T-Mobile G2 Now On Sale at RadioShack, TMo Stores Given Go Ahead to Sell Early



The T-Mobile G2, a phone that has already started making its way into hands well ahead of the October 6th street date, is now on sale at Radio Shack. The phone will cost you $149.99 on a new two-year contract with TMo including rebates rolled into the in-store price for no mail-in hassle.

Not to be outdone, word is that T-Mobile has given the go-ahead to at least a few stores to start selling off their G2 stock before the 6th, the original date the carrier had set aside for the handset’s launch. If you didn’t pre-order one online this should give you plenty of options for getting your hands on the successor to the classic G1.

[via TmoNews]

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  1. This is the best phone I have ever owned. SUPER glad I got it.. For anyone who is doubting due to all of the naysayers posting negative things, do yourself a favor and check it out at the store. This thing is WICKED fast too.

  2. Trying to dump their stock of broken hinges and quickly getting PR buzz going for the new MyTouch HD… who would buy this clunker?

  3. i checked it out at the stores as a potential new phone for my gf. it certainly feel well built. We werent in a HPSA zone, but the 3g speed were as fast as my Nexus One 2.3/1.8mb d/u. They said as i get closer to NYC, they’ve actually seen it go up to 21 mb download….wtf crazy!! other than that, the vanilla froyo looks great and speeds were on par with the nexus or better.

  4. I’ve been with tmobile since 2006, and the retention was able to offer me the phone for 150 yesterday. They also lowered the price of my data plan. This is where I got the info from…


  5. Wow! They are lowering data plans to sell these things?

  6. Just picked mine up today. Love it! No issue at all with the hinge.

  7. This is a very nice device indeed. If you want a “superphone” running Vanilla Android (or close to it) with a keyboard, this is literally the only option. As for the hing, that seriously got blown way out of proportion. There are a lot of videos on the G2 thing and almost none of them could replicate that issue.

  8. The G2 is a great phone! As a former G1 owner all I can say is GREAT JOB HTC! This phone is FAST and very functional. I would take this phone any day over many of the choices out there.

    As far as the hinge, it’s not that bad. Unless someone is just careless with their phone, I don’t see any issues with the hinge mechanism.

    The keyboard flips out very smoothly and I prefer the new keyboard over the G1’s after using my G2 for a couple of days now.

  9. Got mine today. Extremely fast and well designed. t-mobile’s network is very fast. That said mine only came w/ 1.2gb internal storage. Hopefully a fix is coming. All in all extremely satisfied aside from the internal storage.

  10. For those of you who doubt this phone, your missing out. I had a G1 for the longest time with no problems. I now have the G2 and love it. It is built strong, if you don’t believe me, than see for yourself. I dare you to check one out and tell me that its not a nice phone. Tell you one thing, I would rather have this phone than an iPhone.

  11. Gettin mine tomorrow. Awwh yeah!

  12. I had the opportunity to handle one in a TMO store last night and it did do the dangle and sway hinge action. I couldn’t see how it would ever be an issue with normal use, however. I like how, unlike on the Nexus One, they have that grippy coating around the sides so it felt more secure in my hand. I thought the shiny black background around the keyboard looked cheap as hell. The screen wasn’t as vivid as my Nexus One and it didn’t show tethering or wi fi hotspot in settings like my N1, and the store staff found that interesting, as they did my N1. Anyway, I’ll probably wait but overall it’s a nice phone.

  13. One more thing. I noticed that many praising the speed of the G2 are coming from the G1. I would like to see what Nexus One owners think. As a Nexus One owner, I didn’t find it to exhibit any discernable speed difference, but I know the screen touch sensor is improved, so that’s a plus. I did see the H at the top and when I commented on it (as I didn’t know they had HSPA there), the store employees said it shows H even for regular 3g. Isn’t that a tad deceptive TMO?

  14. No tethering(included)
    No tv/dlna output
    No ffc

    =No BUY!
    I will wait for the MtHD(hopefully they have what just said was missing from this device(in know the ffc is icluded)!!

  15. You wieners that got your panties in a wad over the FFC are clueless. You’re the wet dream of marketing execs. They trick you in to wanting something that has no real world use, or no real value, or no real flavor. They convince you that it is something you MUST have and you believe them. You want FFC that bad, stand in line 8 hours for an iPhone….You people are the reason Bud Light is the top selling beer…..All hype and no substance.

  16. On the internal memory issue, the official word from T-Mobile is that there are 4 GB of storage, split into two partitions. One for the OS, and one for your apps. After all the pre-loaded apps, you’re left with just under 2 GB free. I downloaded all the apps I needed and I still have just over 1 GB free. I don’t see how I could ever fill that up.

  17. I agree Craig. Plus my G2 came with an 8 gig micro SD card installed, I didn’t know that was part of the deal so I was impressed either way. I literally love the shit out of this phone haha

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