You Tell Us: What’s The Next Big Android Non-Phone, And Where Does Android Go From Here?


500x_android_haiWe’re about to close in on 24 months since the first Android phone has been introduced – the T-Mobile G1 – and I think we’re all in agreeance on one thing: the phone market is right where it needs to be. Android’s been itching to soar higher than just phones, however, with a slew of Android-based devices (that aren’t phones) headed our way soon. The obvious first choice for many of you will be tablets and MIDs. While that would make a lot of sense, we still haven’t seen anything to prove that Android will take off in those areas just yet (the Galaxy Tab looks good, but it hasn’t been launched yet).

Don’t forget that we have netbooks, televisions and set-top-boxes, personal media players, and military-grade hardware in the pipeline (and let’s not even mention Android-equipped appliances). With that, the ecosystem beyond phones is begging for “the next big thing” and we want to know what you think it’ll be and why?

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Which of the current adaptations do you think will have a shot at matching the popularity of handsets and what non-existent adaptation do you want to see come to fruition?  Let your voices come together in congregation below!

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Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Hey, get on miio! It rocks and the people are very interactive. Its more than just a soundboard where everyone talks, its a conversational SNS

  2. I am in favor of the voting so far. I feel the tablet market still has a lot of potential growth considering the only high end device out right now is the ipad until that Samsung galaxy S tab come out and gives it some much needed competition and I also feel that google tv will be 100 times better than apples tv because without netflix on there I could not see alot ppl buying it I still dont picture it being successfull.

  3. i dont think android is poised for the netbook argument, which is too bad. i would like to say android implemented into vehicles. that may sound odd, but look at the number of new vehicles today that are being released with touchscreens for navigation, movies, and other controls.

  4. @john the lesser… Android is currently being integrated into vehicles(GM i believe but i may be wrong).

    I can’t wait for a good quality android tablet to be available. Im also itching for some google tv :)

  5. GM is in talks with Google right now to have Android run its next version of OnStar and a SYNC competitor, which will be rolled into one package, I assume.

  6. the htc glacier. trolol

  7. Has the market issue for non-phones been resolved yet? That would help the tablets tremendously, i guess.

  8. I want to see Android everywhere. I want a little Android news/reader display when I’m taking the shower, one in my mirror when i brush my teeth, Android radio in my car when i’m driving to work, phone/Gpad @ work, and possibly Google TV when i get home!!! Screw crApple and Micro$uck..

  9. Agreeance? ….. come on!

  10. I have to agree with you John ICE (in car entertainment)is the next big market for android. As is it’s perfectly poised to drop into the car market. Free navigation, easy to use interface, TTS and bluetooth ready. All that is needed is obd2 port interface and one could display engine and trip data. If a few suppliers of aftermarket ECUs could jump on the android ship there would large amount of modified car fans getting on board. But if you want it now you can get a car pc and put a build of android x86 on it.

  11. “Agreeance?” Who are you, Fred Durst?

  12. I could see both tablets and google tv be big, I’m looking forward to both anyway. I think they could easily be positioned to be attractive to current android phone owners. Think about possible tie-ins to these devices like sending a link from your phone to your tablet (or heck your google tv) to view a bigger version or a video or whatever (like chrome to phone etc). Or controlling your google tv from your phone (or tablet for that matter) I’d bet they have some interesting stuff like this in mind for us.

  13. Before I even saw this I was just thinking about this today a nice touch screen car steero with android on it would be great heck put some wifi on it an ur set

  14. Off topic. Sorry, but…

    Is it me or are others having problems submitting comments? I tried twice and nothing showed up. Now it says that I have already submitted the comment, but still nothing is showing up. Weird. Are the comments now being silently moderated? If this message gets through perhaps there is something about the comment I posted that the comment system doesn’t like. Let’s see…

  15. Argh! The comment system doesn’t like links. So instead of links I’ll provide instructions.

    Regarding OBD2 interface, for dongles search DealExtreme for OBDII. For the Android Apps, search AppBrain (or the Market) for both OBD2 _and_ OBDII.

  16. I think a Tv with a hardware attached like PS3 and make the tv which would be the size that you buy regular ex mine is 42 inch and make the tv like a whole entertainment center under one hardware running android Ex. Ps3 intergated, google tv, interactive android computer, just make it one central entertainment system where it can control everything lights in your house etc

  17. I can see it going in Google TV if anything. For tablets I’m looking forward to one running Google chrome OS. If tablets are ever going to replace notebooks they won’t do it on android, it will be Chrome or Windows 7.

  18. seriously, Android’s next step should be to replace the CAR STEREO! I am so serious! With phones having Wifi hotspot capabilities, they can tether to an Android car stereo (probably about the size of the Evo, maybe a little larger) and play Last.fm, Pandora, iheartradio, and all of the many other music streaming apps in the Android market. it can also be used for video playback in the car as well for those long road trips. this could replace the need for people to get those expensive DVD Players and TV screens in their car/SUVs. that should definitely be the next step for Android. if i had the hardware and the knowledge i would have developed it myself months ago

  19. Glad to see others already saying this: my car. I can’t believe there isn’t already some cheap touch-screen based aftermarket stereo/”carputer.”

  20. FYI: I’m aware agreeance isn’t a real word. Last I checked, it wasn’t a requirement for blogs to use nothing but real words when reporting. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to use fun terms like “interwebz” or “pwn’d”.

  21. Ford, already has?

  22. Before we move beyond Android for phones, can we perfect multimedia for the Droid first. Just downloaded Flash 10.1, tried to watch the US Open tennis, and so choppy it’s not even close to watchable. Bandwidth issues?

