Sprint Announces Sprint ID-Ready Samsung Transform, Sanyo Zio, and LG Optimus S


Sprint’s Dan Hesse took the stage today in San Francisco to address the media at CTIA Enterprise and Apps. The setup was pretty slick so we could only assume they’d be announcing new phones…


…and that they did. Just as we expected they would, they quickly announced the Samsung Transform and the Sanyo Zio – devices we’ve heard a lot about leading up today – but they announced one from LG that we haven’t heard of before: the LG Optimus S.


These devices will be Sprint ID-ready, a new service they’re announcing that’ll make it easier for consumers and businesses to find the apps they need based on who you are and what you like. Essentially, it’s a partnership that’ll allow Sprint and the content providers they’re working with to deliver content and information right to your phone without you having to go out and find it as long as you download what they’re calling “ID Packs.” Some of their announced partners include Disney with ABC and ESPN, E Online, MTV, HSN, LatCel, and more.


For businesses, this means that a company’s IT department can customize their own ID packs to push everything their new employees need right to their ID-ready phone without having to set the phones up each time they hire someone new. Another cool scenario is an Emergency Response pack that’ll equip you with everything you need to calmly handle any bad situation. Different B2B packs will also help users enhance and optimize their business and empower their employees, providing an example using the Santa Fe Tow Service which used Sprint-ID in a unique way.


We expect the Samsung Transform and Sanyo Zio to be available this week at Sprint and Radio Shack for under $150 and under $100, respectively, while the LG Optimus S will be available later this month for under $50. More details to come as soon as we can grab them.

We’re off to test the newly announced phones with Sprint-ID so stay tuned for video!

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. how much RAM does the phone have?

  2. alright, this is bullshit, what tha fuck are they thinking at sprint? what tha fuck is up with these piece of shit phones!?!? Their VP of technology should be fucking fired for brininging this new already outdated shit phones to the market!!! This isn’t 2008, come on!!fucking morons. WHy can’t they simply build a 1.5GHZ dual core phone with retina display that runs android 2.2 at least. What’s so fucking hard about that??? Ughhh…no words…they are more of a retards than the retards themselves

  3. Not interested in any of these phones, which is unfortunate. I was looking to upgrade from the Hero something up from the Epic and Evo, but now I guess I will be sadly waiting. Just a message to Sprint, if you don’t want to lose a customer don’t keep me waiting too long.

  4. the zio is alot better then the hero why not get a zio?

  5. Shut up Paul, the Epic and the Evo combined can tbag the shit out of every phone. Your clearly a dumb prick

  6. Sprint really shouldnt be afraid to offer a 3rd Option to the Epic and the EVO. If the Optimus S had at least a 4″ screen, Dual Cameras, and a 800 Mhz processor. Sprint would have all their bases covered in 4G for a while. I held off on the EVO hoping the LG offering could rival it..i was wrong. Hopefully Hesse has an OPTIMUS PRIME (Pro) in the Cards. Otherwise i guess ill wait it out for an EVO 2.

  7. Hahaha yea u dumb prick I have an evo n it clearly is da best phone out Apple can kick rocks lmao

  8. Kelly, everywhere I look I have to see your garabge mouth. Is this how you were raised or just plain Dumb. Got to be a short man complex. You don’t talk like that in public.
    As my father would tell you “If you keep your mouth shut, they may think your Stupid. When you open your mouth (or in This case your keyboard ) You Remove Any Doubt”

  9. Kelly’s got a potty mouth.

  10. I agree these phones are nothing special but they do fill a niche for people who can’t afford three hundred dollars for a phone. No carrier has announced anything better than the evo or droids or iPhone yet. I expect that they will announce it in time for the holidays though. I’m looking forward to seeing a 2 ghz multicore phone but I’m enjoying what I have.

  11. They might fill a niche market, but certainly with the abundant amount of Android phones coming out SPRINT would be wise not to lose ground in their effort to bring quality handsets to their customers.

    4G definitely has promise, but the limited expansion of it’s availability let alone to Sprint’s biggest markets is somewhat confusing. I mean, come on, I’m ready and waiting to upgrade and re-commit to another 2 years and yet, why would I upgrade and pay $ for services not even available to me yet?

    Anyway, back to the handsets… SPRINT would do well to secure for it’s customers what they have done over the last year, FORWARD looking phones that expand upon already offered service… hmmmm, some of these see to really target a small audience! Only way I would see this type of thing as being something NEW would be to offer VANILLA handsets that allow the customer to SELECT what software they’d want on it and not load them up with crapola not needed. Also, IMHO… Bring on the handsets with serious horsepower and they will sell, both in equipment and contracts, i.e., new customers and customer retention.

