Sep 9th, 2010


When a ROM for the T-Mobile G2 leaked one of the most interesting things to emerge was a tweaked suite of Google mobile apps including a new version of GMail and an updated Google Voice featuring some pretty nice little widgets. Both applications were promptly ripped from the builds and made available to Froyo users, but now Google is starting to officially roll out the update apps to Android handsets.

We won’t tread over too much old ground, but the new version of Voice features two separate widgets that can be used alone or simultaneously. One shows you the text of your latest transcribed voicemails while the other displays your account balance and has shortcuts to the full Voice app, text messaging, call settings, and a “Do Not Disturb” button. You can grab the new version of Voice from the Android Market and add the widgets to the homescreen of your choice the same as you would any other.

[via Google Mobile Blog]