AMOLED Display the Future for the Galaxy Tab?



We’d be lying if we didn’t admit that the Galaxy Tab not shipping with an AMOLED display or better yet the Super AMOLED of its counterpart Galaxy S smartphone is a bit disappointing. That aspect of the hardware is one of the areas where the S really shines. OK, we understand that there is both a shortage of AMOLED displays to go around and pumping them out at the larger 7-inch size of the Tab does create some difficulties with current production models, but the deep and rich colors of an AMOLED display would make the media experience on Samsung’s tablet that much more promising.

New word is that future iterations of the Galaxy Tab will feature AMOLED technology as opposed to the current 1024×600 TFT LCD, and that is definitely something to get excited about. Whether or not it has to do with the new production system that aims to get ten time more AMOLED displays to market or not isn’t clear. The only concern we’d have with an AMOLED screen of that size is — you guessed it — battery life.

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  1. That’s because they would have to charge $2000. The current off contract prices are already ridiculous…

  2. Why do you keep writing about battery life concerns with AMOLED displays on this site? Get this, they have better battery life than lcd displays; if you knew anything about the display technologies you would understand why.

  3. @Jeremy

    Really? I think you are exaggerating a tad. AMOLED screens aren’t _that_ expensive. For example, the prices of the Droid Incredible, Nexus One and Desire didn’t change when the screens were switched, which indicates that the price differential wasn’t sufficient for the manufacturers/carriers to charge more/less. Maybe the price would more than double if you were talking about a big-screen TV…


    Hear, hear. While AMOLED _can_ consume more battery life (obviously depending on what you are doing) on average you will get greater battery life than from an LCD (although I gather the Super TFT screens are much more efficient than old LCD technologies).

  4. @SirWally
    large form factor Amoled would be really expensive for mainly one reason…small volume. No devices would be using them except the AMOLED Tab.

  5. Amoled consumes 30% more displaying white, other bright colors are just as high as lcd if not higher.
    Black consumes nothing.
    The more color and white.the higher draw…
    what’s the major color in web browsing? White.
    Also the” pentile” arrangemend of oled and amoled
    is a perceived 480×800. Actual resolution of rgb is 240+125×800. But sence its “rgbg” it appears as wvga. Not cool!
    and just because they don’t want to rename the layout
    doesn’t make it pentile. Its quad tile. R g B g.
    R representing a whole, g a half and B whole.
    Pentile breaks r in half also and in doing so doubles it. All half tiles then surroundh qthe blue to create a single full pixel. Much better providing they retain the 240-260 ppi parameters.
    Basicly until they drop the rgbg layout, the tft lcd is a much better screen. Especially for an internet tablet.

  6. Correction* amoled and super amoled*

  7. All that said. Im really excited for this tablet.
    If they release a wifi version i may get one.
    Especially if the moto tab is 10 inches…
    so sad could have been 8 inches of awsome at 760×1024 or better
    Portable. Tablet+ high rez= awsome. 10 inches is great for netbooks but something yrou hold for hours
    needs to be light and not wide.

  8. I would wait the next generation of this tab.

    With newer Android Gingerbread of course.

    And reduced unnecessary hardware, like the back camera. Yes, it is nice to have, but it only adds cost. We don’t need that camera because we have our super Android phone.
    Second, the 3G. No, we don’t want that. Why? Because we have our super Android phone tethering feature. Those 2 alone will bring down the cost a lot!
    However, it wont happen unless Android changed its policy to use the Android Market without “phone” feature. Hopefully, Gingerbread will allow this.

  9. It’s all well and good trying to explain how AMOLED is this terrible technology by using some dodgey math but it doesn’t match with the experiences of owners.

    My 3.7″ AMOLED device looks beautiful and survives for days on one charge, which is really great for a touchscreen smart phone.

    Unless you ask an Apple fan boy I’m sure most users would agree that AMOLED looks better and drains less battery.

  10. I rock a droid X my wife rocks the d2. Both last for days. No iphan here. I don’t like amoled for things like web browsing, picture viewing, or anything that requires detail. Its not dodgy math its dumbed down so you…might understand. Im not knocking your phone just the tech behind the screen and there demi pixels. Its a bi color pixel. Thats a step backwards. Unless you shrink the size of the red and blue creating around 300 ppi give or take. That would persuade me to overlook the so called pentile arrangement.
    And to clarify what device was it your rockin?
    No matter it could be one of many. but its definitely not the galexy s wich is currently the only device i would consider worth the trade.
    Sorry. Im not a hater of sub par as much as i am a lover of above par.
    Also im aware of both new droids minor problems… and im equally as outraged about them. But, they are both crystal clear. And fast.
    i only wish they had bumped up the gpu a notch. Oh well the only lag i see is minor on benchmarks lol
    Wow i love to rant about random tech lol.
    If your reading this samsung,and you really want to stick to s amoled pentile….don’t. then devide the red and blue by 2 and align them in

  11. Standard RGB or true pentile rgrgb would work.
    But for clarity. RGB even if gpu performance drops slightly. Pllleeease stop butchering this awsome sub pixel material with archaic formats!!

  12. I get what you’re saying there Dom. For me to put it in Layman’s terms… it’s like WWI. They had all these new fangled machine guns, and some tanks and planes, but they were still fighting in formation in a line and in trenches. Some how I channeled an old prospector there with the “new fangled” bit, not sure how that happened.

    And Cpt. K, there’s a growing segment of Android fans that are similar to our iPhone fan cousins. Because (S)AMOLED is new and exclusive there are those that tout it as superior. The kool-aid drinkers. Not saying you are one of these, just a reminder to retain objectivity.

  13. Agree – been reading up about screens as I use my phone for work a lot, and as a graphic designer I want to be able to show off my designs in the best possible way!

    Was reading here about the benefits of AMOLED, including battery life.

    I really thought that the picture was an iPad until I read half the article! I think Samsung really ought to wait til they can supply an AMOLED screen…

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