Best Buy Selling Droid Incredible with SLCD and Froyo Out of the Box



Verizon said we’d be seeing the phase out of AMOLED displays on the HTC Droid Incredible by the end of September, and sure enough Best Buy is already stocking the newly-screened handset. The change should help to alleviate any remaining supply and demand issues keeping the DI on Verizon’s shelves and off of backorder. Incredibles with the new screen carry SKU number ADR6300VW3.

As an added bonus it also looks like this version of the Droid Incredible is shipping with Froyo installed out of the box, or at least the software version on the box would suggest such. A listing of version matches up with the Android 2.2 OTA update Incredible owners received.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Awesome! Love my Incredible! Good to know they have replacements should I need one.

  2. So if my Incredible breaks, my accidental insurance gets me one with a crappier display correct? I hardly see that as fair. Would it be possible to demand a fair and equal value? I am not a fan of LCD, Super or not.

  3. Just because its not Amoled doesnt means its “crappier”, its just different.

    Like I’m not a fan of Amoled, but I dont think its crap. Each screen has its pros n cons.

  4. I suppose your right.
    AMOLED = Good colors, bad in sun, more power consumption
    SLCD = Less saturation, decent in sun, less power
    Is this the main stuff?

  5. I read Amoled uses less power. Not when there is a white background tho.

    Amoled has good viewing angles. SLCD viewing angles are better than LCD tho.

    I think most folks that get a SLCD screen would be a lil happier than getting an LCD screen.

    I would like Amoled more if the Pentile Matrix wasnt used.

  6. And yea, whet u mentioned is the main things.

  7. Pentile Matrix? Is that what gives it a “CRT Look”? I am curious to know what the boot up screen looks like for those with the SLCD. I think mine say AMOLED in the swirl of words.

  8. not sure which screen i prefer anyway, but i just got a version shipped that seems to match the version above for the froyo update, but that is a VW2 instead of VW3…

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