Retailer FlipKart Lists Galaxy Tab, Says It Will Have AMOLED


We may have just gotten the first official product entry for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. FlipKart – a store I personally haven’t heard of until now – has the device listed as out of stock, but does well to list a host of specs. A lot of this stuff we’ve seen before in leaks and from Samsung’s own official teaser video, but the one thing everyone remained confused on was the device’s display type. If FlipKart is correct, this will indeed have a Super AMOLED display.


Many might be wondering why it’s notable considering their other latest Galaxy products (including all Galaxy S smartphones and the still-rumored Galaxy PMP) are equipped with the display, but it’s because we’ve heard Super AMOLED production wasn’t coming along too well at this screen size. We won’t be able to confirm (or deny) any of this until September 2nd, but until then be sure to get a good look at the full spec sheet FlipKart has listed at their storefront.


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  1. I’m not sure I’d purchase it from a site that calls it the “Samsung Galaxy Tape.” Handy spec link, though!

  2. Pourquoi pas :)

  3. Server error :-(

  4. Flipkart is one of the most promising e-commerce website. It’s relatively new, but is growing exponentially. Nonetheless, the links suggested in the post redirect to an error page.

  5. I just hope Samsung ditched that stupid Pentile Pixel Matrix for the Galaxy S Tab screens… if text clarity was a problem on 4 inch phone screens, imagine how bad it would be on a 7 inch tab screen.

  6. @Kelvin

    This is so incredible subjective. I have good eyes, and I have _no_ issues whatsoever with the screen. Sure, I can see pixels if I put the screen close enough to my eyes (within 6 inches) but at that point my eyes start to hurt from trying to focus on something so close. At distances that I would normally hold the device, the screen looks fantastic. Will it be an issue on the Tab? I don’t know — it has a higher resolution, so we’ll have to see. I would agree that it might be an issue it the resolution was the same as the Galaxy S, though. In fact, the LCD monitor I am staring at right now looks _far_ worse than my phone, and that’s from about 2 feet! 8-o

    Also, any idea whether the screen uses Gorilla Glass? I gather the Galaxy S uses it, and if this is the case I might have to ditch my ZAGG screen protector (I _hate_ the constant smearing that occurs — I don’t know what causes it, but it happens even after thoroughly cleaning the screen and my hands), not to mention the increased resistance, although I can deal with that.

  7. @Kevin, hmmm my Captivate is readable from 1″ to about 4 feet away dunno what screen you ever saw…

  8. I do hope it has the S-AMOLED, to the extent that I automatically buy it if under $700.00 US if it has, and will no consider buying it without at an price.

    My needs are for an outdoor readable screen.

  9. @SirWally
    I do agree that it is a subjective issue, but many people do have an issue with the amoled and super amoled screens. There are also many who don’t. However, I feel they would be able to please both groups if they would just ditch their current pixel arrangement. In addition, I feel we, as consumers, are being tricked a bit, getting presented with a 800×480 screen that is not really 800×480 when you actually count the pixels.

    Personally, my Captivate’s amoled screen looks great when I’m playing movies or looking at pictures. However, when I browse the web, things tend to look less sharp. I can definitely notice the “meshiness” of the screen when I hold the phone about 1 foot away from my face. It’s not so much of a big deal, but when you spend that much on a phone, you’d expect a little better.

    As for your monitor, it looks worse because it’s about 4 times bigger than your phone with only about 2x the resolution. Your phone has more pixels in less space which means clearer pictures.

    Lastly, where did you read that the Galaxy S Tabs are higher res than 800×480? I thought they had the same resolution as the regular Galaxy S’s.

  10. @Kelvin

    Of course the tablet will be at a higher resolution, otherwise it HAS to look worse than the galaxy S, because the pixels will be stretched and so more visable. SAMOLED screens are capable of great DPI, and it’d be stupid of Samsung not to take advantage of that in a larger device. There’d also be little point in going to the expense of using a SAMOLED screen if you are going to stick to 800×480.

    Personally, I will almost certainly be getting one of these devices as long as the price is within the same region as the iPad, as a replacement for my current netbook. Android is a far better OS for an entertainment device if you ask me, and assuming we can expanded bluetooth functionality for keyboards and gamepads (mobile SNES on 7″ display = sexy) then it’ll be a no brainer.

  11. Additionally:

    The Galaxy S has around 230 dpi, which I find to be great for text reading and for video and stuff. If the 7″ version stays at the same resolution, it’ll be at around 130 dpi, which is decidedly low for non-eye straining ebook reading.

  12. Server error, looks like the folks over at samsung have shut that down pretty quickly. S-AMOLED would be a step in the right direction IMO.

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