Sep 30th, 2010

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Holy hot Androids, a lengthy list of upcoming Verizon devices has leaked and it looks like we are in for a whole heap of Android over the next 6 months. The list reveals a total of six new Android devices to be hitting Big Red and doesn’t skimp on the details. It looks like Motorola will continue to pound the competition with two new handsets and their oft-rumored Stingray tablet while HTC, Samsung, and LG with what could be it’s first worthy Android round out the list. Read on for a breakdown of the devices in question:

Samsung SCH-i400 Continuum: This is the handset we just got a look at this morning and is lined up for a late October release. The phone features a 1GHz processor and two OLED screens.

Motorola Venus: This handset is said to be similar in design to the Motorola Charm and due out in October, featuring a Blackberry stile keyboard perched just below its touchscreen. Unlike the Charm, the Venus will feature a 1GHz processor, CDMA and Gsm/HSPA radios, and Android 2.2.

Motorola Droid Pro: Given that the Droid 2 World Edition shows up nowhere on this list, we are still inclined to believe that the Droid Pro will be an upgraded version of the handset when it hits shelves in late October/early November. It should feature a processor clocked to 1.3GHz, Froyo, and global radios. It is also rumored to replace the Droid 2 outright once it hits shelves.

HTC Merge/Lexikon/Lexicon: Call it what you will, but anyway you slice it this handset that goes by three names for the time being will feature a slide-out QWERTY keyboard with global radios and a 1GHz Snapdragon inside. Expect it in stores come late October/early November.

LG enV Pro: LG hasn’t quite hit one out of the park with Android yet, but this could be just the ticket. Maintaining the form factor of the LG Voyager/enV Touch series of phones, the handset features a 1GHz processor and a global radio.

Motorola Stingray tablet: This is the tablet we have been hearing so much about lately and it’s still pegged for a Q1 2011 release. Specs revealed include a 10-inch screen, Android 3.0 Gingerbread, 16GB of on-board storage, and the super popular NVIDIA Tegra 2 chipset. The tablet is said to be launching with CDMA inside, but much to our delight is said to be “hardware upgradeable to LTE.” How exactly one will upgrade to LTE remains to be seen.

So there you have it. Six new devices to speculate and salivate over. Something about the fact that there is no device on this list that could be dubbed “low-end” gets me a little giddy. Oh, Motorola Droid you have served me well but one of the above handsets might just have to take your place. HTC Merge and enV Pro I’m looking at you. Which do you guys want?

[via Engadget]