T-Mobile UK Says Android 2.2 Will Hit their Galaxy S by End of Month



Right after we get done hearing that the Android 2.2 update for the Galaxy S won’t be primed to go until the end of October, T-Mobile UK has come out saying that at least on their network the S will be getting it much sooner. By the end of September sooner. Then you will be free to install Android 2.2 to your device through Samsung Kies. By our calculations that’s less than two weeks of waiting left if you happen to be on TMo UK. But in conjunction with the earlier announcement we are willing to bet that most carriers with the device will be launching the update between September and October, so the Froyo hold-out won’t last much longer.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Good news for T-Mo UK users. I bet that Bell Canada will be last in the world however.

  2. Will 2.2 fix the lag issues though?

  3. Well, I hope that T-Mo and Sammy can get out the frozen goodness to us Vibrant custies soon. Having the Vibrant for almost a week now, I’ve noticed the vast difference between my N1 running 2.2 & Eclair on the Vibrant, it’s really light years ahead.

  4. Sorry but a Samsung rep I just talked to yesterday told me WAY different. 2.2 wont hit US phones till mid November as they wont go through carrier approval till end of October. The rep told me that is a new updated schedule and is a solid time line. I posted this info on tmonews and on android central. I hope the rep was totally wrong. but the rep seemed very confident in there info.

  5. You’d think that the update would be available to T-Mobile as w hole, since both companies are the same entity are they not? What’s the hold up? The FCC?

  6. Psh. All this snazzy OEM updates. This is why you root and custom rom your phone! You can always go back to OEM rom.

  7. @Steven,
    Point me to a 2.2 ROM for the US Vibrant that fully works, and I’ll flash it. Yes Eugene has a 2.2 ROM, however, BT, WiFi, Back Button, 3.5 Jack all are jacked.

  8. Hopefully Tmo US won’t be fast behind with the vibrant

  9. You think the 2.2 Galaxy will have tethering enabled? Or will they get rid of it like all the other carriers did?

  10. T-Mobile is cool, they’ll allow tethering. Now Verizon on the other hand…

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