T-Mobile G2 Officially Available Today for $199.99


Even after T-Mobile halted preorders of the T-Mobile G2 and allowed third-party retailers to sell the device early, October 6th was considered the phone’s launch day. It’s October 6th and we imagine anyone that really wanted one of these has it in their hands by now.

T-Mobile G2_Landscape

We hope to have a review coming for you guys, but for now be sure to check out the unboxing video of the phone from our very own Dave Demarest. After that, don’t forget to head over to AndroidForums.com where many excited T-Mobile G2 owners have been talking about their new favorite gadget in the G2 section there.


Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. wait 249?

  2. Before the mail-in rebate, presumably. Amazon has it for $99 for new customers.

  3. Uh so under low specs, bad build quality, and overpriced. Wow once again HTC and T-Mobile are really pushing the bar… towards fail.

  4. Yeah, I am not sure why they are saying $249.99. I thought it was $199.99 with upgrade and $499.99 off contract.

  5. I got it yesterday but I am still looking for my missing 2G internal ROM. But it is nice.

  6. @Jonathan Drake stop being such a bitch. The specs are great, 3.7 inch screen is the perfect size to me, its lightning fast, just look at the benchmark, and in every other category its right up there with all the best phones out today. and for the build quality, it feels great and the hinge only hangs open if you make it, but otherwise theres no problem, and 199 is the same as every other great smart phone. so what are you exactly complaining about? and yeah it is 199 if you are up for an upgrade theres a rebate to send in but after its 199.

  7. IMO The Vibrant is still king for T-Mobile.

  8. @bobbert: Jonathan Drake is clearly referring to the fact that its CPU is clocked at 800 Mhz, which is 200 Mhz less than the competing 1GHz phones. That means that it is only 8/10th as good. He makes a great point.

  9. @bobbert I’m sorry but when there’s the Vibrant which out matches on speed and screen quality, I have a right to bitch only because it’s overpriced for what it is.

  10. all of you quoting 800Mhz clock speed vs. 1Ghz clock speed saying the 1Ghz CPU is obviously better need to educate yourselves. go get a 3Ghz Intel Pentium 4 and i will go get a 1.8Ghz AMD Opteron 165 and wipe the floor with the 3Ghz Pentium 4

    riddle me this since numbers make more sense for you:

    CPU A processes 6 “steps” per 1 clock tick
    CPU B processes 8 “steps” per 1 clock tick

    CPU A runs at 1000Mhz (thats 1Ghz btw)
    CPU B runs at 800Mhz

    which CPU is faster?
    CPU A 6*1000=6000
    CPU B 8*800=6400

    if you answered CPU B then you are correct! at 800Mhz CPU B actually gets more done than CPU A which is clocked at 1Ghz

    educate thy-selves

  11. James for the win! Best Phandroid comment ever.

  12. @Jonathan Drake: Eclair. TouchWiz. Screwy GPS. Hahahahah!

  13. @Jonathan Drake where’s the vibrants camera flash? keyboard? stock android? working gps? the phone have trade offs and anyone saying 800mhz isnt enough hasnt been watching any benchmarks lately

  14. Nice device. I picked up two on the BOGO for $149 with the rebates. It seems plenty fast to me even on edge and it’s smokin’ fast on WiFi. The vanilla OS synced all my Google stuff without hassle. It’s got some heft and has good build quality. The hinge is NOT loose as some would suggest, it has zero lateral movement. However, it does move easily fore and aft as it is designed to do for quick and easy access to and storage of the keyboard. It is NOT a defect, the keyboard just wasn’t designed to be used while standing on your head.

  15. Hey if that’s not a front facing camera in the upper left hand corner than what is it?

  16. @james: Sounds to me like the work of the Devil. Leave me out of it.

  17. yeah i ask myself that question too – it looks like something very similar; the vibrant has that too!

  18. Havingg both a Vibrant and a G2, I would take the G2. Way faster, stock Android – nuf said. As. For the “missing” 2gb everyone has been whining about. It isn’t missing. It had 4 internal, the OS took up just over 2 of that. Bad advertising, not phone disfunction. It is the best phone released since my G1.

  19. @JamesT: *shakes head* people are STILL going on about the mHz thing? My God are people butt stupid. You sound like the guy in Spinal Tap “but this goes to 11” Thank God there are at least people here like James, Aeries, & bobbert.

    JamesT, I really, really hope you become one of my clients one day. With the right pie chart & bar graph, I could easily make you purchase anything.

  20. @Beau It’s a light sensor in the upper left hand corner. It dims the screen as it approaches your face on a call so that your cheek doesn’t accidentally push buttons. It also reads the light and wont backlight keys on the keyboard unless it’s dark enough that you need it, thus saving battery.

  21. @Uncle Bob : where did you find the BOGO offer? I’ve only seen the BOGO for the Vibrant at T-Mobile. Thx

  22. Cool thanks.

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