  23. Perfect the android os. have phones and tablets…awesome phones and tablets. definately get into the car mobile entertainment, integrating the awesome phones and tablets. and i would love a google set top box paired with dish network (tivo style), blu-ray and all kinds of android goodness

  24. Car stereo with usb control and blue tooth to my droid x would be awsome.google tv and netflix on ps3 controled by my phone also would be nice.I want my phone to be my to be a all in one device with ps3 & a 4 in 1 Wifi bluetooth printer , i have never owned my own computer but android seems to do alot.it is a tablet/netbook
    When 2.2 and adobe flash come and motorola let’s dev’s use hdmi for videos and games dx will probably do everything i will want.

  25. Agreeance is a real word, it’s just an antiquated one.

  26. agreeance… really

  27. I already shipped off an e-mail to kenwood, about possibly using syncing an android phone to one of their large touchscreen decks using the touchscreen in the stereo as a control panel for the phone, navi, streaming music, ect. As it is there are alot of companies looking at moving away from any kind of mechanical drive. Get rid of all the moving parts, and theirs more room for output capaciters.

  28. Android has spread so far so fast…. Even though the possibilities are indefinite, I feel the tablet is going to be the next big thing. Already there are so many manufacturers lined up for the release of their Android tablets, the numbers and estimations of sales definitely indicate after mobiles the tablets are going to form a huge chunk of total Android devices….

    Android is already giving Apple and Microsoft a run for their money….

    At last I wanna say… Android is going to be Legen…. wait for it…. Dary… :-)

  29. Personally, I don’t see anywhere that’s going to be a huge market for Android. I think Android is a good fit for PMP/MIDs since these are basically smartphones without GSM/CDMA radios and probably also for tablets, which are BIG smartphones without GSM/CDMA radios. But, success of the iPad not-withstanding, I still don’t understand why these things are so desirable. If I want a highly portable media consumption / internet access device, I’ll take a nice high-end Android smartphone, because I’m going to carry a cell-phone around anyway. For pretty much anything else I want a full-fledged computer, and I don’t think Android is ever going to be a better fit for something like that than a traditional desktop operating system. Although it might be kind of cool to have a more traditional linux desktop with an Android compatibility/emulation layer (in fact, I kind of think Ubuntu is working on this).

  30. It isn’t meant to be a computer replacement but more like a playful/chill device. Tablets are chill for reading ebooks/watching streaming media/surfing the web (and since Android has flash, better web experience)/playing games.

    I prefer desktops but I’d consider buying an Android tablet, just seems cool to have.

  31. I don’t drive but it’s never failed to amaze me how little technology is integrated into the driver interface for cars; and for that matter home heating systems

  32. Tablets and google TV, i am getting more excited for google tv after seeing apple’s inferior offering

  33. The android OS was never intended was specifically designed for the smart phone market, with no intention to expand beyond this remit. This is one of the thing that makes it so powerful, and good at what it does, it’s also why google didn’t officially support the early android tablets, and why market support is so bad on them. Google has always intended to make a fully functioning OS and in fact the Chrome OS is expected to hit at the end of this year, not that this is the same time as all the high end, officially supported “android” tablets we have been hearing about.
    As such I would say that android should remain on smart phones, possibly expanding to media devices just to break the iPods strangle hold on that bit of the market, and whilst the concept of android powered car trip computers seems great, the amount of custom functionality required to obtain all the cars information makes these a really unlikely prospect.
    Also I think that people should be cautious in this desire for the rapid and ubiquitous adoption of android into all aspects of our lives, all OS’s have security vulnerabilities, and if a single one becomes globally dominant the temptation to hackers will become far to great.

  34. I agree with Terrence… the car stereo has got to evolve

  35. I’m surprised no one has crammed Android into a tiny MP3 player like the new Nano. I personally think the MP3 player market is useless since everyone has a smartphone now, but those who like their single-use devices should be given the option of a Google-based MP3 player. Give it wifi and make it even remotely stylish and people will line up for it.

  36. UMA!! Android phones NEED UMA!! I heard some stuff about them testing it with tmo but then nothing. Wheres the UMA? My next phones will have UMA and it better not be a blackberry

  37. Google’s strength is the cloud, and it needs to integrate the user experience of all devices to have “the next big thing.” Whatever the hardware or platform (Chrome vs. Android) it will only be successful if Google makes sure all of the devices talk to each other and to the Google services. They’re well-positioned to make “networked coffee” a reality and need to expand in that direction.

  38. It seems to me like an iPod Touch competitor would be an awesome and natural progression for Google and Android.

  39. Robotics! It’s so perfectly designed to work with multiple physical inputs (accelerometer, compass, light sensor, volume sensor, etc) and respond to the environment of the device that it’s installed on.

    Or maybe our smart phones will just grow legs and follow us around… Lol.

  40. Android should conquer the netbook AND tablet machines!

    And it should give back a lot to the Linux kernel and finally give the necessary boost so Linux can dominate the desktops.
    Google should cooperate with Ubuntu to achieve this.

  41. How could you not put “Android Car Stereo” in your vote list????

  42. Car Stereo for sure. Can you imagine if you had a 7″ car stereo screen with Android on it??? That would be insane. Beef up the current Nav Stereo systems out there with a cell phone radio so you could pick up a data plan, throw the Android OS in it (modified version of the OS to better suit car stereo applications of course), put a Super AMOLED screen on it, throw a Hummingbird CPU/GPU in it, and you’d have a pretty bad ass car stereo with Android. I don’t know why this hasn’t already been done. Seems to be a rather simple idea. It wouldn’t be difficult to implement this idea. Get it done dammit, because I’m tired of having to plug in my cell phone into my damn stereo every time I get into the car.

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