out to all those who are engaged in the war over in the middle east. Not sure why you’re posts are not being used. I hope these guys are not antisemitic.

  5. @Keller… Man, that’s straight ignorant. Shouldn’t your plankton ass be b*tching and trolling about some stupid sh*t on here that no one cares about?

  6. Is it ignorant? You clearly the ignorant one.

  7. I’m all about the Galaxy Tab, but totally not worth it for that price. I hope those prices stay in Israel.

  8. Crazy price considering is really just a big Galaxy S. Looks like price will shun many interested consumers.

  9. In Russia, Samsung Tab download you :D

  10. For that price, you can bet most Ruskies won’t be able to afford it, the government, as usual, will.

  11. why is someone crying about the android coverage in Isreal? This seems surreal. Start a post & let us know I suppose

  12. @Keller, stop bein an assfuck, if u wanna be all racist go away.
    @Dallas, In Israel the Galaxy Tab gets to about $750(off contract) I believe…
    @Ted, I’m “crying” about the android coverage in Israel cuz israel is a supporter and costumer for Android too, and as a sight that covers android phones, they should post everything. Like they never posted anything about the Milestone in Israel, or the Legend, or the Desire, or that the Galaxy S is coming soon. I find that offensive to Israel that they ignore the news for it and ignore the messages I sent telling them this stuff, it just ain’t right…
    And @Smc29, ur awesome!! :D

  13. go fuck yourself marcos

  14. Any idea as to how many have been sold so far?

  15. I agree with Bob. Go fuck yourself Marcos

  16. @Marcos and @Keller – Smarter people than all of us combined have wrestled with this issue for decades, without arriving at a working solution. In the meantime, you both should chill out. Keller made a reasonable statement (from the perspective of Palestinians), but Marcos and Mustard escalated this very quickly.

  17. Who cares!! rumored prices, no-one wants one.

  18. @Bob and @Vat, GO FUCK YOURSELVES YOU RACIST PIECES OF SHIT! Hatin on me cuz I’m fuckin from Israel, you ignorant motherfuckers! May you burn and die painfully :D Before u hate on me, hate on YOURSELVES for how worthless and pathetic u guys are, having nothing better to do with their lives than start a cyber fight with a jewishkid…PATHETIC. Now fuck off from this post before more people have to see and get to ridicule u for how gay and stupid u guys are. for I’m doin it as a matter of pride and defensiveness for myself, my country, and religion, but u guys just look like a bunch of pathetic assfucks so bored with there life and so sad with there lives cuz they can’t get any pussy or there lives sucks or whatever that they have nothing better to do than start a fight…

    @John, I respect ur view on shit, and whatever I’ll leave Keller alone, fuck it, he truly does I guess have a reasonable view…but if I’m directly confronted in one of this comments, don’t expect me to pussy out from 2 worthless piles of nothing…

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