Soon Even Flights Will Travel with Android On-Board


After Android has found a home on smartphones, televisions, and even home appliances, you may be wondering, “Where will we see the OS next?” I might just have an answer for you. Planes. That’s right, Thales and Panasonic are both planning on implementing Android in the next iteration of their in-flight touchscreen entertainment devices. Now let’s just hope Android isn’t piloting our flights any time soon. If that happens I’m assuming we’ll see an alternate history where Android is the operating system of choice for the T-1000.

[via Gizmodo]

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  1. I’m glad it’s only the entertainment devices..

    *The activity Engine has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.*

  2. It sure beats the blue screen of death… ^^

  3. It can’t be worse than Air Canada’s current entertaintement system. Touch screen is unresponsive and most movies are 4:3 while the screen is 16:9.

  4. I just got back from a 11 hour buggy flight, The resistive touch screens and lag times suck big time

  5. I’m fairly sure that was a cricket, not a bird chirping. Nice cat though.

    I can’t help to think that Apple really missed the boat because of their walled garden approach to things. While I don’t think Google will make a ton of money on this, it will definitely go far as building their brand name. Google is the new cool company and Apple is out of touch.

  6. Android Rocks!
    And yes they don’t like to work with iOS – they like their Freedom!

  7. I was just on a delta flight where they had to reboot the in-flight entertainment system and I saw the happy Linux penguin. Linux seems to be old-hat for air planes.

  8. lol@wello. in the comments section “engines keep force closing at 10k feet, uninstall. this plane sucks. “

  9. Next news article: Plane rooting available now!

  10. @Aeries – iPods have had IFE connectivity for at least a couple of years now, at least with Panasonic; I don’t know about Thales. Beyond that, though, individual airlines make the choice on what options to include with the IFE systems they install.

    So… yeah, Android is playing catch-up there too.

    I agree that they’re way cool, but (objectivly) you’ve mis-assessed Apple missing that boat.

  11. I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that…

  12. Meh…a lot of in flight entertainment systems already run some version of linux so this isn’t anything all that exciting.

    I’ve definitely seen the debian boot screen on a few occasions. Can’t remember the airline.

  13. @Pat. I think this is on an entirely different level than iPods. I don’t see Google playing catch up, I see them as surpassing Apple, once again.

  14. I like Android. It rocks.

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