Hands-On with the Samsung Galaxy Tab [Video]


Wooh boy, if you have been waiting for a reason to buy an Android tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Pad is as good as they will get. While competitors like Motorola and HTC stew on their slate plans and insist on keeping them a secret from everyone, Samsung is proudly launching the Galaxy Pad and setting the bar for all to come, and they’ve set it pretty high. We already gave you an extensive run-down of our initial impressions walking away from last night’s launch event at Samsung Experience in New York City, so we figured we’d treat you to a bit of up-close fondling of the device. And if there is one thing to be said, this device is just begging to be fondled.


The hardware feels solid and responsive, and any complaints you may have had about TouchWiz easily go out the window when it’s sitting on top of Android 2.2. The seven inch size really does create a nice middle ground between portability and usability. But I will just let the video do the rest of the talking.

And here is a bit of a closer look at web browsing on the Galaxy Tab. Not quite as smooth a scrolling experience as on the Galaxy S, but the TFT LCD display still looks pretty darn good and web pages display nice and readable across the size of the screen.

We can’t wait to get a chance to spend a bit more time with what is — plain and simple — the first legitimate Android tablet. Let’s just hope pricing and release info comes out soon.

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  1. I hate he kept you from using it yourself. What is he trying to hide? You already know probaly more about it than he does!

  2. Choppy browser scrolling. *sigh*

  3. For scrolling, try a site without flash.

  4. HTC Droid Pad with Android 3.0 coming our way. Soon!

  5. I had such high hopes for this device. It was supposed to be the anti Ipad. Instead it’s a contract laden overpriced ipad wanna be. I bet the wifi version will be 499/599 like the ipad.

  6. am just wondering why would anyone need a tab be it ipad or this or any other brand. i mean typing on it wont be comfortable – one handed or on your lap or even with a kick-stand, if its for browing a 4 inch handset should be enough. unless you’re a warehouse frontman wanting to check your inventory or some sort, i dont really see the use of it at least now…. but i guess, ipad isnt selling millions for nothing ….

  7. Slap on some usb ports and a hdmi connection and its a done deal

  8. may i would like to known when it SAMSUNG TAP COMING PLEASE

  9. WOw I really want to spend 4 minutes watching someone scroll between home screens back and forth — next time run a few more programs for a bit!

  10. does this have java?

  11. I know those videos sucked he didnt even do anything except scroll Comon theres got to be a better person to preview a device like this. It is insane that they put this kind of crap vdeo out that in reality did nothing to show the device. All he did was whine baby

  12. Looks like Samsung are just wanting to cash in on the Android frenzy by being first to market. You can tell this by the premium price and how the demo makes it look like an unfinished product (sluggish) and with no apps designed specifically for its size it makes the device look amateurish. No doubt once the competition heats up they’ll make a quick exit.


    Seriously, there’s no excuse for this. What the hell is samsung thinking?

  14. Am I the only one who thinks tablet should be just slightly bigger? People have been carrying around magazines for decades. Why not make a pad exactly that size?

  15. No decent software. Will be in the bargain bin by Christmas. Why cant these manufactures take time to do it right?

  16. I’m pretty sure that the choppiness of the browser has nothing to do with the screen being TFT or Amoled, more like CPU not good enough for the screen resolution

  17. Anyone stooped to think this is not there finish product
    by the time it comes out should be smother maybe a newer version of Android.

    I don’t get this Ipad hype if apple wanted to sell a ton of fresh turd they would sell alot of turds,there marketing is so good that people get hypnotized and dont care what they get look at the latest iphone antenna issue were you need a case to make it work
    and there videocall you can only use it if your in wifi
    that defeats the purpose and barely on this version they gave you the option of recording video just to name a few.

  18. Actually the dell streak was the first android tablet smartphone hybrid and the galaxy pad wont be choppy. It’ll smash on the ipad and its still not perfected. With the froyo OS it’ll run like a dream with full flash 10 and everything I want to buy one now but they’re only in Dubai. And I wouldn’t know how to carry it around. I was decoding between this and the dell streak though

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