[Update] Froyo for the Droid X Leaked, Might Be Headed Our Way in a Few Hours


When developer Koush released his faux kernel for the still-somewhat-unhackable Motorola Droid X yesterday, many were left wondering “what use will it be to flash a custom ROM without access to the device’s kernel?” Perhaps the guys from My Droid World will have something you’re looking for in just a few hours: a leaked update to Android 2.2 for the Motorola Droid X.


This appears to be the real deal as the lockscreen on the 2.2-enabled Droid X pictured is significantly different as well as the System Information popup from a Quadrant benchmark to confirm. At the time that the thread was posted (11:02 AM), the developer said the ROM would be dropping in less than 24 hours and – according to the board’s time zone (GMT) – we’ve still got about a quarter of a day to go before we should expect to see it.

Keep your eye on the thread throughout the day to catch it when it finally is released.

[Update]: Lo and behold: Android 2.2 for the Droid X with full instructions to get it going. It’s quite the involved process coming from a stock 2.1 device so approach with the utmost caution. Head on over to MDW to get started.

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  1. I wonder if this will interfere with the OTA fixes that motorola planned to release with froyo. I know they were thing to address volume issues and a few fixes to their exchange program integration. I couldn’t care less about Exchange, but the sound fixes would be nice.

  2. And still no FROYO for DInc…..

  3. Why do the colors look so different?

  4. As in the shading. Could that just be a brightness setting?

  5. well… looks like VZW is staring it’s controlling ways again by modifying Android to be full of VZW crap…

  6. Yep, still no Froyo for the DInc. I’ve given up on HTC/VZW and am now running Adrynalyne’s Second Wave ROM on my DInc. Sadly my DX is my work phone, so I’m stuck waiting for Moto/VZW for Froyo on that. With this news, looks like it’ll show up official soon enough — fingers crossed.

  7. God I hope that’s not the actual update… that lock screen looks like a high school student made it in Photoshop.
    Why is everything centered?
    Why did they downgrade the quality of the icons?
    I call faked.

  8. Update.zip has been leaked… let’s see if this works: http://www.mediafire.com/?7465gudkm9dk7me

  9. Um not only is the link you posted now dead, but if you go to http://www.mydroidworld.com, it comes up with a single line of text saying “We tried running Froyo on this server since it worked so well on our phone….. long story short… it didn’t work!…hahaha.”
    I don’t know if you were following any of the drama occurring between all the hackers, but p3 was definitely in the thick of it. Looks like he may have pissed someone off enough to incur a website hacking!

  10. Looks like that site is down at the moment.

  11. Oh, and the text on the tab for that page says “Froyo Overload”. This definitely looks like a hacking… yikes.

  12. Interesting, this “downgrade” of icons, considering all you can see from the photo is the new lock screen. And you can’t handle it? FROYO TOO MUCH FOR YOU GIRLY MAN?

  13. @jake that’s how 2.2 looks.

  14. @kendall not how it looks on my D1.

  15. I’m with Jake, the new icons are a pretty weak design.

  16. Woot!! 1355 Quadrant Score!

  17. As much as it sucks, I’m holding out for the VZW OTA update. I don’t even want risk the chance of bricking my phone. Hopefully, VZW will stick to their “end of summer” deadline. I’d also be worried about not receiving future VZW OTA updates after applying something like this.

  18. If that’s the quadrant score then they still have some catching up to do. All Galaxy S phones hit 2000+ & that’s on 2.1 stock.

  19. MIKE B – 1355 Quadrant? I hope that’s not with 2.2. I just ran it on stock 2.1 and got 1269.

  20. I updated mine, kept root. Volume issue is fixed. Everything is running super smooth, flash, chrome to phone, etc. I couldn’t be happier with this update!!

  21. Scott S, yeah, that was 2.2 (unrooted). Not from a fresh boot though — had some other stuff running in the background.

  22. Rooted Froyo on my DX. Somebody pinch me please…

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