Droid X Does Customer Appreciation: Some Nice Swag For Several Buyers


Verizon does promotion like no other! They don’t just send you on your way after they’ve gotten your money, they send you stuff. Cool Stuff. Cool Droid related stuff. Our awesome tipster – going by the name of Jubba – was the recipient of a “Thank You” package that included a DroidDoes T-shirt, a 25% off coupon for any new Droid accessory, and a nice Droid eye sticker to put on an unsuspecting object.


Have any of you received one of these after ordering your Droid X over the phone as Jubba did?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I want this. I bought 2 of them, but I bought them at Best Buy. I hope I get at least one anyways.

  2. Incredible users continue to be ignored/forgotten by Verizon, I see.

  3. Is that a t shirt

  4. Too bad they didn’t send Homie a new couch though! That floral pattern is a bad look!

  5. I got a pretty sweet long sleeve t-shirt after getting the original Droid too :)

  6. @Nick Actually, you have HTC to blame for that.

  7. I got one way back when I got my original droid

  8. whats the 25% coupon code? share the love :)

  9. I got a Droid X last Wednesday and I haven’t gotten one yet where is mine.

  10. I spend in excess of $4200.00 per year and didn’t get a care package and I bought my X at launch. Was ordered over the phone by the store for me. Just ordered one for a co-worker today from the store. I really talk these devices up since I have the Dinc, X and wife had Ally but if don’t get care package I will live cause love these devices.

  11. I stood in line at Verizon on DX launch day for hours and bought 2 of them with accessories and 2 yr contracts on both. I even asked the employees that were wearing those shirts if I could buy one… hehe. I’m jealous! :)

  12. I ordered mine online on 7/26 and just called Verizon to inquire about this package and spoke to a rep named Brittany. The rep didn’t know of any such promotion and she then preceded to put me on hold for about 10 min to talk to a manager and supposedly call 3 other branches only to tell me that there is no such promotion according to Verizon’s corporate promotions list. She mentioned that it is most likely a third party or independent VW retailer that is sending those thank you packages out. I said, “Well, I’d like one as a purchased a Droid X too and I find it shocking that you don’t know about a promotion and won’t honor it.” She then put me hold again to find out if she could send me out a similar package and she said, “I’m sorry but we can’t do anything for you.” Well guess that’s the thank you I get from Verizon…nothing, along with a 30 min waste of time call…Thanks Verizon i guess thats what i get for being a customer since 2001.

  13. I received my package today. I will sell it if anyone is interested. Hit me up at [email protected] if interested. I will be posting it on Ebay, unopened package, well I peeked to see what size the shirt is (XL) nothing taken out of the box or package

  14. Got mine today as well! Ordered my X online on launch day….so sweet! Sorry not selling. Gonna wear my t-shirt with pride and put the sticker on my Jeep!

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