Desire HD Benchmark Blows away the Competition, ROM Already Up and Running an HD2


If you had any doubts that the HTC Desire HD was going to be fast you can throw them out the window as Quadrant benchmark scores are already in for the newly announced handset. It looks like the next generation of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon pulls its weight in this one with its larger cache and GPU speed optimizations. The Desire HD easily bests an unmodified Nexus One running Froyo and tops out with a score right around 2,000 on Quadrant’s arbitrary scale, making it the fastest stock Android handset we have ever seen.

hd2-desire-hd-romAnd why wait to get the Desire HD’s Froyo build on an actual Desire HD when it has already been ported to the HD2? Sure, it won’t be nearly as fast as the actual HD, but you can pretend. The rumblings surrounding the ROM give major props to the new version of HTC Sense. We’re sure you can expect it to start making its way to other rooted handsets as well as those crafty developers have their way with it.

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  1. i’m over 2000 quadrant score on my 2.1 eclair samsung galaxy s
    so i guess the galaxy remains the fastest android device out there

  2. So am I but that’s because we modified our Galaxy phones. Their reports say they got those scores on a stock Desire HD so imagine what the score can be. I’m impressed!

  3. What about desire Z, damn i wish it had the same cpu as this one, keyboard smartphones always get the shaft…

  4. A benchmark for the Desire-Z would indeed be useful.

  5. @Dawabz94

    You’re obviously not over 2000 or the Galaxy would be the fastest phone out. I’ve seen these benchmarks elsewhere too.

    Seriously, just accept that the HD is the quickest outhere.

    Get a life man !

  6. @Sunstone
    Seriously the Galaxy S has a better CPU and screen. I own a Desire but I do understand hardware. No matter how much I want the Desire to be better it just isn’t. The UI of the Desire is better and it has Froyo. Other than that no dice.

    @Max @Tom Robson
    The Desire Z will be about 80% the speed given almost identical CPU but slower clock (Not seen evidence of the contrary yet). Root, install SetCPU and have at 1GHz action at your leisure. Just remember there is less space to dissipate the heat so your standard OC warnings come into force.

    This phone would be great but I already think the Galaxy S is huge. I won’t be getting a phone with a 4.3″ screen.

  7. who cares about these retarded benchmarks, what about battery life? The HD’s battery is smaller than the Wildfire’s, come on!!!!!! Is there some new tech at work here, anyone?

  8. @sansenoy actually yes. Newer power efficient processors. But we’ll have to wait and see if it makes much of a difference.

  9. The only reason is the jit compliler in 2.2 Hummingbird is still the best processor for its GPU alone.

  10. @beaver I know about the new SOC’s, i was asking about some new battery technology; the new iphone has an efficient chipset AND a massive battery…

  11. @sunstone

    Actually they are over 2000 for the galaxy s just go look at some of the threads and not to mention I also have one getting 2000+. Nice try though

  12. Not to mention that is running froyo while the galaxy s is still on 2.1

  13. I’m presuming Samsung’s Hummingbird could make the Galaxy S get a better score than the HTC Desire HD, we gotta have in mind the Galaxy S is one of the fastest (if not the fastest) out there and that’s only running Ecláir without any mods, although the DHD is in stock, it already got froyo, so I guess we will be back in the race once we get the JIT Compiler in Froyo :)

  14. can somebody confirm if the desire HD and the desire Z have the same cpu just clocked to different speeds, or is it a different actual processor?

    if it is different, then screw you HTC. You always cheap out on something. Why should I have to settle for inferior performance because I want a keyboard?

  15. Anyone know what carrier this will be on in the US?

  16. bleh…really wish this phone was coming to big red. (vzw)

  17. Once again this is all good, BUT……

    Everyone is going the wrong way with this. I don’t see this as needing to be a competition between Android phones. I see this as all Android phones being better then the competition which means a more level platform and that means more dev’s coming our way. The Iphone’s have great support because every phone will behave the same. With Android we need this more level ground to allow developers to do there stuff. I personally would hate to see this turn into an Nvidia vs. ATI fight…. totally useless…

    We need more equivalent phones so that devs don’t feel that it is to much to put out a game with great graphics on one handset and then the others fail… They want what I want and that is diversity with equability…..

