HTC Merge Appears in Verizon Inventory



A few weeks back a tipster sent us images of a new HTC device showing up in Verizon’s inventory. While we are still quite clueless as to what the device might end up being, the latest shot of the ADR6325’s product screen now shows a new name for the handset — The HTC Merge. And if the ‘ADR’ prefix wasn’t enough to convince you it will be an Android phone, well the description clears up that matter as well. So what could this entry be in reference to? Will we be seeing a new HTC handset on Verizon in the near future? Enter your guess in the comments below.

[thank to Egg_head for sending this in!]

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  1. Something between a phone and a tablet. Hence the name: Merge

  2. the device formerly known as scorpion

  3. First?

    How about that world phone that they’re supposedly coming out with?

  4. … not even close. lol

  5. I like romma’s opinion. A pointless device that is between a phone and tablet. I still don;t understand devices like that.

  6. maybe its to htc phones merged into one

  7. Here’s some insider information. This will be Verizons version of the EVO. Only difference is it will have a qwerty keyboard as well as a 6″ screen. It will ship with 2.2 and sense and come with a strap so you can wear it around your back when not in use.

  8. it could be that rumored HTC handset with Android and a QWERTY slider with a 4″ screen.

  9. Why shouldn’t tablets have phone capabilities as well? Holding a plastic brick up to your head to talk is stupid and dated, anyway.

  10. Verizon has a huge gap in the low/mid market segment with the departure of the Eris, so my guess is this is the VZW version of the Aria to go head-to-head with the LG Ally.

  11. Agree with #3 as well. CDMA and GSM together on a chip= World Phone

  12. I would bet on something like the EVO or the HD. Front camera, LTE+EVDO+CDMA 1x… Verizon is due to start releasing info on LTE devices. I would bet this will be the one.

  13. Could be a HTC Desire HD model

  14. The mystery HTC handset we saw the photos of is the Merge. Its not a rumor its a fact. My source is the owner of my local Verizon. Watch you’ll see.

  15. Comment 11 is z winner I believe

  16. Surely it will be the HTC global phone mentioned on the 8th/9th of this month?

  17. …Verizon sure is a big comp to be coming out with so many good phones…

  18. It’s just the latest in a long line of things that keep Verizon / HTC from getting FroYo out to the Droid Incredible.

  19. Does it even matter? Whatever it is, they’ll only have 50k of them, and it’ll take three months just too stock back up and fulfill original pre-orders

  20. The Incredible is ADR6300, The Eris is ADR6200. This new device is ADR6325. It’s probably something close to the Incredible but with a slide qwerty keyboard and froyo 2.2.

  21. Its probably the Droid Incredible with the Sony Super TFT LCD screen due to the Amoled shortage.

  22. @Usher
    There’s absolutely no way they would change the model number and the name of the device because they put a LCD screen in place of the AMOLED.
    If I had to guess, I would say it’s a larger version of the Incredible. Something with 4.3″ screen, possibly LTE.. but I would venture to guess no LTE because it’s too early still.

  23. I think that this is the HTC slider, the CDMA/GSM one, coming to Verizon in January

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