Verizon Confirms Second Android 2.2 Update Coming for Motorola Droid, Will Bring Flash 10.1


Almost since the FRG01B firmware began rolling out to bring the Motorola Droid to Android 2.2 we have been hearing murmurs of a second firmware, this one called FRG22. The question of whether FRG22 was a bug-fixed version of the Froyo update was answered when the halted FRG01B update resumed as normal, with no sight of the newer firmware. Now we have an e-mail being sent out to Verizon Wireless business subscribers confirming a second update that will follow the first Android 2.2 firmware. This second update will make it possible to download the official release of Adobe Flash for mobile.


Is this second update the mysterious FRG22? Well, we can’t say for sure with the information we have been given, but it seems this might be likely. We heard that the first round of updating should wrap up by the 18th of August, and that seems like a plausible date for the second round of firmware to start hitting handsets considering Adobe is nipping at the heels of the official release of Flash 10.1.

[Thanks to Christian for sending this in!]

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  1. Maybe they’ll release 2.2 for the DX at the same time. Boy, that should would be nice. *rolls eyes*

  2. How about announcing FroYo updates for the rest of your line VZW? Quit treating the Incredible like a red-headed step child (minor pun intended).

  3. I thought that flash would come with the 2.2 update. Now after when I get the 2.2 update I will still have to wait for the thing that I wanted in the first place. Must have it this way now because they think people will want a choice between no flash or flash.

  4. Betcha the tethering option quietly disappears under the hoopla of Flash 10.1 in the additional upgrade. No big deal since there are other apps to take care of that. :)

  5. Why would they do this? Flash works on the Droid, that’s obvious by people who have installed the beta. The reason no one can find it in the market is because it isn’t officially released to the market. I would think once Adobe does that you could just pick it up in the market, so I don’t see the point for a second update.

  6. I have the FGR22 build and the tethering is there.

  7. Hello Verizon, are you EVER going to stop leaving your Droid incredible owners hanging?

  8. droid incredible????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  9. Still waiting on initial ota update wtf

  10. Yup…still waiting for the first one too…

  11. No update for me yet either. Still at 2.1

  12. No 2.2 for me either.

  13. Still no OTA update from 2.1 for me either. Moto Droid. Wilmore, Kentucky. 10:52 PM EST 8-12-10. :-(

  14. http://www.droid-life.com/downloads/ go there and as long as you have the first ota for the droid you can get the flash 10.1 beta

  15. @neurad, it is worth the wait. I took the plunge and manually upgraded my droid and I’m regretting it because now i could not get my 3g signal to work and my wifi comes on and off sporadically.

  16. For everyone with a “HTC” Droid Incredible Verizon is not the one who makes the update for your phone it’s HTC and being since they are so set on having sense on top of the operating system this is what is causing your update to take forever. It’s not Verizon it’s HTC they are the ones who suck.

  17. @ Lucas, are you daft? That is not the only thing that is alleged with the new update. Many people- including my self- are having issues with FroYo 2.2 that was released, and all the indicators point to this being the ‘official’ 2.2 update where as the first OTA 2.2 was more of a time buyer.

  18. @droid
    i did the manual update and my wifi connection is better than ever, and no 3g issues. with the frg01b update, ymmv apparently

  19. In California…still waiting for my FROYO!

  20. If u still don’t have update from OTA – post your city, state. If u r lucky and got it, please do the same (add when u got it).

    Maybe we can get some idea of the rollout areas. Still no update in Wilmore, KY. 8-13-10 2:22 AM EST

  21. In Georgia and still waiting for the initial update as well.

  22. Nada for Indiana either.

  23. I live in bham, al, but am currently in upstate ny. Have not received any OTA updates since 2.1

  24. @Denny:

    It has nothing to do with coding for Sense anymore. If you missed it, 3 days ago HTC released the official 2.2 source code for both EVO and the Incredible, which means the update is DONE for both. For some reason though, they pushed out the OTA long ago for EVO and not for the DI.

