Here are a Few Early Shots of the Dell Thunder



You’ve seen the video, now re-live the experience in brilliant, leaked-photo glory. These early pictures of the Dell Thunder don’t do much to shed any more light on the specs and features of the upcoming device, but they should do to hold those interested in the device over. Check out more at the source link below.


[via AndroidSpin]

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  1. What network is it going to in the US?

  2. not gonna lie, that’s sexy

  3. I believe At&T. Ever since Dell announced phones, at&t was the only carrier mentioned. I’m sure in time other carriers will pick them up as handset makers.

    @ phoenix I have to agree it does look nice. I mean if they make pcs, then they would have to make cool designs for a phone and bring some type of unique features.

  4. plain jane….i’ll stick with my Evo

  5. It seems a little thick, but sexy thick. It also could be for T-Mobile. I remember in the first leaks about this phone that the WinPhone7 Lightning was for T-Mo, so I don’t think they’re making devices for AT&T exclusively.

  6. meh…

  7. what version of android is this? it looks like android 2.0 but i cant tell, i see some android 2.x icons and i also see some android 1.x icons so im thinking its android 2.0

  8. it is beautiful…

  9. Too bad they don’t have cdma versions. That means at&t or t-mobile will get it.

  10. It’s beautiful but I’m still waiting for a good phone that will still work even if it falls in a puddle.

  11. Who drops their phone in a puddle? lol

  12. Me. :( Was a pond actually. Thankfully it was an old LG flip phone though! :P

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