Sep 15th, 2010

android-palm-tungsten-cAs a testament to the portability of Android, it has once again made its way to a device many would have thought unlikely: the Palm Tungsten C. This device ran the original Palm OS (not webOS) and was released way back in 2003. Dmitry Grinberg slapped Android 2.1 on the antiquated equipment by means of a dual-boot SD card. This, of course, does bring up some technical issues. With the OS running off of the SD card due to a lack of internal flash storage, any sort of media requiring additional external storage won’t quite work up to par. The size of the screen also creates some jumbled graphical interpretations as seen in the image to the left.

Throw in a lack of functioning WiFi, Bluetooth, and audio and you have yourself one of the less useful versions of Android 2.1 we have seen, but we will let it slide since it is running on a seven year old Palm after all. Grinberg promises a future iteration optimized for the device with increased performance, and also plans to expand the project to support other Palm OS devices.

[via PalmInfoCenter]