    Nuff said…

  12. Maybe time to start moderating the comments?

  13. I work for Radio Shack and we’ve had a dummy phone for the Zio for about 2 weeks, so no news there. The Sprint-ID sounds pointless except for businesses that give people phones. I thought it would be something big, shows what I get for thinking Sprint would live up to the hype they put out

  14. I don’t care…

  15. @Andy then your stupid pointless comments would probably be deleted swiftly.

    I agree it’s silly to release lower performance phones when you’ve got two of the most powerful on the market. But then again not everyone wants a phone that can do everything… a few of my co-workers (developers) have basic nokia phones that literally just call and lightly text.


  17. you guys need to chill out. this is great for sprint. not everything they release has to be aimed at YOU. this is for those who want a great phone without ALL the extra stuff that you have to pay for as well. i have an EVO and it’s perfect. but i see these phones being perfect for many people i know. not everyone needs/wants a superphone and the price that tags along with it. security in all markets for sprint means security in your interests as well, so if they keep the low/mid range phone people on contract then guess what. that means more revenue for them meaning more high end phones for us. you people really need to look at the BIG picture and calm the hell down :/

  18. @Keller
    The Evo and Epic are great phones, but they have also been out for a while. Plus I do not prefer the slide-out keyboard, both for weight and size purposes. I was looking forward to the next gen of Android phones, with the 3.0 update coming. I don’t want to purchase an out dated phone only a few months before something that blows it away comes along (like I did the first time).

    P.S. I never even came close to saying those phones were not great phones. The stupidity of your post shows you have no clue about social interactions and probably couldn’t explain to anyone exactly why a phone is good or not. You clearly do not have the brain copacity for that and I’m surprised you can even log on to a computer.

  19. *capacity

  20. Why is everyone so angry? Jesus Christ.

  21. Android 3.0 phones are late this year, most probably spring next year in reality. The majority of Sprint customers do not need nor want to pay for the high end Android phones, plus the extra $10 a month charge for 4G capability. Trust me, they will sell lots more of these lower end phones in the long run, and they are perfect for freebies in the near future with promotions. High end phone people have already used their discounts, so it will be a year anyways before the high end community spends again on a new phone, and it better have significant upgrades. Right now, there isn’t much that is better than EVO or Epic coming up.

  22. “Evo and Epic are great phones, but they have also been out for a while…”
    The Epic has been out for a whole month. It just came out and people already want something new.

    Give it a rest everyone.

  23. @SK
    The Epic is a Samsung Galaxy, in case you didn’t already know that. And just because it has only been on Sprints network for a month does not mean the phone has not been out a while. Which it has, in fact dated and spec wise it’s about the same age as the Evo. Yes looking for something new.

  24. @Ceger
    I think you may not have a very good grasp on what the Sprint Customers want. Perhaps there is a niche contingent here that would like these phones as they are entry level or maybe not quite as intimidating. That is nice and good for Android to break in the public. However anyone who has had an Adroid based mobile for any amount of time wants something more.

  25. No, these phones will sell more than the Evo’s and the Samsung Galaxy S series. The niche phones are the high end smartphones, not these. Think of all the soccer moms and the teenage kids whose parents are buying their phones. You think they’re going to pick up a 200 dollar evo or a 100 dollar mid range phone? Not even a contest. These phones will outsell the high-end ones.
    Also, what are you expecting these phone companies to do? HTC released the Evo, the Droid Incredible, and the G-2. Motorola released the Droid X and the Droid 2. How soon do you think these companies are going to release a brand new phone that’s going to fill the niche their current phones already fill? Get serious here people.

  26. It’s almost rediculous to think these phones will out sell the Evo. People were lining up and it’s been on again off again sold out since it’s release. It’s hard to get your hands on it. You think anyone is going to line up for these phones, your kidding yourself. They have no style, no performance. Combined I don’t think they will outsell the Evo much less one individually. Apple has dominated with only one device in the past, did they need cheaper less powerful versions? Look at the percentage of users not owning a Blackberry Curve, Hero, Evo or Epic on Sprints network. I bet it’s somewhere around 20%, that’s your market for these phones.

  27. What’s with the noob comments? Done reading phandroid unless they start some sort of moderation.

  28. I work for sprint. And in 2 days the samsung transform sold out. The samsung transform is the closest thing you will get to the epic. It also has a 800mhz processor which isn’t that much slower then the epic. And the sprint online store the transform is sold out.

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