Google: “Hey Jobs, We Aren’t Counting Upgrades in Our Activation Numbers”


I don’t care how big of an Android fan you are: whenever Steve Jobs takes the stage, everyone deep in the tech universe tunes in to see what he’ll have to say. Yesterday, Jobs threw a little jab at “their friends” (Google, if you aren’t keeping up) while boasting their 230,000 iOS activations per day by saying…


We think some of our friends are counting upgrades in their numbers.

I couldn’t refute that as I didn’t know exactly what Google considers to be 200,000 (the number they boasted back in early August) Android activations. Google themselves can refute that, though, and they did by saying…

The Android activation numbers do not include upgrades and are, in fact, only a portion of the Android devices in the market since we only include devices that have Google services.

Which also means that many tablets are excluded from this number (if the manufacturer obeys licensing procedure). Whatever the case is, I have a feeling that Schmidt or someone from Google will chime in with an updated number pretty soon as we know a lot can change in a month’s time.

[CNN via Androinica]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Oh silly Jobs, u lost with antennagate. You are a POW of android. This reality u refuse to face, well this is your prison. You can get out early on good behavior. This isn’t it though. Rethink your strategy cuz you are going to look like a whiney lil girl B1^€H again.

  2. ha ha very funny by Steve Jobs

  3. when is he going to wear a shirt that isnt BLACK?

  4. So all the people that upgraded from the iPhone 3GS weren’t counted in the new iPhone 4 sales? You’d think that by now he’d have figured out that the more he tries to refute Google’s success, the more people look poorly at Apple.

  5. @coolMANDINGO: Around the same time the sun falls from the sky!

  6. didn’t jobs get fired from apple? either way, he’s an ass. the only other person with a mouth big enough to compare with him, would be ken kutaragi from sony. both run their mouths, and talk down about other companies. it creates more enemies than customers, when is he going to learn that? android is selling more and more every day, they are out selling the iphone, so our beloved google is obviously doing something right!

  7. Steve: “What do we have on a slide to show our device activations to counter Android?”

    PR Person: “Obviously we’ll have to pick a number higher than Android’s 200,000.”

    Steve: “230,000?”

    PR Person: “That seems good. Makes us look better than Android and it’s not high enough that our sheeple would think twice about it. Not that they disagree with anything we say anyway.”

    Steve: “230,000 it is, then.”

    PR Person: “While we’re at it, throw in a jab about how Android is probably counting upgrades. We need to make ourselves look better however we can. Kind of like your porn comment at the iPhone event.”

  8. “didn’t jobs get fired from apple?”

    Are you fucking kidding me?

  9. He did get fired…

    I wonder how many of those iOS devices are iPods? How many Android devices are DAPs?

  10. Jared, he isn’t kidding, In 1985 Jobs got fired by Apple and subquently started NeXt and bought Pixar.

  11. @Jared Jobs was fired in 1986.

    Is apple including ipods, ipads, etc?

  12. Either way its still quite impressive and Apple are a good competitor to Android.

  13. What an iHole. This guy wouldn’t know how to tell the truth if his life depended on it. I think Bill Gates said it best when speaking about Apples advertising, “Just because you’re popular doesn’t mean you get to lie.”

  14. Sanjeev,

    apple is including everything ipod touch, iphone 3gs, iphone 4, ipad. Whereas Google is only countring phones that can access market, it is not counting archos devices, nook and lots of other non-market android devices.

  15. @Jared:

    Uh, he did. Years ago.

  16. Steve Jobs was pushed out of Apple back in 1985, the company was in pretty bad decline in the intervening years.

  17. I believe Jobs just made up a number. Androids numbers fall in line with all the other sales reports that have it topping ios. What reports back up Apples numbers ….none. Apple obviously is not selling a million devices a week. That has already been shown by the launch numbers. Or if he is trying to count anything with ios then it really looks bad as they are only 30k ahead of Android phones only. What happens when other devices are tracked. Good night Apple.