  25. I feel that FRG22 just has updates to the exchange bugs that people have been complaining about. It sounds like Moto hasn’t perfected it yet for Exchange. We had seen the post before on this site about Moto giving away free licenses for Touchdown Exchange. It would make sense since they are giving the notice to business users first…

  26. I’m more annoyed that Motorola didn’t bring Android 2.2 to the Droid X out the gate. To think I could have had Froyo on my original Droid. Ah the perils of being an early adopter. :)

  27. Another day and no ota…bucks county, PA.

  28. No update here in Washington DC

  29. @ mr t
    Yeah I saw what I am trying to get across to people is that HTC is the ones that make and release the update to Verizon. I am just getting tired of people feeling like “the red headed step child” because HTC just released the update.

    I have a Moto Droid and still haven’t received the update in Orlando FL.

  30. Sitting here in Detroit Michigan, waiting for that delicious Froyo. Nothing…. nothing is happening… Mayday! Mayday!!!!!! Dont know how long I can wait.. Its August 13th and I am not sure how long we can hold up here with 2.1 stranded here… must not… fall…. asleep… …. . . . . .. . . .. COMMON!!!!!!

  31. in los angeles im still waiting for froyo and my cuzin somehow got it how is that possible that he gets it and not me

  32. I called Verizon to see where my update is, they state the are rolling it out at different times and should be done for all droid users by 8/18…

  33. no froyo la, ca

  34. Here in southeastern/ east central Ohio: no first update to 2.2 still operating on 2.1 as of Friday the 13th of August 1349 hours.

  35. NO 2.2 UPDATE YET HERE Eastern Massachusetts

  36. Martin County, FL…. Still no 2.2 Froyo Update.

  37. No Froyo yet here in Dayton Ohio as of 3:30pm Friday August 13th. None of the other 4 or 5 people I know with a Droid have gotten theirs yet in this area.

  38. My husband got the update and I didn’t! We have the same phone, ordered it at the same time!!!

  39. Oregon. 1.53 PST no update, still 2.1

  40. Upstate NY, no froyo. >:(

  41. here in irvine, ca 5:45pm no update yet.

  42. No froyo here in Michigan north of Detroit. Bought a used Droid yesterday from a Verizon employee upgrading to the DROID2 and the used Droid has Frito. She said she got it Wednesday night. Rep at Verizon. Store said it wasn’t out yet til she looked at the phone! The other Rep said it was rolling out today. Still tapping my foot waiting!!

  43. Meant Froyo!!

  44. I meant Froyo!

  45. Impatient in northeast Ohio, was told in September 2009 that the Droids my wife & I bought would have an upgrade to Flash Player by the end of March. Here it is August of 2010 nearly A YEAR LATER and STILL no Flash or even 2.2. Shouldn’t we have received it by now since we were one of the first Droid buyers?

  46. My biz partner got it earlier this week but nothing for mine yet (purchased at the same time in Denver). Hell, I’d be happy if they’d fix the 3-way calling problem.

    Droid X

  47. South Central Indiana, no froyo as of 9:42pm, 8/13/2010…

  48. I can confirm that soothing sounds and incense do not evoke FROYO… now it’s on to pilsner beer and 80’s metal music player backward…. now where is that turntable… probably in the same box as the commodore-64…

  49. Still 2.1 in NC

  50. Van Burden, AR. No update yet. 10:45pm.

  51. Still waiting for 2.2. Orange Cty, Ca

  52. Just got mine….Arizona. Wife is still waiting on her update.

  53. Got the update! Indiana. Phone was goin super slow at first but seems to be gettin better now. No flash!

  54. Nothing here either. No froyo 2.2 update. ..

  55. I do have tethering though. Rather have flash!

  56. I manually updated to 2.2 and it works great. Still not able to download adobe flash though and its very disappointing

  57. I was having the same problem with my 3G disconnecting last nights about 1030pm. I did the factory reset so all my contacts apps so forth came back. I didn’t however get to reactivate my phone till I drove down the street and finally picked up the 3G signal. Once reactivated my account of google on droid it was then the update was being downloaded OTA. I don’t know if this is what was causing me to lose my signal sporadically but to be honest the whole process I went through last night was a total pain in the butt. Nonetheless I now have 2.2 on my momoto droid. Still doesn’t have flash since supposedly there is a second update for this. I have been a droid user since day 1 back in Nov of 2009 and really am disappointed it has taken this long based on why I was buying it in the first place. Just hope I won’t have to go through the whole process again for the second update and that I won’t have to wait for another 9-10 months. Akron, OH updated around 11:30 pm Fri Aug 13th 2010.

