Droid’s Upgrade to FroYo (FRG01B) Now Resuming


In more resumed Android 2.2 upgrade news, Verizon’s continued stepping some of their customers up on the original Motorola Droid to FroYo early this morning. This isn’t some unknown, unofficial, unwanted (sorry) build: this is the FRG01B that should see many users basking in the vat of FroYo that they’ve been waiting for.


We still don’t know what FRG22 is, where FRG22 is, or why it even exists, but I guess that chapter will get written in due time. For now, go ahead and see if you have any OTAs waiting to be pulled down on your Droid.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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HTC Now Upgrading EVO Users on the Unofficial FroYo Build

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  1. FRG22 possibly for Droid X, HMMMMM

  2. Maybe they need to get everyone on frg01b before they can move to frg22…

  3. …hey the picture for the article is an EVO ;)

  4. the front page that it.

  5. Updated around 7am. Droid now stuck at the Motorola logo during boot up for two hours.

  6. Got my FRG01B this morning, OTA. No time yet to really evaluate how things are working, but GPS & Runkeeper worked fine immediately afterward.

  7. I have had FRG01B since the manual update was released. I think they are just trying to get everyone who did not receive the FRG01B OTA to it, because a decent amount of people who have the droid probably do not know how to manually update their phone and do not want to. Once everyone is on FRG01B, then maybe like 2 weeks later they will release the FRG22.

  8. checked right when I read this and it was there waiting for me! Awesome!

  9. No OTA for my Moto Droid yet. Where’s the love?

  10. I’m still waiting :(. live in Georgia

  11. Has anybody else’s battery life been hammered by the froyo update? I did the manual update when it came out and now my phone barely makes it through the day where as before i usually had about 50% left by the time i was going to bed….

  12. Go my update on my Droid!

  13. *Got

  14. Forgive me for sounding dumb, but how do you check to see if you have an OTA waiting?

  15. Update started on my phone around 9:30 EST – but now stuck on Motorola screen. Called Verizon and they told me to bring it in.

  16. How do I get Flash 10.1?

  17. Haven’t got it yet… I’m in Boston.

  18. Nothin yet… in boston, bought my droid little over 1 month ago.

  19. Adobe has said that Flash will be out later for Droid users running FroYo. Augsut 18th…

    You can always find a beta apk out on the web.

  20. *August. I’m getting as bad as Phandroid. =)

  21. No update for my moto droid!!! ( IL )

    what the #@&k!!!

  22. Got the FRG01B build this morning too. (My wife didn’t though.) Still trying to figure out how to setup a wireless hotspot from my Droid. Any suggestions? Or is this not part of the FRG01B build?

  23. @Kirk, ROOT BABY, THATS HOW!!!!!

  24. @Kirk You can’t, Verizon took it out. You have to root to do it.

  25. In Gloucester MA – got mine about 1AM on August 12

  26. Still no update here in Boston….grrrrrrrrrr

  27. From the Verizon support site: “System updates does not manually check for updates. It allows installing update packages that were previously downloaded, but not installed.”

    Please stop telling people they should check for the update if they can’t wait.

  28. I recieved frg01B this morning at 6 am. The first thing i noticed is that there still is no flash player, the second(and coolest so far!) is that there is a tethering button in settings but little info on weather i have to pay anything additional to use it. Can anyone provide any info about flash and tethering?

  29. I haven’t got my update

  30. For those of you who have noticed a battery drain after upgrading. Check your display settings. Mine all got set to max brightness. When adjusted back down to about halfway, where I had it before, the battery drain seemed to disappear for me.

  31. Okay so what is a frg01b? &why don’t i have my update?

  32. I had battery issues after the manual update that I tracked back to email. Battery would be at 15% or less in 4 hours.

    Removing and re-adding my Exchange account resolved the issue for me.

  33. No update yet… I’ve been checking for weeks!

    Does the update just pop up automatically, or do you need to go to “about phone”, and “system updates”? I’ve been doing both…. and nothing…..

  34. no update for me either, in washington state (if that matters at all) :/

  35. got the upgrade yesterday but now settings will not come up:cannot change brightness, set bluetooth, wifi etc,

    kind of sucks – researching how to roll back

  36. Got the update Saturday – stuck on Motorola logo. Talked to tech for an hour – she also got Motorola on the phone. Was told to bring in Monday to Verizon – waited over an hour only to be told I have to call Verizon again to get a replacement. Still without a phone…
    They said the new software is frying some phones. Wonder if I would have had this problem if I had rooted…

  37. I received the update on Sunday around 11:34. Notice said Flash 10.1 to be comming soon at end of summer.
    It said it was downloaded and to install.

    I finally decided to do the update yesterday afternoon, but it did not install.
    Now when I check for the update, it say’s my system is up to date with 2.1.
    What gives?

  38. *Droid 1. Stock ROM, Launcher Pro Plus.

  39. I got my update last night at 9:15-9:30 last night wouldn’t update untill I had plugged my phone in my battery was to low, so I plugged it in, hit update, and about 5-10 minutes later my bluetooth device chimed like it had re connected and have not had one issue so far. I just installed the Adobe 10.1 apk, and just downloaded the Adobe Flash Player showcase to see how well the apk works. Rock in Rolla!!! It works bitchin!!! Scott

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