  18. There was a question: when is he going to wear a shirt that isnt BLACK?

    Answer: When somebody buys him a second one!

  19. He wears a black shirt to represent the color of his soul..

  20. Regarding the black shirt: He never changes clothes because he’s secretly a robot. However, he is ashamed of this fact, which is why he has such animosity for Android.

  21. Hey Steve Jobs and @Mark,

    Slow denial is just slow suicide. I can sell you both an iRazor or even an iGun if you’d like to speed up the process.

    Jobs ran Apple into the ground back in ’85. Just prior to that, Apple was a very innovative company. The thing that killed them was their proprietary hardware/os. According to the early gospel by Steve, Microsoft offered absolutely no competition. iStevie lied through his teeth to convince the world that apple would never be dethroned.

    Now here we are again. Same iDipstick making the same absurd claims only this time we can switch out Microsoft with Android. My mama told me that doing the same thing brings the same results.

    I’ll bet you good money that iStevie is already selling off his stock. He’s not stupid. Get out while the gettins good.

  22. hehe, one confused old man…
    and to be honest. i really don’t give a s*** what jobs has to say ;)

  23. “when is he going to wear a shirt that isn’t BLACK?”
    Remember, Darth the leader wore black, the Storm troopers that break down doors wear Apple white.

  24. Well Mr. Jobs, you idiot stick, #1, Google didnt include upgrades, #2 Android hasnt been main stream long enough for upgrades to matter (and its still kicking your keister) and #3 unlike your numbers that are inflated by the maxIPAD and Ipod, Googles number only includes phones. What a complete wiener!

  25. @coolMANDINGO, the marketing people say he can never change his clothes. It will mess up his “branding”.

  26. at the black shirt comment. Yup. Check out the pic.
    since ’98 to present. Black shirt, stone washed jeans and white sneakers. Tho he did change it up in ’01. He wore black sneakers.

  27. Jobs = fanboy to the extreme…..

  28. He talks badly about Android because he secretly likes the OS but cant do anything about it. He wears a long sleeved shirt to cover the android tattoo on his arm.

  29. I don’t even know why you wouldn’t count upgrades, isn’t repeat business something to brag about (not hide)? Unless by upgrade, he meant update (as in my Evo counts once when it was on 2.1 and once when it went 2.2).

    Also, Jobs said “iOS” activations, not iPhone activations, so he’s probably counting iPod Touches, which would be shadier than counting upgrades.

  30. you guys are all so stupid. i mean really, that number does seem really high, but who cares? who honestly cares. both android and apple have a lot of customers, they aren’t going away anytime soon, and they’re going to be pushing each other to keep making better phones. the fact that apple is counting ipods and ipads doesn’t really matter either, cuz when you think about it, how many idevices are there? 3. how many carriers is the iphone on? 1. how many different android phones are there? android has so much more variety in everything from choice of carrier to type of phone. i don’t care if you’re an android fanboy you gotta admit the fact that apple is still ahead of android all things considered is just proof that these numbers are possible.

  31. I work with Mac’s at work, but when it comes to phones Android is the best and here are some reasons is that 1. Freedom ( being creative looking outside the box) With 2.2 on my DIC its faster the voice search is fun and creative (I am lazy, forget typing just speak into my phone.) My friends were like WTF that is awesome, because Android is! 2. Being Honest and Admit your mistakes. With steve jobs just admit that your design of your IPhone 4 is mistake in the first place, what would happen is iphone was switch to verizon, think about that for min. Google is like skywalker in the sense of freedom of enterprise and fighting dark vadar. Android is based on Linux very sable OS and you custom the interface which was awsesome on my HTC. I think outside the box guy and need a phone to be stable and be creative.

    PS Steve jobs needs change to a black shirt, which is getting boring… do you even have a wardrobe

  32. Steve Jobs just like to talk shit with his over egotistic sales for his crappy iphones and crappy iPads like if anyone gives a damn bout him or APPLE.

  33. @coolMANDINGO: cool comment even i am also waiting for that…


  34. @su2lly Hilarious and awesome comment.

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