  58. No update in north central Montana yet. This is worse than waiting for Christmas.

  59. I still haven’t received the first initial update on my Droid. still running 2.1. Why is it taking so long? Dallas, TX 1:21pm

  60. Wife got upgrade this am. Lucky girl. Fro1g. Has limited flash such as radar animation in weather underground but no news clips in CNN. Love it.

  61. Got my update this morning. Destin, FL. I spoke with Verizon and had to go to the market to get flash player. Everything is working fine now. Good luck to u all.

  62. Got my update at 10am this morning in Texas. Sad to say it is only one of two… But the new features in Gallery were pretty cool… And it moves really fast now.

  63. Still no upgrade to 2.2 just outside of Lexington, KY … 8/14/10 5:50pm EST.

    I have a feeling it will be the 18th… ughhhh

    Pretty sure those claiming to have flash on some sites actually are just noticing animated .gif files…you can go grab the beta for flash, but it isn’t coming with this 2.2 OTA update so far from everything I’ve read.

  64. Still no upgrade to 2.2 Oklahoma City, ok

  65. Still no Froyo in Detroit. August 14th 6:50pm EST

  66. Got 2.2 today. No flash. But does have floating phone and browser buttons and five screens instead of 3

  67. no froyo! meriden ct.

  68. Still no FROYO in TN. August 14 11:00 pm CST

  69. Still no Froyo in New York 8/15/10 12:11AM

  70. None I’m Eugene or. Aug 15th 1:07 pm

  71. Sorry am:p

  72. still 2.1 in Pittsburgh, PA 7:07am

  73. …Still on 2.1 and waiting in PA. Ugh.

  74. Droid User here

    I got the update this morning at 2:00 am 8/15/10, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

    Could’nt sleep, was reading an article about the difference between the Droid and the Droid 2 when the update came.
    A window popped up and said that your phone will update ,you wont be able to use it to make calls,etc…

    It took about 5 minutes to download and another 5 to install then it turned on and off.

    Now i have a better 3g signal than i ever had,getting 3 and 4 bars average.
    Still disapointed that it didnt have Flash with it.

    But i beleive that its worth the wait to get the update over the air instead of doing it yourself.

    My Droid feels like a new phone. I dont even regret not waiting for the Droid 2. (got my new Droid about 3 weeks ago,from wirefly.com for free when i upgraded to a family plan and gave my old Droid to my sister)

    She didnt get the update yet.

  75. If I manually updated to 2.2, will I get the second ota? Please I’m worried

  76. Still waiting north of Detroit. 8/15 6:45pm

  77. 7:19 still on 2.1 a friend of mine got his yesterday morning though.. :-/ Piqua, Oh

  78. I live in Charlotte NC. Husband and I bought our Droids at the same time. He got the update last week, I did not. Still waiting impatiently.

  79. In Poolesville, Maryland @ 8:13pm and still no Froyo love for my motorola droid! I’m still waiting like everyone else. I had my fill of Eclair..and plenty stuffed! I’m ready for some Froyo already! I’m beyound being patient and don’t want to hack my phone etc in danger of bricking it. I just want the OTA soon! I want my Froyo!

  80. I’m still waiting here in Torrington,CT. I’m more than p-o’d.Wtf if they would at least let you know when.I check about 10 times a day.I wake up at night to take a leak and check.It’s like Verizon is getting their rocks off toying w/ us.I’m afraid to do it myself as I’ve read some people are very sorry they didn’t wait.If I don’t get it by the 18th I don’t know what I’ll do.My friend also is going nuts along w/ my 2 nieces.How can all of us not get it and all these other people have gotten theirs?How long does it take to bill us?Why should it take longer for Froyo?

  81. Just received 2.2 (01b)

    Going to root again after 22 comes official and rom devs play with it a bit (got rid or root for official 2.1 and been time short as of late)

  82. South Bend, IN BTW

  83. Got 2.2 yesterday. Mid ohio. No flash.

  84. yeah i’m still waiting like the rest of you for the 2.2 i have the original droid with the 2.1 it’s great NOT!!!!!

