LauncherPro Plus Update Brings Much-Needed Bug Fixes, Facebook Coming Today?


The previous update to LauncherPro (the Plus version, specifically) brought a nice, scrollable Twitter widget to the table, but it wasn’t without its problems. Many of you took a nasty hit on battery life as the widget’s service would remain active and looking for data even when there were no tweets to pull down. Being the responsible developer that he’s proved to be, Federico quickly gathered up all of the reports and pushed out a new update to address all of this (and more). Here’s the specific list of changes:


For all users:

  • Replaced the old dialog for picking applications (when adding shortcuts to homescreens, dock, or dock swipe actions) with a custom one that loads much faster. Users with lots of applications installed should see a dramatic speed boost when bringing up this feature.

For Plus users only:

  • Update service (for Twitter, and soon for Facebook) now runs only when it has work to do, that is, when it’s time to fetch new statuses.
  • Fixed a bug with the Twitter where tweets with links became unclickable. Because of limitations on the Android framework, we can’t have the entire row (tweet) cilckable in addition to the clickable links, so from now on, in order to bring up the menu (Reply, Retweet, etc.) you need to click outside the body of the tweet. Clicking on the author’s picture should do the trick.
  • Fixed a bug where if you added the Twitter widget to a homescreen and then removed it without setting your Twitter credentials, it would keep asking you to enter your credentials every 15 minutes until the phone was restarted.
  • New: Selectable update interval for Twitter. You can choose how often the widget will poll Twitter for new data. You can choose between 5, 15 and 30 minutes, and 1, 3, 6, 12 and 24 hours. There’s an option called “Manually” but it’s not implemented yet (I forgot to remove it from the list before publishing this new version, it should be functional in next update).
  • New: Option to choose what application to launch when you click on “Twitter” on the widget’s header. You can now set it to launch your favorite Twitter app instead of launching Twitter’s website.

That’s it for now. Hopefully we’ll have a Facebook widget before the end of the week.

That last line suggests another update could be headed our way some before Monday to add the Facebook widget he’s been drumming up to, though that isn’t certain due to the world “hopefully” being used. We’ll just cross our fingers and hope for the best! Go ahead and download the new update through the Android Market or LauncherPro’s website now.

[via TalkAndroid]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Little late on this? I have had this version since the weekend.

  2. Yep, very late. Bring back Rob!

  3. lol, no kidding. Good timing, guys. It’s only been 4 days now. Also, the week ENDS on Saturday. Sunday starts the new week, so it’s safer to say we may expect another update before Sunday.

  4. I realize it’s been out since the weekend, but I didn’t know at that time. My apologies.

    @Mark Rob’s so busy these days he probably would’ve missed this and many other stories altogether.

    @Anon I know the week ends on Saturday, technically. A lot of people still perceive the end of the week to be anything between Friday and Monday (as they include Friday to note the end of a business week and Sunday because it’s a non-business day), so I used Monday to be safe.

    PS: If you guys don’t see it on our site, why not head on over to the Tips section and let us know? We would’ve caught it just as soon as you did, in that regard.

  5. Excellent! The gentleman is one hell of a designer with his LP app. GREAT JOB!

  6. I’m really looking forward to his Facebook widget. Hopefully we get it this weekend.

  7. Didn’t mean to sound like it bothered me…..Regardless I am glad you are covering such a great app.

    I wasn’t sure which apps you deemed where good to “tip” about. I figured that google apps were a given, but to have an article on an app update like this isn’t the norm, but given the greatness of the app….I guess it would be warranted.

  8. How does one go about updating to the newest version of LPP?

  9. @Jubbs

    Did you try the market? If not check out
    for the apk download

  10. I wish you could buy LauncherPro Plus via the market. I’m not a fan of paypal and this is the only reason why I have not updated.

  11. @C The dev is in a country that doesn’t support market payments. I use the plus version and the dev has been excellent with support for the app and issues with the license. Once you get the license you can get all your updates from the market….works like titanium backup.

  12. @C….The reason you can’t purchase LauncherPro Plus via the market is because the Developer lives in a country that is not supported by Google to provide paid apps. (don’t ask me about the logistics behind this but I’m just guessing it may be a currency thing) I am not a fan of paypal either and honestly waited quite a while before upgrading but finally decided to and haven’t looked back sence and was extremely easy.

  13. Tim beat me to it

  14. I bought the plus version, but never use the plus feature yet..
    Just want to support such a good application.

    And in this update, the widget picking dialog is really improved, so impressed!!

  15. The first three comments lack class and common courtesy. Such angst, shame shame. Quentyn I appreciate what you do and how you responded with dignity. Tim, kudos way to totally redeem yourself! Remember people how people treat you is there karma how you react to it is yours.

  16. “Quentyn I appreciate what you do and how you responded with dignity. ”
    Thank you Quentyn. You’re a fantastic addition to the phandroid team and you prove yourself time and time again. Keep on trucking!

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