Aug 20th, 2010

When developer Koush released his faux kernel for the still-somewhat-unhackable Motorola Droid X yesterday, many were left wondering “what use will it be to flash a custom ROM without access to the device’s kernel?” Perhaps the guys from My Droid World will have something you’re looking for in just a few hours: a leaked update to Android 2.2 for the Motorola Droid X.


This appears to be the real deal as the lockscreen on the 2.2-enabled Droid X pictured is significantly different as well as the System Information popup from a Quadrant benchmark to confirm. At the time that the thread was posted (11:02 AM), the developer said the ROM would be dropping in less than 24 hours and – according to the board’s time zone (GMT) – we’ve still got about a quarter of a day to go before we should expect to see it.

Keep your eye on the thread throughout the day to catch it when it finally is released.

[Update]: Lo and behold: Android 2.2 for the Droid X with full instructions to get it going. It’s quite the involved process coming from a stock 2.1 device so approach with the utmost caution. Head on over to MDW to get started.

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