  85. As far as I’m concerned, I’m one pissed off mofo over this effin update. Still to this moment nothing nada not a damn thing. I guess this is what I get for being stupid and over-paying for this piece of crap droid way to go vzw and google I hope you guys choke on the money I gave you bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Still no go right outside of Lexington, KY.

    However, I spoke with Verizon and they said it should be coming any day now. They said that Motorola is doing the rolling OTA updates and they are getting sent out extremely randomly…. those are pretty much their exact words. I am pretty sure Motorola gave the update to Verizon to do this… but whatever. The random part seems to definitely be true.

    I would not be surprised at all if the majority of Moto Droids are updated on the 18th. The ones before that… just lucky I guess… (They probably just released to some to see how it went then they go full throttle if it looks OK).

  87. Where is my FROYO!?!?!?!???!?!? Still waiting in Connecticut and there is no sign of anything!!! I can’t wait for my froyo. We have ct in the house here and ct needs froyo ASAP!!!!!!!

    C’mon Verizon!!!!!

  88. From Maine and have NOT received 2.2 OTA updates yet on either of my 2 Droids.

  89. Still no 2.2 in NYC … bummed.

  90. Still waiting here for my taste of froyo
    Its probably because the majority of sales with the droid 1 I got mine back in march 2010. Anyways still waiting here in Worcester,MA for froyo

  91. Still no froyo. My dad got his on the 3rd of this month. I’m really pissed. I’ve been thinking about rooting it, but I don’t want it to turn into a brick like many others : (

  92. Still waiting here son got his a week ago and we got our phones at the same time Cleveland


  93. My fiance got hers but I haven’t got mine yet…….and our phones were next to each other.

  94. My friend who got her Droid two months ago got the update 3 days ago; I got my Droid last December, and I’m still waiting. We live close to each other in NYC, so it isn’t geographic. Is it when you bought the phone that determines when you get the update? So annoying.

  95. Can’t be I got my Droid 2 weeks ago and still don’t have it Eugene or

  96. My wife got it, but as of 5:30 pm Monday 8-16 I have not in Erie PA and we bought phones the same day, what the hell!!!!!

  97. Got mine 8/16/10 TX but can’t find flash

  98. I live here in Poolesville, Maryland. Here it is, the 16th of August and still NO FROYO! I’m still waiting on the first OTA update to bring my phone to android 2.2. I keep reading that it should be done by the 18th of August…hmmmm. I’m hoping I get Froyo between now and then. It’s getting closer and closer to the 18th…ugh! I’m still running 2.1 (Eclair)build ESE81. Keep checking system updates and keep saying up to date so far. I want some Froyo now!!!!!

  99. MInnesota here and nothing yet!!!!

  100. Yep. 10:46p.m. August 16th here in Manchester, N.H. and no friggin froyo. My dad got his two days ago, and I was pissed. I swear to god it better be updated before I go back to school. University + rural campus = terrible reception.

  101. Husband got his last week…Best friend got hers yesterday…Me = Nothing!


  102. SE Michigan OTA Moto Droid 16AUG10 but no flash? Maybe they could OTA me some bitches while I wait?

  103. Eugene or nothing here I hope it pops up soon!!

  104. Still waiting in detroit.. Ugh!

  105. August 17th. Co worker got his two days ago…..his father, a week ago…..me, still waiting……annoyed

  106. Still waiting for my 2.2 update here in central Jersey- my friend who also lives in the area go this yesterday- wtf??? I thought they were supposed to arrive by tomorrow- they sure are waiting until the last minute with mine- I got my droid on release day. So annoying.

  107. August 17th, 9:00 am, outside of Boston. No 2.2 update…

  108. it’s the 17th, they’re supposed to be done by tomorrow and I’ve yet to receive even the first OTA release, wtf verizon?

  109. Oregon City, OR. still no update for my Droid. My wife got her update yesterday morning. I have had my droid longer than she has too. WTF. After messing around w/ her phone I don’t even want to use my phone until the update comes through. Oh well I will just turn it into a very expensive paperweight until then….. pissed.

  110. Arizona 7:07 still no update

  111. I think we need to try and track the OTA updates like this:

    OTA(Y/N) – Date – Time – Location – Area Code – First letter of last name.

