Pictures From HTC Desire Z, Desire HD Launch Event


We told you Carl witnessed the unveiling of the Desire Z & HD live, and we’ve got some scrumptious pictures for you from before, during and (pretty soon) after the event. Take a gander for a pictorial tour of the HTC Launch Event in London.

Keep in mind there are more to come to check back throughout the day as Carl has a chance to play with the phone:

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  1. No naked chicks?

  2. This Desire Z HAS to be coming to AT&T don’t you agree?? I mean the new T-Mobile G2 phone looks exactly the same so I just assume this.

  3. @Nathan, except for the fact that these phones are for Europe, hence why the event was held in London. Just saying. :)

  4. no it will not be coming to any carrier in the u.s besides t-mobile as the g2 without htc sense

  5. Any phones that come to AT&T are either neutered or molested. So glad I’m with t-mobile.
    I’m sorry for you, AT&T slaves.

  6. From what I have seen it looks like the us version of the desire z (the g2) will support at&T’s 3g network, so get an unlocked one and your home free

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