T-Mobile G2 Pre-Order Starts Tomorrow, Release Date Set for October 6th



For everyone wanting to get their piece of the T-Mobile G2, the wait is coming to an end. Starting tomorrow, September 24th, and running through October 4th you will be able to pre-order the successor to the original G1 through TMo stores and online. And two days after pre-orders close the device will be available for all to take home, fondle, cuddle, or, you know, make phone calls and text. That’s right, despite rumors of a delayed release it looks like the G2 will definitely be landing on October 6th. In the meantime practice patience, because that is still a couple weeks away.

[via TMoNews]

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  1. im gettin mine!

  2. I cant imagine buying any phone sight unseen without being able to actually use it. I personally love my new Android hobby….but dumping a few G’s on a phone without knowing anything about its hand-on performance….just odd to me!

    Ill give it a few weeks til after its released

  3. I’m sporting a woody after reading this!

  4. There is a remorse period. I would think that given Android’s evolution, and HTCs experience, it’s going to be a winner. When it was in it’s infancy, sure, it’s prudent to wait. I think it’s a proven platform, especially since it’s unskinned. I use a Nexus One with Froyo, and it has touch screen quirks but is otherwise amazing. So I think it’s reasonable to preorder what looks to be a very professional quality device with a proven platform.

    I’ll know very quickly if this is something I need to return. Not a problem as I have my N1 as backup.

  5. Not to mention, there should be a return policy if you don’t like it. I’m buying mine out right so I am not encumbered by a contract.

  6. Question – In everyone’s experience, do you tend to get the phone quicker when you pre-order online, or through a TMO store?

  7. I want one but don’t know why. My N1 with Froyo is awesome and the G2 doesn’t offer much above that. I think I’ll wait for the front facing camera.

  8. @ Steven.
    a few G’s? Youre not buying a honda civic.
    People are going to his this phone like wildfire.
    I personally know about 10 previous G1 owners that have the G2 in pre order at Best Buy. The Evo 4 is cute, but the physical keyboard on the G2 kills the evo. finally another tmo phone worth bragging about. the last badass phone was the G1

  9. @ Tyler – I’m guessing the preorder reserves a phone for you. Waiting to go to the store might mean not getting one when they become available….Just a guess.

    @ Eric – My reason for wanting the G2 is the QWERTY keyboard. Had it not been for that, I would have gotten the N1 The FFC is not a factor for me. I think you are set with your N1 until you find a device with FFC.

  10. @olypdd:

    I agree. HTC is one of the best if not the best Android OS based phone manufacturer right now. Still, most of us get once shot a year (sometimes two years) to get the phone they want. No one wants to buy a dud or a great phone with 1 or 2 really big problems. Just wanna make sure what we’re buyin!

  11. Pre-order is online only or through customer care only. Phones will be shipped to you. If there is something wrong with the phone it must be shipped back. Phones ordered online cannot be returned to a retail store. Just a little caveat.

  12. @everyone! My bad. I meant a few hundred. not a few thousand. Ill go and sit in the corner now! LOL!

    But, on a side note. I cant wait to play with this thing in the stores!

  13. i dont need to “try out the phone” I know im going to buy it, just like i didnt need to try out the G1, and that was the first android phone, ever. i trust htc and tmobile and google…it was the first impulse buy of a cell phone i ever made, not afraid to do it again.

  14. Radio Shack will have them for $149……..

  15. this is not emerald right?

  16. Historically, does the TMO site allow you to start ordering at midnight? Or is it just sometime in the morning?

  17. From my understanding, customer care informed me pre-orders would only be available online and through calling customer care. However, I few hours ago I went to my local tmo store to pay my bill (get passed due taken care of to assure my pre-order upgrade), and the employee informed me that they were taking pre-orders- it was a list pretty much that required no deposit. I got on the list anyway. But will the stores actually receive the phones, or are they supposed to be shipped only for the first month or so?

    Lastly, which method would be the fastest to get the phone into my hands? Shipped or pick-up at store (if they actually get them in)?

  18. @ Tyler
    The last time I pre-ordered a phone with t-mobile I had to wait ’til the morning. Maybe this time is different.

  19. I still have the G1 and can’t wait to get the G2. I’m due for a new phone as my G1 is ready to be replaced. Hopefully worth the wait! I like having an actual QWERTY keyboard to touch, so the “G” series has been a hit with me.

  20. My alarm is set to midnight just in case!

  21. enjoy whomever decides to purchase this device. id rather wait for the mytouch HD with the ffc!!

  22. @Eric.
    The same here, had Froyo for months on the Nexus.

    I’m torn on the G2 and the MyTouch HD.

    G2 – vanilla Android = faster updates (and larger screen than MTHD), but slower CPU and un-needed hard keyboard.

