Aug 27th, 2010

Driving home the fact that this is the phone media buffs need to buy (after we learned it was the first Android phone to get official DivX HD video certification), SRS is announcing that their 5.1 Virtual Surround technology can be found in all Galaxy S Smartphones. The feature can be enabled by an easy-to-spot “5.1ch” button within the music and video player, but how will you know it’s working alright for you? Listen for these changes in the audio:


  • Creates an accurate 5.1 personal surround sound experience over any stereo headphones
  • Dialog Clarity boosts the frequency range of the human voice in a way that lifts the dialog above the audio effects
  • A drastic increase in overall bass response

Virtual 5.1 will never beat true 5.1, but what do you expect from a mobile phone? Plug in those headphones and enjoy one of the best sound experiences you’ll find on an Android phone to date!

[via SRS]