    N – N/A – N/A – Southern Maryland – 301 – P

  112. Aug 17, 9:53 am, northern Chicago suburb – also no update yet.

  113. I got my 2.2 two days ago… wife still hasn’t gotten hers. The update is nice, but there ARE glitches. YouTube hardly works on my Motorola Droid… Videos start playing, then crash. The Gallery has been overhauled, but it acts a little strangely right now… Deleted images sometimes won’t go away in the Gallery after deleting them. Also, playing videos starts with a blank, black screen… stays like that for several seconds, then plays the video.

    There are a bunch of other, small issues popping up, but overall the phone seems faster, and I have not noticed a reduction is battery life at all.

    Of course, Adobe Flash didn’t come with the update…. I’m looking forward to that.

    This update needs some amendments… fast, because the YouTube dysfunction really, really sucks.

  114. I got mine at 12:20 AM on the 16th. It does NOT go by area, and it does NOT matter when you bought the phone. The update is rolled out based on the ESN number. You people should really quit freaking out over this update. Its not even a major update, the main feature being added is Flash, something that should have been on the phone at launch.

  115. Mount Airy, MD
    Got mine yesterday but didn’t get flash. Been watching videos on youtube for those that got the second update and it looks awesome, but I got the FRG01B one and it doesn’t have flash or the wifi hotspot option. Baby steps I guess.

  116. 8/17 at 12:30pm outside Detroit. Still no FROYO. Activated phone in Dec and been a Verizon customer before they were even Verizon. Why no froyo for me???? Been waiting. Gee, will I get the second update BEFORE 2.2?

  117. Monroe, MI

    NO FROYO…. Common verizon…you have done such a great job at winning us all over, now your just pissing the *&*&^ outa everybody!!! seriously…


  118. Still waiting for my share of frozen yogurt. Worcester MA 1:14pm August 17

  119. Just received confirmation from Motorola that the 2nd waive of updates will be taking place tomorrow 8/18/10. My phone better be one of those included.

  120. South of Lansing, MI. Still no 2.2 for me as of 1:45 p.m. 8/17/2010. My son and daughter both got theirs yesterday. Sigh.

  121. Android (Froyo) 2.2? I’ll believe it when I see it. Been waiting for the rollout and all I hear is delays, delays, DELAYS!!!

  122. Starting to get pissed off I’ve been waiting forever and been pushed back to many times if I don’t get my froyo on the 18th I’m canceling my service because I’m tired of getting jerked around

  123. No Froyo in East Texas. :(

  124. In Bozeman, Montana…………no update yet. Maybe tomorrow.

  125. Still nothing (3:30 pm CST, 8/17) I DID get an email announcement about the new Motorola Droid 2 phone! Now I get it! Their plan is to frustrate their Droid 1 user base – so they will run out to get the Droid 2! Now it all makes sense! ;)

  126. I talked with the people at the Verizon store here in sykesville MD. They said that the update is being sent to 10000people at a time randomly and they wont be done sending the update out till next month. My question is are we going to have to wait this long for the second update?

  127. What the hell? I’m still waiting on any of the 2.2 ota releases…? Moto Droid….. where is it?????

  128. By the way – I’m in MD (outside Baltimore) no froyo.

  129. My sister got 2.2 yesterday and I have yet to receive mine:(

  130. Still no froyo 2.2 on my Droid1–aug 17 2010—7:33pm central—San Antonio,tx

  131. No Froyo 2.2 Bethlehem Pa.

  132. Se Idaho nothing yet….

  133. I hope it comes tommorrow!! Or ill b pissed Eugene or

  134. Anxiously awaiting in cincinnati @ 12:53am on 8-18

  135. 1:30 am on 8/28….absolutely nothing and I’m beginning to wonder if my phone isn’t registered as a Droid 1 in their system or something. Also my phone has been running extremely slow since every damn person on the planet got it but me! My gf got hers on Sunday and we are on the same accredited and got them on the same day!!!

  136. Same account I mean….bet that wouldn’t have happened w the update!

  137. Its 3:08 am Aug 18th n I still don’t have my 2.2 update yet or flashplayer! My bro got his a week ago n we bought iur phones at the same time! Andlive in the same house! Watt da hell is going on?!