    MTHD – Espresso UI = slower updates (smaller screen than G2), but faster CPU and front facing camera.

    Why cant we have it all on one phone TMO ?

    And we want our phone to be UMA/WiFi capable TMO !

    I will re-up for two year with a phone like that !

    Otherwise I know the Nexus will get Gingerbread and Honeycomb so I will stick with it.

    We also want to know up front what updates are planned for the phones we are considering, we will no longer be happy with one update at your leisure TMO !

  23. So anyone? Faster through shipping via customer care when preordered, or when reserve listed at a tmobile store?

  24. I’m pretty sure that I’m getting this phone, but … because I have no other real choice. I use ConnectBot and Terminal all the time, and a VK phone with a terminal program is Teh Dumbz. That said, I’m not pleased with the 4-row keyboard, nor with the miserly 512MB of RAM. I got my girl a Vibrant, and I’m a little jealous of the 1GB of RAM plus the 16GB of internal storage, and seriously, if I could get the Epic from the T-Mob I would. I’m sure that the G2 is going to overclock well, but at the expense of battery life. I like the 802.11n networking, I like that it’s likely going to be rooted before it even hits the shelves, I like that it has a nice big flash for the camera, but it’s not the UberPhone that it could have been for just a few more dollars of production cost. I’m kind of thinking of it as the “it will tide me over for a year” phone.

  25. I pre-ordered my G2 through BestBuy… The main reason for doing it this way was – I am guaranteed one from the inventory they receive rather than waiting for it to ship to me from Tmobile.

    Hope this helps!

  26. @going home

    the mytouch hd is rumored to have a 3.8 inch screen. the g2 only has a 3.7.

    I don’t think the .1 inch difference is really anywhere near a decision maker between the two phones. youd have to look more toward the ffc and keyboard/no keyboard to draw comparisons.

  27. T-Mobile G2 is live for pre-order now when you login to your account on T-Mobile. $499.99 for Even More Plus plan (no contract).

  28. gosh i cant wait for it now that im 18 ill get an account with flex pay and pay 199 for the phone with a 2 year contract this is my first android phone ever to have cant wait!!!!

  29. When I log in to the T Mobile site, it does not list the G2. The site does indicate the device is ready for pre order, however as soon as I log on to the site, the phone is no where to be found…..

  30. I preordered but I got them to waive the upgrade fee, I made the case that I’m a long time customer and feel like it’s not right to have to pay that. So they waived it. I renewed my contract and I’m amazed how much less TMOs ETF is. Not bad, although I doubt I’ll pull the pin on them. Been with them nearly 7 years and they keep doing a good job for me. The phone will be delivered UPS on or before the 6th. TMO will text me a tracking number.

  31. I’ve been with them since they were Voice Stream…..About 10 years.

  32. Anyone else having trouble upgrading on line?

  33. I just ordered mine and realized i made a mistake and did not choose 3 day shipping. When i called the customer service they stated that the 3 day shipping shouldnt even be on there because no matter what everyone is to get their phone on 10/6. They said it is a mistake, so if you paid the money for 3 day shipping and want it back give them a call, but they said you wont get your G2 any earlieer because you picked 3 day shipping

  34. @29, I too am not seeing the phone listed. I got my notification email but when I login it doesn’t show the G2 as an upgrade option.

    What are the costs for various upgrades?

  35. Here’s the deal.

    T Mobile is aware of the web site pre order problem. Your options are to wait until it is fixed, go to a T Mobile store, or contact customer service. Keep in mind, customer service will be inundated with calls, so the wait time will be longer. I called to report the problem and they offered to take my order. I was willing to wait. I was NOT willing to go in to a store. Every time I do that, the place is full of people asking dumb questions….”Is this like an iPhone?”….

  36. I just contacted T-Mobile and they told me that I couldn’t pre-order since I’m not eligible for a “full upgrade”. I’m not 22 months into my contract.

  37. I wasn’t 22 months in to my contract either. I assure you, they will upgrade you. It will just cost more.

  38. Hindu-Elvis I am sure they only let you upgrade because you have been a customer so long. That is the card I played and got it even though I just upgraded my phone 3 months ago (just got an early upgrade on my other line too- got the Vibrant). It pays to be a long term customer. Can’t wait for the G2 but a bit disappointed over the memory.

  39. Both T-Mo cust service via phone & brick and mortar store claim that pre-order is for T-Mobile customers under CONTRACT only. If, like me, you’re a T-Mobile customer, but your contract is up and you now pay month-to-month (Even More Plus plan) you cannot pre-order the G2.

  40. Sam I Am – I requested a pre-order notification, and was notified even though I am not under contract. I have the Even More Plus plan and was able to order the phone. Possibly it’s because I have been a good customer and have been with them for a loonnnggg time (seldom under contract).

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