  18. Does anybody have any information about the skins that are featured in the photo. Sense now supports themes? No more fake shiny round surface?

  19. Red dragon- preach on brother man. Android people stop fighting with android people! Shit you guys . act like your never happy

  20. Stock Galaxy is slower than the stock Desire HD for now, when the Galaxy S gets froyo and an official lag fix(if ever!) than it should be significantly quicker.

  21. I get 2267 benchmark on my Galaxy S with Android 2.1 and a lagfix… it is VERY common to see scores over 2200 on the Galaxy S, and that is NOT overclocked. Overclocked I have seen 2800. Have a look at XDA, or trust what I tell you about my own phone.


  22. i dont get this at all arent the dezire z and g2 the same phone ???????
    if not what about the my toch hd im gettin very confused with all these models lol

  23. Very nice! Wouldn’t take much to get the scores though, some faster nand and revised GPU could easily put it there.

  24. For those who don’t know about galaxy S’s quadrant scores with the lag fix look here ( http://bit.ly/cReo4S ). There are plenty of other references out there showing 2000+ scores. I myself get 2200, therefore this article and it’s title is misleading to say the least. 2000+ scores on the SGS are not attained by pushing it over the limits; “lag fix” as the name suggests is a bug fix for Samsung’s poor implementation of SGS’s file system.

    Anyways, its good to see that HTC is keeping up. Leaving aside synthetic benchmarks, HTC Desire HD would be good alternative to SGS (if not better), mainly due to HTC’s support and software (the new senses UI and services). IMO Galaxy S has been a bit of a letdown despite superior hardware because of Samsung’s poor software support (both firmware : lag,GPS issues / and PC software suite:Kies).

  25. Ouch. I just ran a quick benchmark without reboot on my Standard Desire and got 1100 (custom ROM, MoDaCo r8, but no overclock). To have 2000 on stock is horrific. NOW I want one.

  26. @fredphoesh
    That 2200 Quadrant we all know isnt from the RFS file system on the Galaxy S. Thats with a EXT2 loopback filesystem. You are just tricking Quadrant with your scores. Now the voodoo lagfix gives us 1700 quadrant which converts the RFS to EXT4. That is real world performance.

  27. Chris you are 100%affirmative my man. As far as I’m concerned ANDROID is the mobile O/S us techheads have been dreaming of but some people seem hellbent on comparison and besting each others spec.
    COME ON MAN!!! THIS IS AN INCREDIBLY EXCITING TIME!!! in a rapidly developing area of technology. We should be trading positives and educating each other .

  28. Why are you guys always bitching at each other and trying to outdo one another on spec and knowledge?
    As an Android lover and user I am buzzing right now. Never before as a mobile user have I seen such a variety of awesome phones with incredible and intuitive features!COME ON GUYS!!!
    SHARE THE LOVE and enjoy the best o/s system by a country mile!

  29. @sansenoy I’m in complete agreement with you. As the hardware is very nice and the device looks very good, I would be more impressed with an android smart phone that could last two days between charging (moderate use exchange, moderate browsing, some mp3 music listening, light streaming, etc).

    And arguing that the Samsung Galaxy is faster with hacks doesn’t really count. 99 percent of consumers will not employ such hacks as they risk killing their device. The fact that the desire hd performs this well out of the box is awesome. The fact that manufactures keep pushing the envelope with what android can do is awesome.

  30. Hey everyone. Check this out, i can see a very good looking design on Greatiful.com, you`ll like it

  31. Ok. Nice numbers. But regarding Tmo UK being the carrier… Didn’t we get a UK guy here in the US to replace the CEO? Well, what has the new guy done for us lately??? Why is there no inter-company unity (i.e. US gets same phones as UK – and yes I know that the two countries are on different bands – Simply order for the US market the same phones that you send out overseas!) How hard is that???

    The HTC Z is the G2 with an overlay of Sense (See how easy that was?) But there is no HTC Desire HD equivalent in the USA. Each time I think that Tmo USA is about to lead the pack, they shoot themselves in the foot. smh – We have been waiting since *April* for this phone or a variant thereof (Bravo/Passion/Desire).

