HTC Glacier’s GPU Results Now Showing 80 Million Triangles Per Second; Samsung Captivate Overclocked


AlienBabelTech is back again with some detective work on their part regarding the HTC Glacier that we saw leaked through an OpenGL performance benchmark database a couple of weeks back. This time, the phone’s GPU data has been tested and put up against one of the best GPUs on the market: Samsung’s PowerVR SGX 540 inside the Vibrant (and other Galaxy S phones). The Glacier scored 711 frames – just below the Vibrant’s 818 – but if we can take any degree of consistency from the results, then it’s apparent the Glacier is capable of drawing 80-million triangles per second.

Qualcomm’s newest high performance chipset – the 1.5 GHz dual-core QSD8672 – also just so happens to have been specced to draw 80 million triangles per second. That’s pretty convincing for our hopes of this phone being able to nearly match the 3D performance seen out of the Galaxy S phones.


That’s until the phones get overclocked. The Samsung Galaxy S phones were rooted and modded as soon as the devices hit the UK and US markets. Since then, developers have been able to tweak the I/O read-write speeds for the phone’s default file system using a virtual EXT2 file system and some crafty hacking. That already made an impressive boost in Quadrant benchmark scores, but when you use a 1.2GHz overclock kernel, 2,500+ on Quadrant’s charts becomes a scary reality as no other Android handset has been able to crack the 2,000 barrier to date (let alone 2,500).

The kernels and file system tweaks are far from stable, however, but we’re confident the task is in good hands as it always is with the Android development scene. Then there’s FroYo yet to be released, as well: we might as well run for the hills at that point because these phones will have enough juice to build a mind of their own.

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  1. Holy High Quadrant scores, Batman!

  2. And the Galaxy S phones are still on 2.1 without JIT getting 2200+ scores.

  3. wow… that’s really impressive boost for just 20% overclocking.
    I want Verizon Fascinate already.
    Where the heck is it?!

  4. I hated HTC for putting crappy gpu’s in high end 1 ghz phones such as Evo and Nexus One. I think it really held up android gaming. So it is a good thing they are fixing this problem and we have competition for the powerVR.

  5. Is it me or is this just more proof to not get the glacier and buy a galaxy s device. With 2 cores and a higher clock it is only just keepingup? Reminds me of AND and Intel.

  6. lol…you have old information here mate. there is already a new fix and with it i get 2200+ with my galaxy s ;)

  7. “Today, users tried out a new modification for the Samsung Captivate that “creates a VIRTUAL EXT2 filesystem inside the stock RFS filesystem on the internal SD card” of the Captivate. The so-called lag fix boosts I/O scores by around 800% according to the Quadrant benchmarking application.”

    I’m more interested in this than the overclocking because that’s cheating :) These are battery powered phones, not liquid cooled PC’s. Perhaps the same technique could be used for other phones and be part of the next android version?

  8. Keep in mind as stated those scores are achieved using EXT2 as the file system, which is an extremely risky procedure as it has no journaling.

  9. someone asked my question and got this response: this only works for the galaxy s since it has a “broken” filesystem which is slowing down it’s superior hardware and causing lags.

  10. @ari-free: this technique can not be used for other devices because it just improves the poor performance of samsungs rfs (fat32 with journaling) file system. that means: the galaxy s is (should be) much faster than the benchmarks said but is hindered by the rfs problems. with this fix everything runs super smooth now and it is (2200+) a LOT faster than any other phone including the droid x. (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=748596) a one click fix has allready been made and can be found in the same forum…

  11. yeah ext2 is a fsck-lover’s dream

  12. @Adam: “extremely risky”? thats bulls***. ext2 is just fine, i have been using it on my linux box for a long time without problems. as long as you don’t pull our battery out when the device is running everything will be fine!

  13. but we’re not just talking ext2. We’re talking ext2 as part of an unsupported 3rd party hack.

  14. What app is this in the screenshot?

  15. “Is it me or is this just more proof to not get the glacier and buy a galaxy s device. With 2 cores and a higher clock it is only just keepingup? Reminds me of AND and Intel.”

    That’s a poor assumption given more then just raw performance matters. Yes it provides better responsiveness but I think that you have to factor in the screens’ res, size, and type. That plus the camera(s) it has can matter as well.

  16. @dREP
    Search for “Quadrant” in android market

  17. I already get 2150+ just from that ext2 fix on the vibrant. so 2000+ is well known for us.

    I feel sorry for folks on incredible/other stuff, they got the shaft.

  18. @Jo

    Actually, Ext2 is very bad for the phone because Android does not do a clean shutdown like your computer does. This is to say that Android does not unmount the /data partition on shutdown. It is recommended that you use Ext3 instead as it supports journaling.

  19. OMG!!! these scores makes me JIT in my pants. EPIC 4G here I come!

  20. jeff: It’s like PC’s. Some will get the SLI super nvidia gpu for the ultimate gaming power. That’s Samsung. Others will get a Dell…that’s HTC. The good news is that the next HTC won’t absolutely suck at gaming. It just won’t be the best.
    Also note that dual core has nothing to do with opengl. That’s a factor of the gpu.

  21. told you peeps Samsung will blow everything else out of the water hehe. All other phone = fail

  22. What about HTC Desire with Android 2.2 Froyo?

  23. The fact is that these result would have to be the overclock and the ext3/4 kernel. When 2.2 comes out who knows. Apparently on modaco a faster lag fix than the ext3/4 kernel is also up now.

  24. man i know im getting the epic 4g when it comes out. this is just making more antsy. boy am i gonna be there at 8 am to get mine and im probably gonna be playing with it for 48 hrs straight

  25. It doesn’t matter how fast the Galaxy phones are. They all have defective displays, their inability to show a simple white background is inexcusable. They all have a blue tint that looks awfull next to any other phone.

  26. @Jerry…..I beg to differ….I think that the screens are amazing compared to other phones and they are most certainly not defective, considering they do what a screen is supposed to do:show a picture. Also if you go and look at lets say and Evo screen or a Droid Screen, they dont compare in color or clarity. I hate Iphone but the Iphone 4 is the only screen that comes close to it in my opinion.

  27. I have a HTC Desire with a custom rom and i can get 2300+ in quadrant

    The data2ext roms really help writing to the SDCARD that seems to make up the majority of the Quadrant score.

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