Android Mini Collectibles Coming Back in Stock Tomorrow, Hopefully For a While Longer


Most die-hard Android fans that see these plastic Android doll collectibles melt at the heart and immediately reach for their wallets on impulse, but Dead Zebra has had trouble keeping them in stock: they’re gone literally minutes after they post new inventory. Fortunately for us, it’s not all about getting money as fast as they can: they want everyone to be able to get a chance to own these.


That’s why they’re imposing a new inventory system to ensure no one can order up too many, too quickly. Starting tomorrow, they’ll be adding random assortments and quantities of product to their inventory including 4-pack randoms, full 16-pack cases, the standard green robot, as well as a DIY blank slate robot. For the rest of the week, stock will be added every couple of hours until depleted to try and wrap around the schedules of a multitude of people.

Finally, orders are being limited to 20 pieces, one order per household for this first week. Sounds good to us! Be sure to keep an eye on Dead Zebra tomorrow  to be sure you get a chance to scoop some of these up.

[via Dead Zebra]

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  1. Perfect! At Comic-Con, I think it was Dead Zebra who had a booth and was selling these and I bought four and I really want the standard green android!

  2. Apparently they’re only 3 inches tall?

  3. Awesome! I have been visiting their site everyday for the last few days since they said the androids will be back in stock after Comic-Con. I will be ordering a 4-pack I think. I hope I get the copperbot one, that’s the one I want.
    @Presto117: Yes they sold them at Comic-Con. It was them.
    @Drayton: They are planning on bringing some more sizes later. This is series 1 which will be 3 inches. Maybe series 2,3 etc will be either larger or smaller. For now they are having tough time just keeping up with demand for series 1, I don’t think we will see any other series for now.

  4. The android reminds me of Robo from Chrono Trigger.

  5. @ #2. Drayton “that’s what she said”.

  6. I’m definitely going to try to order the 4pack. Hopefully, I’ll get the black Android that’s on their site. :D

  7. I put 5 4 packs in my cart and before I could check out they were sold out. I then put 4 individuals in my cart and was finally able to purchase them. You had to re-enter your credit card info every time which made it quite a scramble.

  8. Anyone know when the next batch will be online? Or do I just have to keep checking back to order and hope it says available when I check?

    I ordered one off of eBay 3 days before this article was posted… luckily I only paid $15 when it was all said and done and I got the one I wanted (White)

  9. Damn these are going so fast I’ve yet to even see them in stock all day :-/

  10. Ace! Bagged me: two standard droids, one random, and one customisable droid. Thank you PayPal !!!

  11. Gahh wtf how do I know when they’re available?! I keep checking and I get nothing.

  12. They went up at just after 11am today. All of the different combinations were available. I put the case (16 assorted) into my cart and by the time I got my info entered, it was out of stock. I went back and was able to get 4 of the 4pack Randoms and get all the way through the order process. When I looked again, all were sold out. Less than 5 minutes.

    I had emailed them earlier today and they said they were going to put some up in the morning, afternoon and evening.

  13. Guys, be quick, I managed to order a box today, and I can tell you, they are in stock during less than one minute. And also be very quick at finishing the order process, or you’ll get “cart-jacked” (I guess more than 30 seconds and you’re out) as only the final confirmation guarantees robots will be yours. Good luck to you, now I can start digging a grave for me F5 key.

  14. Finally was able to put an order in today. I got tired of hitting F5 and got the Check4Change firefox plugin. Got my order in about 30 seconds after they were added to the stock :)

  15. Ordered mine on 8/11 and they came in the mail today! Hurry cause they don’t last long on the site.

  16. Seriously. I stalked the site for a good 3 and a half hours stright refreshing on my pc and phone. Then i finally saw what i was looking for. The case & a 4 pack random. I jumped on it flawlessy and was fast enough to purchase a 4 case & 16 pack. By the time i was finished buying when i had refreshed the 16 case and random 4 pack were sold out. THis was under 2 1/2 minutes. I am still a little shaky right now a good hour later. It’s that serious.

  17. I just got 1 at http://androidmini.net i love my droid

  18. Finally,I got the box of Android mini in CNDIGIT, they have 12 guys in the box.They said the others may provide in next couple of months.I am waiting……

  19. Check out this cool MINI Droid City Live Wallpaper:
    The mini androids look so cute on the phone.A must have for all android’s lover.

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