  138. Still haven’t got it 141 am. .. Eugene or

  139. Just got my update at 4:26 am. Brooklyn NY finally!!!

  140. sick of waiting l: still no 2.2 almost 6 in the morning of the 18th..

  141. 7am in Atlanta,GA. Still no froyo love for me or my wife. This is not cool, starting to worry.

  142. OK, I believe it!!! Got mine at 4:20am. Seems faster… still playing!

  143. 8 A.m. in Newport, MI. Nothin.

  144. Well, here it is 8/18 and still no Froyo! Guess I should stop telling people to get the Droid and Verizon. Looks like only the folks with the NEW phones get priority service? 8:30am north of Detroit.

  145. Finally got my 2.2 upgrade for Droid this AM. Looks OK. Too bad Tethered I only have XP and it says tethered hotspot does not work on XP. I use pda net. that is pretty good.

  146. OH – didn’t say I am in Northern VA. FRG01B update

  147. Still no Froyo – 8/18, 8:10 am, Chicago suburb.

  148. Well well well…. another promise Motorola made that never seemed to work out. I believe that’s all they do. Woke up this morning pissed with out the update notification. I think its bullshit how some Droid users got the update before the 18th. Anyways…. I’m still going to wait patiently for the notification update
    which I high doubt is gonna come any time soon it will be probably be in the next few months or something.
    No froyo yet Worcester MA 9:15am August 18th

  149. 630 here in ontario,california…still no FROYO.. :(

  150. 10:23 am cincinnati ohio…. no update yet…. wtf

  151. Moto droid and at 7:30ish a.m. got my froyo update finally, I’m in Gilbert, Arizona. Now how long til flash?

  152. Eugene. Or got mine when I woke up 9:51 am.

  153. Honestly did someone have this update in NYC its 1:32 pm on 8/18 and I’m still waiting…what’s going on

  154. Its 1:41 pm and no froyo update yet …dayton ohio

  155. Typical promise me something and only give half.2.2 is only another way for them to charge more money for tethering now my phone has alot of glitches, over paying. For a data plan that is a joke

  156. Revolution! !! Complain to your Verizon Rep let them know.tell everyone about the extortion for flashless internet

  157. But I don’t have flash hope that comes faster then 2.2 Eugene or

  158. Just got my 2.2 update at 4:26am this morn! Has any body had ne luck with adobe flashplayer 10.1 yet? Cus I still can’t get it n its definately Aug 18th!

  159. Its the 18th where’s my Froyo?

  160. As I type this comment it is now 6:40 pm here in Worceste
    r MA and so far no froyo. One of the articles said that we should see froyo buy August 19th 12 am. I highly doubt it its just another bullshit lie that Verizon and Motorola is giving us.

  161. Per the previous msg:
    I talked with the people at the Verizon store here in sykesville MD. They said that the update is being sent to 10000people at a time randomly and they wont be done sending the update out till next month.
    Are you kidding me? 10,000 per what time frame? If they sold over a million Droid 1 units, how long would that take? 100 hours? 100 days? Who came up with this stupid update plan?
    Why couldn’t they have teamed up with Google to have a website that people could have had the choice to ‘pull’ the update, as opposed to getting a ‘push’. That would have eliminated a lot of frustration. Verizon needs a new marketing director – that’s for sure!

  162. Fuccck you verizon and motorloa.. for being retarded and special needs… bullssshittt.. im drinkingg wine.. fucck youuu… give mee my shsitt

  163. What the hell. Finishing the update by next month?! What happened to aug. 18th? Does the ota update have wifi tethering for the droid for the ones who got the ota?

  164. Well it’s now august 19th and still no sign of froyo

  165. Sooo…my friend got her update on the 17th…yet here I sit without mine. Her contract is based out of Mass…and mine is here in BF Montana…she got pushed and I can’t force an update – – Not Cool.

  166. Got mine this morning. I’m in Madison, WI.

    You mean I still don’t have flash? WTF?!

  167. Im pretty upset with this nonsense. Its August 19th 9:51am and still no freakin update to 2.2! I dont trust verizon or motorola anymore. Not getting hyped up ever again. Thanks for nothing. I don’t even care about the damn update.

