Samsung Fascinate Gets Root


We aren’t surprised that this thing has been rooted so quickly – all of the other Galaxy S phones received day 1 (or day 2) roots as well – but the brief leg work has been done and a root method for the Samsung Fascinate is ready to go. This root method is actually the same exact method used for the Samsung Epic 4G. I know many of you looking forward to this device just let out a huge sigh of relief as you’ll want the newfound privileges that come with root to do some bloatware scrubbing. (And as you’ll want to attempt to get Google Search back onto the device as the default search engine, though Verizon claims it’ll come to all users once the device is upgraded to Android 2.2 due to the Google Voice Search app being available.)


Hit the source link below to find happiness down the yellow (or Big Red) brick road. [Thanks to all who sent this in.]

[SDX via AC]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. This phone + Kernel + ROM = awesome. It may actually replace the Droid as the go to phone for modding community.

  2. Mine is on the FedEx truck, mere hours away from delivery. I’m going to take my best shot at installing Google Search on it without rooting, but will root if necessary. Of course, to completely de-Bing the phone (i.e. uninstall all Bing apps) and also remove other VZW bloatware will require root, guaranteed.

  3. This is great to hear. It does have the forward facing camera correct? I was really high on making this my next phone until I saw the bloatware and BING crap. Why the heck do I want to buy a Google OS and not have all the google experience options?? Crazyness. Yeah, yeah, yeah, 2.2 this 2.2 that. Well, it doesn’t have 2.2 right now, and not everyone wants to root their phone to get it the way it should have been to begin with. They keep up the buy one get one though and I will probably just get over it and root away. :)

  4. Nevermind…. no front facing camera FTL.
    The wait will continue.

  5. Someone please post it in the marketplace like RyanZA’s oneclick lagfix???

  6. @ Mark – Switch to Sprint and get the EPIC and you can have the front facing camera. Then you can root and get rid of all of the bloatware (although not nearly as much as on this phone).

  7. @MVTom- Trust me. If Sprint didn’t fail so horribley in my area I would. I would be roaming a LOT, and 3G would be non-existent. The few folks I know with it here use the phones as punching bags or paper weights most of the time. LOL

  8. We picked up two at the local Verizon store last night. As soon as we got them home we started getting irritated with the obvious attempts to extort more money and lock in their Microsoft revenue stream. I sent a nastygram to Verizon this morning, just to make sure they know I won’t be paying them $120/year for a bad navigator and will never use a MS search engine.

    I guess we’ll be rooting these today and then going to 2.2 as soon as it is available to us.

    I’d move to Sprint if their coverage wasn’t a joke in rural areas, sadly Verizon really is the phone to have if you roam off the beaten path.

  9. I was thinking about purchasing this phone. I know nothing about Android. What is rooting? What does it entail? I hate bing and would rather google search engine.

  10. Also, are there any phones anticipated that will have the google apps and a front facing camera in the near future?

  11. @Kevin D
    Depends on your carrier. I believe the EPIC would have all of that.
    FFC’s will be the standard by Christmas, for any higher end smartphone’s I should say. I really think I’m just going to wait. Unless I take my work discount and jump over to AT&T and do 2 iPhones. Ick…..

  12. for newbies, you can still search google with the browser. and the widget I heard is replaceable.

  13. Its true just make your homepage and you will be fine. Take the bing widget off the desk top and forget it was ever there.
    If you want to take it further, root, then remove all the craptastic apps that are useless, then install google nav, Then do a little personal tweeking and your set. Enjoy. Plus as an added tip using a dark background will save on battery life by like 10%

  14. Touch Wiz has to go. I haven’t used it… but looking reminds me MegaBlox when comparing it to LauncherPro, ADW, even Sense which I personally have no problem with although there are others that do.

  15. Anyone know a good site that had rooting instructions and reviews etc for the fascinate?

  16. Go to android central’s website they have instructions for it there.

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