Paid Apps Now in 20 More Countries, 18 More to Follow Over Next Two Weeks


logo-marketUsers around the world have been begging for it, and Google is finally responding with the addition of 20 new countries to the list of those that can purchase paid apps in the Android Market. We first caught wind that more countries were being cycled in last week but today makes the announcement official. In addition to the 20 countries just added, over the next two weeks there are plans to add paid apps in the Android Market for an additional 18 countries.

Countries added to the list include Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland and Taiwan. Total paid app support now site at 32 countries world-wide.

A happy day for both Android users and developers who will get to reap the benefits of a much larger audience who can purchase their apps. Rejoice in the comments below.

[via Android Developers Blog]

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  1. Hell yeah!!

  2. still no paid apps for venezuela :( not much of a surprise there, given here are being sold only 2 devices (HTC Magic and Motorola Milestone).. All this lucky countries, rejoice.

  3. Wait. No Slovakia ?

  4. This is nothing but good for android and android app developers.

  5. Good for people living in those countries. Bad news for everyone who again didn’t “qualify”. No Poland, no Slovakia, no Hungary, no Romania…

  6. Well.. – good or bad – there is the Market Enabler :) Only slight problem is that it requires root…

  7. Do the Polish or Hungarians really need an American fart app or dirty birds game? I think not!

  8. But we, android developers in those countires, need the opportunity to sell apps on the market.

  9. There are tons of things offered/sold in foreign countries that Americans don’t (and never will) have access to, who cares? You don’t miss what you don’t have or don’t know about. I’m sure the Romanians are really heart broken because they don’t have access to the Google app store.

  10. Maybe you ought to reread Google’s post: the announcement was that the first list of 20 countries were additional countries where *developers* can *sell* apps from, whereas the second list of 18 countries were the ones where *users* can *purchase* apps, which will be rolled out over the next 2 weeks.

  11. Damn , so no Saudi Arabia and UAE !!! … Well hopefully they will announce them next week .

  12. Canada was already on both lists, wasn’t it? I’ve had paid apps since many months ago this year.

  13. Hope Ukraine will have it soon too

  14. No malaysia either. This sucks.

  15. and chile? why not? =(

  16. hey no handsets are selling like hot pancakes here and still they have not included india.

  17. about time in Australia…

    now if only they would activate Navigation in Aus


  18. Indonesia please,

  19. NZ has already had paid apps for over a year!
    Switzerland and Singapore too I think.

  20. include malaysia in your list, please……..

  21. please include malaysia..on the list.

  22. Oh, sweet. When I first bought my phone, I was kinda sad to notice that I’m unable to buy paid apps. Then I rooted my phone and got market enabler.

    So obviously, this won’t make much of a difference for me personally, but I know some people who will be very happy to hear this.

  23. Thats great for federico (launcher pro). He lives in Australia.

  24. No love for Istanbul? *sigh*

  25. :-( I don’t see Romania. :-(

  26. Vai BRASIL SIL SIL!!!!!

  27. “20 new countries to the list of those that can purchase paid apps in the Android Market.”
    No. Developers in 20 new countries can now SELL apps.

    Over the next 2 weeks, users in 18 additional countries will be able to PURCHASE paid apps from Android Market.

    So i’m still waiting for few weeks… (Finland)

  28. plz pakistan 2…

  29. Its Jan 2011 and still no paid apps in PAKISTAN!!!!

    Come on google hurry it up!

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