  168. I got my (first?) 2.2 update at 5:30 am PST and my wife got hers at 6:00 am.

  169. August 19th @ 8:15am pst. Oregon City, OR. STILL NO FRIKIN 2.2 UPDATE. what the hell. I was told by a Motorola rep on the 17th that I would have it on the 18th. My wife got her update on 8/16/10 and I have had my phone longer than she has. This is so damn frustrating.

  170. VZW, you are lossing us, the iPHONE is looking nicer and nicer everyday… it is 1:05 EST… no 2.2

  171. Got my 2.2 at about 10:30 this morning. Augusta, Ga.

  172. This is bs its 2:12pm and no sign of the update, I bought the phone when it first came out, the first day for 300 dollars with a 100 mail in rebate, fuckk you verizon, alltel was better than you.

  173. To all of u patiently waitn, don’t b too excited…so far froyo sux, too many ppl r having problemz with it, itz slowed down my droid dramatically, no flash player yet, and others have had major problemz like their phonez being brickd…so just sit back relax and hope this 2nd update will fix all the bugz and hopefully give us flash

  174. Finally got my update at 8:30 pm, Aug 19, Chicago suburbs.

  175. i got the OTA around 730pm. im in buffalo ny. its now 1047. it updated, downloaded with the picture of a droid with an arrow pointing at it. it turned off, then on. it just sits there with the white motorola symbol. is my hone [freak]ed up? i remember 2.1 being quite quick.

    i was with my friend and he got a text saying “fist pump like a champ” from my number, but my phone is just sitting there with the symbol. my other friend would have sent a text like that. why did it say i sent it??? odd.

  176. I just received my update. NEWS FLASH -> If you have “Advanced Task Killer” Uninstall it, then check for updates. I did that, and the FROYO update was available. It downloaded and installed with no problems. Uninstalling ATK does work. I have read other forums where other Droid users resolved the No FROYO problem the same way. Enjoy your FROYO.

  177. well i cant even use my phone at all. it just sits at the opening loading screen of the (M). idk what to do.

  178. A watched phone never updates. I left it alone for a few hours and I came back to find it ready to install the update. It’s nearly 1am on the 20th in Mass but I finally have it!

  179. adam wrote on August 19, 2010

    “well i cant even use my phone at all. it just sits at the opening loading screen of the (M). idk what to do.”

    Adam, Have you tried a “Battery pull”?

  180. Got my Froyo finally!! 5:30am yesterday morning. Works great. Now where’s my flash? Anybody hear anything on when that will be released? Probably Christmas at the rate Verizon is moving!!

  181. i got my on thursday 18 guys at 3:42pm at work.in irvine, ca

  182. hey guys flash is comeing on the 25 of aug ok or sept 25 ok.

  183. Ive been having froyo since Thursday….its really good and all but so many bugs. Anyone expierence a gallerey bug like once ill load it up it will lag and then shut my phone off it needs to be fixed

  184. Suburban Detroit:

    My wife got “The Update” Thursday evening 8.19.2010 and the update promptly bricked her phone. Took to Verizon Store and they are shipping a new one out…….

  185. Got my update 2 days ago its the frg01b build…..is there going to be another update for the frg22 build…..

  186. I don’t care about flash. I bought a DX to VPN to my corp network for server control, and PPTP VPN doesn’t work. Get THAT fixed. Works fine on older droids.

  187. Listen friends don’t be so anxious for the 2.2 update. I have the Droid 2, with 2.2, and my wife has the HTC Incredible, with 2.1, and my phone has tons of issues compared to her phone. I just downloaded another update for 2.2 and I downloaded it tonight and hopefully it will help fix the issues. By the was do NOT use Advance Task Killer with 2.2 it drains the phone and isn’t necessary because 2.2 manages the phones apps fine. I am guessing but I think Google is waiting to fix a few of the major issues before giving other users the update. Trust me wait until they fix 2.2 it will be worth the wait.

  188. I have had so many issues with froyo since I got it! So frustrated, it force closes all the time now, always says I have more updates then I do, those are just a few. Why send this out if it has so many bugs? Also what does it mean if your phone is bricked? I want flash and I want my bugs fixed! Is that to much to ask???

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