British Retailer Reveals the HTC Desire Z to be “Coming Soon”, Desire HD Again


If this still isn’t enough proof for you that the HTC Desire HD will be announced September 15th in London, then I don’t know what’ll convince you. Another British retailer – mobiles.co.uk – has listed the HTC Desire HD just after Amazon UK accidentally listed the device for an October 1st release at 415 British pounds (whose listing was then promptly removed). Of course, the retailer has since removed their listing, but it wasn’t before Engadget caught wind of the HTC Desire Z, too.


This is the first we’ve heard about the Desire Z since it was spotted in Vodafone Germany’s inventory system (also known as the HTC Vision) alongside the aforementioned Desire HD (also known as the HTC Ace). The Desire Z wasn’t pictured, so we still haven’t the slightest idea on what it might end up looking like, but perhaps HTC could be planning a dual announcement when they head to London smack dab in the middle of next month.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Desire HD = Mytouch HD

    Desire Z = G2

    Please say it’s so

  2. ooooh… G2!

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