Sep 17th, 2010

As someone who sees little to no appeal in video chat capabilities, I was quite surprised when the feature instantly become one of my favorite things about the Samsung Galaxy Tab upon first impression. Maybe it’s the size of the screen and the way the device is almost perfectly tailored for the task, or maybe it is simply a bit of fleeting excitement over toying with the new technology, but either way I got a pretty big kick out of dialing up random units on display at the Galaxy Tab launch event.

While the Galaxy Tab won’t feature voice capabilities to place regular old phone calls, video calls can be placed using Qik (which is integrated pretty seamlessly into the Tab) or Fring or whatever app you want to use. A downside is calls can only be placed over WiFi so if you’re only in an area running on 3G you will have to deal with not seeing the face of the person you are talking to. Still a fun and neat feature. Enjoy a short look at it below.

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