Google TV Mini Site Launches Giving More Details on the Platform



Google TV. Just what is it? It seems like even after the big reveal at Google I/O and countless interactions with it since then we still have a pretty small grasp of the overall platform. Sure we know some of the things it does — Flash 10.1, apps, TV search — but to give even more detail on what we can expect as the first Google TV devices begin rolling out over the next couple of weeks Google has launched a mini site for the service. Most of the information covered we have heard of in one capacity or another, but now we get a nice concise list of just why this should be the next big thing for TV. (No, it won’t be 3D TV). If you are itching to get your GTV fix, know you won’t be waiting much longer as Sony and Logitech will both be announcing their devices soon.

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  1. Looks like it has a ton of options compared to iTV. If the price is right this might make a great Christmas gift.

  2. Android developers can write apps for Google TV next year! That is BIG news!


  3. Looks like the idea is to (either with a set top box or built into a TV) feed the TV with Google’s info while also providing passthrough and maybe buffering or recording of traditional OTA/cable/dish programming. That’s the only way I can see them doing the whole “search all your tv” thing as well as switching sources without changing the TV input. I am interested in how this pans out as my move from analog cable to DirecTV in order to get HD content pretty much made my tuner/HTPC obsolete. I missed having all my movies, music, web, and live TV through my PC and with a single remote. I’m interested in seeing Google’s take on the whole thing. This should continue their trend of offering ways to index and find content in exchange for serving up ads and using your overall behavior to help them serve up more relevant ads. Seems to be a very effective system.

  4. Can’t wait for this to be released! I hope they make a 65″ TV

  5. I think that the integration with the DVR and the set top box will be only for Dish Customers if I’m not mistaken.

  6. @ Sphinx: GTV will work w/ any TV provider (cable or sat). It just needs to know your provider info, location, etc. It uses IR blasters to control whatever DVR you have.

  7. Yeah, the direct DVR stuff is for Dish. I would imagine that it still does passthrough for other sources if it is gonna offer things like switching sources without switching
    TV inputs. Maybe IR control of set top boxes like Guner mentions. That would make it pretty much the same as my Windows Media Center setup with DirecTV. Really not worth the hassle for me so I don’t bother but it was great with analog cable and would be great if DirecTV or whoever would just sell you a freaking card to legally decrypt the signal the way your STB does. I know there are finally some PCI cards by companies like Ceton that will do this with CableCard but the fact that these guys haven’t figured out a standard for this yet is one of the main reasons that a) this hasn’t really moved out of the hobbyist realm yet and b) Google could make a killing if they make this easy and manage to finally tie web services in with HDTV for the average Joe in a simple way that nobody else has done yet.

  8. From an Apple TV owner. I know own an EVO, and looking to replace my ATV. I loved my ATV for years, but Apple only gives ATV a Hobby status.

    So, now comparing this to the ATV:

    1) Will it stream music from a source or integration with iTunes (I doubt the integration, although several Android apps do this)

    2) Photos – can it be done locally or from a source

    3) Rent movies and TV shows – will that be possible? Will it have Netflix available at launch date?

    4) Podcast & Feeds?

    The remote on the Android looks sweet. The apps will be a huge advantage over ATV. A Web Browser is a super plus.

    My only concern is the integration with Apple products, iTunes, iPhoto, Aperture,etc… I do have that integration with ATV, which is very nice and well done.

  9. The Sony InternetTV will be 40″ and is gonna cost around $1000 in the US. Should be well worth it since it will have Android.

  10. Hmmm… Sorry, but there’s nothing innovative in GoogleTV. It looks to be just playing catchup with other devices, with still some way to go for GoogleTV v2 to be totally caught-up.

    Topfield PVR

    … these and other devices all do what GoogleTV is said to do and more.

  11. Rey,
    Netflix is available out of the gate

  12. So does GoogleTV use Android? I saw the link regarding Android market so I would think yes… ?

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