Oct 4th, 2010


Google TV. Just what is it? It seems like even after the big reveal at Google I/O and countless interactions with it since then we still have a pretty small grasp of the overall platform. Sure we know some of the things it does — Flash 10.1, apps, TV search — but to give even more detail on what we can expect as the first Google TV devices begin rolling out over the next couple of weeks Google has launched a mini site for the service. Most of the information covered we have heard of in one capacity or another, but now we get a nice concise list of just why this should be the next big thing for TV. (No, it won’t be 3D TV). If you are itching to get your GTV fix, know you won’t be waiting much longer as Sony and Logitech will both be announcing their devices soon.

[via CrunchGear]

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