  32. Galaxy S or Desire HD same thing since there isn’t really a game on the android market that will show that one phone is faster =\ i own a galaxy s and a friend of mine owns a iPhone 4 i think my phone is a lot better but with that bloody app store ¬¬ her phone beats mine. As long as we get phone with similar specs android will get better since developers wont have to worry about phone that wont be able to run on their software :)i think leaving most low end phone on 2.1 and upgrading high end phone will work perfectly but low end phone will see get updates that will help it run better :D | sorry about the long post :(

  33. I have one last hope for Tmo USA for getting me my dream phone: The long awaited Emerald Project. If that ain’t it, then it ain’t comin’…But there remains a ray of hope for those of us waiting for it…remember this article? https://phandroid.com/2010/08/11/t-mobile-project-emerald-to-be-dual-launch-of-htc-desire-hd-and-htc-vision-as-the-mytouch-hd-and-g1-blaze/

    If that article is on point, then the last phone (and greatest) Tmo/HTC 2010 release will be *my* phone! Assuming of course that we can disregard the latest FCC filing as excluding us…this is Tmo’s parting shot! Fingers crossed

  34. When u compare a stock device vs. a rooted one with a fix/hack….its no comparison.

    Out the box this HTC phone is a beast.

  35. let’s all keep note, that the htc is also running froyo. look at the scores, everything running froyo seems to get much better scores than when running eclair. right now, the galaxy s is running eclair, but will soon get updated to froyo. before making assumptions of which is faster, or gets better results on the quadrant test, let’s all wait for the galaxy s to get the update to froyo, then check the results of the test. either way, the galaxy s won’t be on top for long. it seems the phones nowadays are evolving just as fast, if not faster than the computers. it’s almost to the point where by the time you buy a new phone, it’s already outdated!

  36. I total agree with you NEMESYS06 re froyo vs eclair . Since getting My froyo update on UK 3 NETWORK its like I’ve been given a new device! Everything is running faster and more efficiently.
    My Desire now fulfills the potential it had when first purchased thanx to froyo. It’s unfortunate some phones are sold underpowered and overhyped!!!.

  37. Ok guys: I own a Desire and a Galaxy S. If you are only looking at it in its stock versions, then no doubt the desire get’s the nod in almost everything but the display.

    Not everybody wants to probalbly brick their phones by flashing firmwares and stuff…

    No question the galaxy is a top notch phone either, but I never experienced lags on the desire, and thus leading me to think that the desire hd will be becoming quite the beast ;)

  38. Ha ha

    Galaxy will be the fastest once they get the lag issue fix. You sound stupid to begin with. Unless you root the galaxy, that phone is shitty. Was excited to try out the gf’s captivate but what a let down. She’s returning it for an iphone 4 and as much as I hate apple, the four is hell of lot better than the captivate, not better than my evo though! A+++ for the super amo, everything else is a failure. Stick to making screens Sammie.

  39. “@Dawabz94 You’re obviously not over 2000 or the Galaxy would be the fastest phone out. I’ve seen these benchmarks elsewhere too.Seriously, just accept that the HD is the quickest out here.Get a life man”

    OK seriously i love android phone and all, but this whole thing about other phones being faster than the galaxy s you are sadly mistaken!! i did a simple one click lag fix and i’m easily getting 2134-2210 quad score. i have stock rom and all. JUST A LAG FIX!! SO GALAXY IS KING OF THE MOUNTAIN RIGHT NOW!

  40. adminkiller is the only one of you guys who know what he is talking about. My Galaxy S Vibrant gets 2600-2700, i love beating all of my buddies vzw phones.. but i know i’m cheating. If you really want to piss off an iphone owner send them an mms with a .wav attached then wait for them to not be able to recieve it.. then use astro and convert to a .mp3 and resend and revel in glory

    here is the file as a .wav


  41. the desire hd is the htc glacier https://phandroid.com/2010/08/10/htc-glaciers-gpu-results-now-showing-80-million-triangles-per-second-samsung-captivate-overclocked/ for those that are unware already, so all im waiting 4 is for this phone to come to the U.S and it better not be the effin mytouch hd or im slappin somebody.

  42. Not so sure I’m easily pulling 2500’s with my T-M G2/Vision.
    Running CM 6.1 RC1


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