Sep 13th, 2010

I’ve seen lots of things built with lots of legos, but a realization of our beloved Android mascot in all of those plastic-y, puzzle-y pieces makes me want to go out and do what I used to spend so much time with as a child. It’s probably one of the biggest three-dimensional figurines we’ve seen of the fella yet (if you’re not counting Google’s own statue sitting right on their lawn next to delicious desserts) clocking in at 15-inches tall and 12-inches wide. It stands next to some of Dead Zebra’s Android toys, an iPhone running Android (for irony) and what appears to be an HTC EVO 4G.


The designer – Wendell Grayson – did this in just two weeks using a C-based program he designed to help build it. No word on if he’ll be releasing information about the pieces and schematics used to complete the piece, but it’s just pretty to look at regardless. So go ahead and look at it. Because it’s pretty. And Nerdy. And Cool.

lego-android 2

[via Android Guys]