id Mobile Hiring an Android Programmer; to port Rage?


id Software – the guys behind staple gaming franchises Quake, Doom, and Wolfenstein – are looking for an Android developer to join their mobile development team. The exact listing looks for “…a talented and experienced programmer to help bring our next big Mobile game to the Android space.” The one “big game” we can think of in their mobile catalog is Rage currently in development for the iOS platform. If you haven’t seen this game in action, go to and then proceed to heaven.

There’s no confirmation, however, but we can’t imagine they’d be looking to bring anything else at this time. Now is a good time to want one of those beefy GPUs inside your Android phone, wouldn’t you say? Perhaps that PSP Phone that may or may not be coming out at one point or another would be perfect.rageaug7_00003aug7

[Gamasutra via Joystiq]

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  1. As much as I want it to happen I won’t hold my breath :(


  3. i doubt it will be rage but i have a strong feeling that they will port id software classic titles. By the way, this job posting has been out for at least a month and ive sent it to you back then but you didn’t give me credits or anything :(

  4. Maj deserves credit.

  5. Whatever it means, at least it shows corporate support and belief in android now. Android has finally transcended the 3 levels of gaming development!

    Bedroom game coders -> smallish niche companies -> worldwide industry leaders.

    That deserves a yay.

  6. That’s all very well but they still have the huge stumbling block of the horribly fragmented hardware to get over.

  7. id software was founded by the great man called john carmack. the people at id were responsible for the best first person shooters during the early days. most of the third and first person shooters were based on either the quake or doom game engine. they are the ones who made PC games respectable. i think that making mobile games is not a bad idea but certainly u might wanna stick to ur PCs for the game if u are really a fan or if u want the ultimate experience.

  8. There is already a Quake port for quite a few android phones. It works very well on my EVO. The dev has put quite a bit of work into getting this running smooth and he has done it, along with many nice features for controls, and even has two servers in amsterdam and chicago(i think?) for us to play online. Amazing guy.

    And id love for more id games to be ported, great games.

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