Get the Original Motorola Droid Through Verizon’s Certified Pre-Owned Device Program



Are the likes of the Motorola Droid 2 and Droid X just a bit too fangled for your liking? Or maybe the original Droid is as retro as a Razr right about now. Either way, if you are looking to get your hands on last year’s technology for half the price you can now find the Droid back in stock at Verizon as a certified pre-owned device. After all the contract rigamarole you can order the handset for a measly $99. Sure, there are better handsets out there, but the Droid is a true workhorse that can still hold its own with the best of them. Part of the reason I haven’t felt the need to upgrade from the phone myself.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Don’t do this, I am on my 3rd warranty replacement Droid after the original died from the Froyo update. I am expecting my 4th tomorrow and plan to film the activation (probable failure). When you get refurbished you roll the dice….

  2. “Sure, there are better handsets out there”

    That’s debatable

  3. @Josef F
    Its true i mean the droid is a good phone but lacks behind with all of the new technology and things being put into these phones. The processor just cant keep up not to mention the limited onboard memory.

  4. @Beth Just give up on staying stock and go with CM6 or some other rom of your choosing. You can always flash an SBF (restore the phone to complete stock) if you need to warranty the phone.

  5. Why would anyone bother to buy the original Droid (even at half price) which is over a year old, when you can purchase a Droid 2 or any other newer android phone for next to nothing? The deals going on with new handsets are unbeatable imo, so it makes no sense to go with older technology.

  6. I thought $99 would be a no-contract price.

  7. The Droid 1 has a few advantages. The Droid 1 can easily be overclockd to 1.1 Ghz making the CPU (not GPU) just as fast(not an advantage but an equalizer). You can install custom ROMS on the D1 so all future version of the Android OS will be supported. Eventually the Droid 2 will stop getting OS updates. The Droid is less than a year old and there is talk of it not officially getting Gingerbread. The Droid 2 might not get an update in a year’s time as well and because of the locked bootloader you won’t be able to install a custom ROM to get the update unless somehow the bootloader is unlocked by then.

  8. Well there is alot of custom stuff you can do to the original droid. After i dropped my droid x in the water, lol., i seriously thought about goin back to the original. Because when its overclocked it runs just as good as the x. but im ditching the x for the incredible instead.

  9. I want to speed up the cpu on my old moto droid 1 running 2.2 My only questions are these:
    1- what benefits will i see
    2- How can I try to keep them from finding out?

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