New Leaked Verizon Roadmap Gives Details on Slew of New Android Devices


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Holy hot Androids, a lengthy list of upcoming Verizon devices has leaked and it looks like we are in for a whole heap of Android over the next 6 months. The list reveals a total of six new Android devices to be hitting Big Red and doesn’t skimp on the details. It looks like Motorola will continue to pound the competition with two new handsets and their oft-rumored Stingray tablet while HTC, Samsung, and LG with what could be it’s first worthy Android round out the list. Read on for a breakdown of the devices in question:

Samsung SCH-i400 Continuum: This is the handset we just got a look at this morning and is lined up for a late October release. The phone features a 1GHz processor and two OLED screens.

Motorola Venus: This handset is said to be similar in design to the Motorola Charm and due out in October, featuring a Blackberry stile keyboard perched just below its touchscreen. Unlike the Charm, the Venus will feature a 1GHz processor, CDMA and Gsm/HSPA radios, and Android 2.2.

Motorola Droid Pro: Given that the Droid 2 World Edition shows up nowhere on this list, we are still inclined to believe that the Droid Pro will be an upgraded version of the handset when it hits shelves in late October/early November. It should feature a processor clocked to 1.3GHz, Froyo, and global radios. It is also rumored to replace the Droid 2 outright once it hits shelves.

HTC Merge/Lexikon/Lexicon: Call it what you will, but anyway you slice it this handset that goes by three names for the time being will feature a slide-out QWERTY keyboard with global radios and a 1GHz Snapdragon inside. Expect it in stores come late October/early November.

LG enV Pro: LG hasn’t quite hit one out of the park with Android yet, but this could be just the ticket. Maintaining the form factor of the LG Voyager/enV Touch series of phones, the handset features a 1GHz processor and a global radio.

Motorola Stingray tablet: This is the tablet we have been hearing so much about lately and it’s still pegged for a Q1 2011 release. Specs revealed include a 10-inch screen, Android 3.0 Gingerbread, 16GB of on-board storage, and the super popular NVIDIA Tegra 2 chipset. The tablet is said to be launching with CDMA inside, but much to our delight is said to be “hardware upgradeable to LTE.” How exactly one will upgrade to LTE remains to be seen.

So there you have it. Six new devices to speculate and salivate over. Something about the fact that there is no device on this list that could be dubbed “low-end” gets me a little giddy. Oh, Motorola Droid you have served me well but one of the above handsets might just have to take your place. HTC Merge and enV Pro I’m looking at you. Which do you guys want?

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  1. I kind of feel bad for those who bought the Droid 2 WE. Their phone might be replaced by the Droid Pro. :(

  2. there is no droid 2 WE, yet. may be the same as the droid pro.

  3. The mysterious htc “verizon” phone with a ffc and kickstand is for tmobile, Im calling it. This roadmap confirms my beleif.

  4. Where’s. Verizons ffc phone with a four point three inch screen? Guess tmobile stole it. That blows…..

  5. There is a Droid 2 WE, however there no official Droid Pro.

  6. @Nyreyn Stay tuned! ;-)

  7. I can’t wait to get more details about the Stingray tablet

  8. @The_Omega_Man What do you know?

  9. I’m happy to see more android phones hitting the shelves, but the only thing I’m waiting for is an LTE Droid X. Simultaneous voice/data is the only thing I still crave. Looks like I have at least 6 months to wait though.

  10. I’m still waiting for my dream phone. The X is as close as I’ve come. I recently went from a Droid 2 to an X, and I hate the push buttons. I really, really miss the D2 touch buttons. I’m up for another upgrade in mid-November, but I may hold out a while longer if something on the horizon looks promising at that point.

    My dream phone will have at least a 4″ amoled display, a good camera, HDMI out, touch buttons for menu/home/etc., and no physical keyboard. I’d give on the keyboard if the phone had everything else and just ignore the fact that it was there. It would also have better battery life, but I won’t hold my breath on that. I’ll just keep charging or swapping batteris like I do now if I can get the other things :)

  11. actually wanted the HTC with the FFC :(

  12. I want them all. I love my Droid OG. But I am ready to have a bigger faster processor. I love how Motorola builds but I am not so happy with the locking things down attitude. But honestly I don’t route so not to many worries. But the next phone must have a 4 inch screen.

  13. Yeah Omega Man, what do you know, lol?! I’ve been holding out for that phone for months now!

  14. Given that I have 13 days left in my return window, thanks for confirming that I can continue to be ecstatic with my Fascinate.

  15. id get the lg env Pro. does anyone know when its coming out?

  16. or the merge…

  17. I hope the droid pro has a bigger screen to match that fast processor. 3.7 inch would seem stupid with that fast of a processor. If not either the fascinate, i400, or the X

  18. Gina and others, how is it that you have been through 2 different phones this year but are still inline for a November upgrade? I can understand that if you got the 2 but decided to return for an X, but to still have an upgrade is surprising. Did you buy the 2/X at full retail?

  19. Doesn’t anyone else find it strange that Moto is coming out with a phone named “Venus” when LG had one called that a couple years ago?

  20. I won’t buy any of them if they are crippled with Bing instead of Google search.

  21. Jones,the Droid 2 was an accident. My husband and mom are also on my plan, and they were both up for a yearly upgrade. My mom upgraded hers and I took my husband’s upgrade because he’s okay with the phone he has now. I ordered the X because it was on backorder, and they mistakenly sent me the D2. They told me to go ahead and activate and use it during the 2-3 weeks it would take to get the X and they would waive the restocking fee. During that time, I got so used to the touch buttons that the press buttons on the X are driving me bananas. Maybe if I’d gotten the X first I wouldn’t think anything of it. My own phone, or maybe I should say my own contract, is eligible for upgrade in November. Whenever I can find my “dream phone,” I’m going to activate that one on my number and tranfer my X to my husband’s account. He has a Storm 2 and wasn’t all that worried about a new phone until he started messing around with my X, and now he tells me continually to take care of “his” phone :)

  22. I don’t see anything that makes me want to jump ship from my DX…….not that I can anyways but just sayin’

  23. Omega doesnt know shit

  24. Really considering leaving the blackberry for a droid phone. I really like the fascinate but do you guys think I should wait until all of these phones come out?

  25. I am loving my droid x, some thing like it with better specs is the only thing I care about so I will be waiting until late next year. No rush. :)

  26. What happened to the dual core Moto that was due by the holidays on VZW?

  27. David, I’d hold out if I were you. The Fascinate is a really nice-looking phone. I do e-mail and mobile device admin for a living, so we get demo devices from Verizon and AT&T, and I was interested in the Fascinate, too. Even though it has an OLED display, the colors go kind of weird, and it doesn’t do well in bright sun. (That being said, neither does the DX unless you get display protectors that deflect the light.) Though I don’t have personal experience with Samsung phones, I’ve heard that the support is non-existent if the phone is more than a few months old. Maybe others here who’ve owned one can chime in on their experiences with that.

  28. @gina
    Doesnt do well in the sun? Try going out with a moto and a fascinate and tell me which does better in the sun. Also it has a superamoled screen not oled.

  29. With the fascinate the bootloader is unlocked which essentially means you will be able to root and get updates such as os and that weeks if not months before verizon pushes out the update(and with verizon you never know if they will push an update anyway)

  30. I want another HTC that has the size of the evo or better, with a kick-stand, on verizon, with all the specs of the incredible and then some… and google, not bing. And of course… ROOT…

  31. Trying to deside between a Droid 2 (my wife has one) or a Facinate. Probably should get the same one as the wife but she can still switch to a facinate so still trying to decide. Any strong feelings one way or the other?

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