T-Mobile Ends G2 Pre-Orders Due to High Demand



I am more keen on saying T-Mobile has ended G2 pre-order due to the fact that RadioShack and even some T-Mobile stores have already begun selling the handset (not to mention many pre-orders have already arrive on the doorsteps of eager TMo subscribers), but if you didn’t get a chance to place yours, you’re out of luck. Due to ‘overwhelming demand’ pre-orders have been halted a few hours before the phones “official” street date of October 6th.

The phone will be available for order tomorrow and should be in all TMo stores by then, unless of course the overwhelming demand spills over into available stock. Then we might just be playing the waiting game. Let’s hope not.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Call me lame, but this phone was great. But the extra weight and smaller screen. I still think the Vibrant is a better choice. Not to mention more storage and a better screen.

    So, me being lame…im gonna get the Vibrant tonight

  2. Yes I agree, the Vibrant is just a better phone. What a strange claim that pre-orders are ending due to “high demand”. Sounds kind of desperate, are we really supposed to believe that? Maybe they are just trying to fix the hinge and put the missing 2GB back in the phone.

  3. I would highly recommend the G2.. the data connection is faster than TMo’s regular 3G.. I love the Vibrant but I would prefer the connection speed vs. looks.. plus the keyboard is wonderful on the G2.. Had mine since Sunday morning!!!

  4. Can’t go wrong with either phone. Both are well received from the community. The vibrant has great stuff going on via bionix and the g2 will no doubt be followed with some great stuff too. Im about 80% sure that teamdouche is gonna incorporate cm6.1 on the device as soon as they can. Go little green doombot go :)

  5. I got my G2 yesterday and I love how heavy it is. It feels solid and sturdy… like I could hurt some mofo’s with it if I needed to…

  6. I had pre-ordered mine Thursday of last week. Called to check the order status yesterday, and it was put on back-order. They said I could just pick one up at any T-Mobile corporate store, and then refuse delivery on my pre-order whenever UPS tries to deliver it. The closest T-Mobile store to me, they sold their last G2 to the guy in line in front of me. Had to walk 14 blocks to the next T-Mobile store. They only had a few left, but I got one. This phone is definitely a hit!

  7. maybe they ended the pre-orders due to the memory issue and the loose hinges ;)

  8. haters gon’ hate ;)

  9. the hinges arent loose i have mine and it does what the one in the video did, but u have to make it do that. and if you dont try it wont. for all practical purposes the phone is great

  10. Just ordered mine today, still have 5 months left on my contract and got it for 237 with tax shipping and activation, hell yeah!

  11. I played around with one yesterday. Didn’t see any problems with the hinges. If you’re that concerned about it get the insurance.

  12. The fud surrounding this device is just silly, but the “overwhelming demand” is not exactly a line I buy. It’s even sillier that it’s making headlines (guess it worked). When T-Mobile announced they were taking preorders, the last day for them was said to be October 4th. That was in T-Mobile’s announcement. They stopped taking preorders because it’s October 5th. T-Mobile just felt like throwing “overwhelming demand” in there, but the blogosphere clearly has a fatally short memory.

  13. Great comment foxeh. Good job.

  14. TMO handled the preorders terribly. Their reps provided conflicting information, refused to cancel preorders, and didn’t even text the tracking number until right after UPS delivered it. I have to conclude that they were also dishonest, so why would I believe that they are selling out?
    It’s going to be returned too. I’ll do my part to ensure they get appropriate customer feedback.

  15. Both are great phones and each has their own perks. The G2 had stock android 2.2 and a qwerty keyboard while the vibrant is thinner with a bigger screen and better processor. I’m a vibrant owner and still tempted to get a g2

  16. I picked mine up at the store Saturday. No pre order. Noticed a dead pixel and was able to swap out on Monday when I called the store. Doesn’t seem too high demand in redmond wa. However 50k microsoft employees in the area are waiting for they’re free W7 phones.

  17. All I have to say is WOW! This phone is amazing. From 1.6 to 2.2 is a big leap for me lol. RIP G1 still the best qwerty android phone!!!

  18. Does any one know if anyone has posted benchmark comparisons between the Vibrant and G2? I heard elsewhere on this site that the G2’s clock is slower (800Mhz vs Vibrant’s 1Ghz), it’s supposed to be more effient. I’m also kinda curious about the GPU/Graphics performance too.

  19. @MC T I just ran a 33.722 MFLOPS on linpack and a 1570 in Quadrant…I’m not sure what the Vibrant runs. All I can say from personal experience is that this phone is blazing fast and the build quality is very impressive. Like some one said above, it feels solid and heavy. I love it! Also the hinges are not loose, and although it separates when held upside down it almost like it supposed to. The hinge almost floats…idk it sounds like BS but you’d have to use one to understand

  20. If you have g2 or play with one you would crazy not to get one easily twice as fast as fast as the vibrant. I had the vibrant and i think its great but hspa makes the g2 a wiinner

  21. @LilWhtSlpr : Thanks for the feedback.

    1570 is pretty good when compared to other phones: N1 at 1250+, Droid X at 1150+, Galaxy S at 800+ (These are estimates based upon the screen shot in earlier post at http://phandroid.com/2010/08/10/htc-glaciers-gpu-results-now-showing-80-million-triangles-per-second-samsung-captivate-overclocked/ excluding the overclocked phone)

    Also, as an additional reference, “The Desire HD easily bests an unmodified Nexus One running Froyo and tops out with a score right around 2,000 on Quadrant’s arbitrary scale, making it the fastest stock Android handset we have ever seen” (See http://phandroid.com/2010/09/20/desire-hd-benchmark-blows-away-the-competition-rom-already-up-and-running-an-hd2/ )

    I’m still on the fense about between the G2 and the Vibrant. (Ideally, I’d like to get a Galaxy S with Keyboard and GSM. Not sure if it’s loosing GMS if I were to get the Epic 4G on Sprint or Intercept on Virgin. )

    Also, I heard somewhere that G2 does not support Mobile Hotspot. What about the Vibrant? Or is that a choosing of T-Mobile ?

  22. I had a vibrant but sent it back because after using it for GPS for an hour and a half it was so hot I couldn’t touch it. Figured I’d return it before it caught on fire. I ordered the G2 instead and it is a well built phone, but it has had problems with deleting text messages and continuously rebooting.

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