Aug 20th, 2010

You’d have to be in complete denial to think that pop culture includes anything less than an obsession when it comes to celebrities. People want to know everything about them, from what time they brush their teeth in the morning to where they shop to whatever other trivial task you can conjure up.

jtimberlake080310091Android is no different. Remember in February 2009 when Shaquille O’Neal met some Tweeters in real life and showed off his Android phone? We don’t often report on CelebriDroids like this, but a Tweet by Justin Timberlake not only identified him as an Android user but also opened the door for some interesting Android speculation:

Timberlake, known Sony spokesperson, appears to be holding an Xperia X10. Of course, that raises an even more troubling question — Twitter for Android works only on devices with OS 2.1 and above, so the X10 running its current version of 1.6 wouldn’t cut the mustard. Unless Justin is getting special treatment from Sony with an Eclair device? Our heart just skipped a beat.

Speculation aside, we’re kind of intrigued by this whole CelebriDroid thing. How many can we pull out of the woodworks? Think we can find any CelebriPhandDroids? If you’ve got photographic or other evidence of celebrity Android users, please send it in!