Angry Birds Beta Updated, Now Supports More Phones


Rovio’s just updated the still-beta version of their game – Angry Birds – in the Android market. It’s nothing more than a small, incremental update that addresses performance issues and adds more capable devices. If you weren’t able to find the app in the market before, go ahead and try now to see if you’re met with a nice surprise. If you already have it, then it should be even better on your phone than it was before, so just be happy!


[via Androinica]

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  1. Still a no-go on the HeroC running CM6

  2. Still can’t find it ::sigh::

  3. Dito for the Legend, no Angry Birds just yet!

  4. Still does not start on Droid Incredible, hope they fix this before final

  5. Still don’t see it in the market on the Captivate, and I can’t even update it through app brain (it doesn’t show anything other than the beta 1 that is already installed)…

  6. Vibrant doesn’t show it yet either. Sure glad you don’t have to use the market to get apps loaded on Android.

  7. Still doesn’t work on my HTC Droid Incredible with Android 2.2 ————- Dumps after game loading screen and goes back to homescreen

  8. @kyle mine runs perfect on htc hero cm6

  9. Well it seems to run better on the Evo and doesn’t close 10 time before it’ll actually open up. I’ve tried opening it about 5 times and each time it opens perfectly. Now just waiting for the full version.

  10. Not in market for myTouch Slide.

  11. @monclo mine lags around lvl 7…i’m talking about beta2 not being in the market. still waiting on apk

  12. Also not on AT&T’s Captivate as of 9/17 at 1pm EST

  13. Negative for the Vibrator.

  14. Been able to get it to work consistantly on the Incredible w/ 2.2 by repeatedly tapping the center of the screen while the game was loading.

  15. Another EVO vote for good performance (the phone, not mine).

  16. The email I was sent from Rovio contained a link to direct download it to my Android.

    I tried to install it but I keep getting a message saying I don’t have enough free space when there is plenty. I’m using a G1 running the 2.1 Cyan mod.

  17. Still not available on my HTC Wildfire. :(

  18. 2/2 on starts with my incredible on 2.2 Much better. I got it to work last time, but it required a restart and like 4 start-ups with killing it in between. Much much much better

  19. Working perfectly now on my Incredible.

  20. This game is awesome. And i love when such fantastic games are updated

  21. Works great on my Bell Sammy Galaxy S Vibrant.

  22. I’ve had zero problems on my 3G slide with the first beta. Found it in the Market on release day, and played all 15 levels without a crash. Strange that higher- end phones (evo, incred) have issues with it.

  23. I don’t understand why they are having so much trouble getting this to show in the market. Is there some kind of experimental beta system that google is (secretly) testing? Because if they are submitting to the market the way all other developers do, there is no way to hide it from certain phones, and no reason why it would not show up.(you can hide based on API level, but not model)

    I love the game but I fear that I won’t be able to buy it when the final version is released because these guys can’t get it to show in the market.

  24. Kyle, just like the first one, runs perfect on my Hero running CM6!

  25. Hey – I can now fit this & Fruit Ninja on my SD card which leaves me with just barely 40mg free on my D1. Whew!

    No performance issues until my battery hits 98 degrees and its regulated downward… (go ahead and play this thing for a while and you could iron a shirt with my Droid!)

  26. Finally works on Evo

  27. If and when you ever get into it when using an Evo, make sure to mute the sound on the game before exiting. Next time you try to run it works with no issues.

  28. Works for my moto droid 1 running 2.2 But when I lock the screen it totally closes the app……how do I fix this?

  29. My friend updated his angry birds with a mytouch slide and now it just shows the load screen and crashes hahaha.

  30. Side loaded on HTC Aria using the old HTC Sync app. Works like a champ!

  31. if you cant see it on market . hit it up on appbrain.

  32. Been around on my Epic since the first release… they could have at least given us a few more levels with the update.

  33. lets get it working on the Incredible!

  34. Nevermind, it working on second boot!

  35. Running on my N1 with Cyanogen 6 Angry Birds drains battery like nobody’s business. I’m not sure what is wrong, but it’s kind of annoying. I finished all the beta levels with three stars though, so I won’t be running it much anymore until the full release :)

  36. Manually installed it and it’s running way faster and more smooth than the beta #1.

  37. It’s working great on my Incredible right now. Android 2.2

  38. I”m not sure why but I have to unmount the SD card when installing or I get “Installation Unsuccessful” every time I try. Just a heads up for anyone having install problems

    EVO running stock 2.2 (rooted)

  39. not listed in market for any Galaxy phones but runs on Vibrant and Captivate without issue. Funny that other phones can download it because they are listed as “compatible” but they cannot run it or it takes 10 different tricks to get it to run and here I set with a none listed phone running it perfectly every time.

  40. No problems with Evo with sound (stock, not rooted)

  41. @reddragon72 Not so. I have the Fascinate and I downloaded the game about a week ago and it’s worked great since then.

  42. Still a no go on the T-mobile Vibrant…

  43. No longer works on my touch slide. Beta 1 worked fine.

  44. Works great on my HTC Hero running CM6. Last beta worked for me as well. Didn’t really nice any differences between this version and the original beta.

  45. Works great on my Nexus One Froyo. No issues at all even in this updated beta.

  46. still havent seen it in the market for the moment

  47. Not working after the update on my slide

  48. According to Appbrain, this app went over 250K downloads in just 4 days. Impressive.

  49. Works great on the vibrant and the mt3g slide. I couldn’t get it from the market, but down loaded an apk file from a web site and it loaded fine.

  50. The previous Beta would crash during startup on Droid Incredible. This beta has no problems for me so far.

  51. Why so much attention to this one game? How much is phandroid getting paid to keep talking about this?

  52. Finally works on the Evo. No dumps back to home screen anymore. Evo folks can try DLing it again.

  53. This has worked from day one on the Samsung Fascinate. New update added more sounds to the game.

  54. Downloading it now from market – Tmo Vibrant

  55. Works great on my iPhone… Oh hang on, it always has lol

  56. JS>>> then why read and post about it if your going to ask such a rhetorical question? But thanks for upping the post count :-)

  57. The update has fixed the crashing issues with the Droid Incredible.

  58. Don’t work on mytouch fix that. Shiet

  59. Ditto^ i want it for my mytouch

  60. Doesn’t work on my Samsung Galaxy S , rooted with 2.2
    Just keeps on coming up with Installation failed. I tried un-mounting the SD card, restarted and removed the sd card as well. No luck. Shows up on Market, but doesnt install no matter what. Any help :(

  61. Download the

    But NOT working on my Huawei Ideos U8150 android 2.2. Got sound, picture display position not correct and the touch sensor is working.

    Wish they are fix it soon.

  62. Hippie!!! Works now on my HTC Aria Htc Sense 2.2

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