Verizon Rep Unofficially Makes Official Statement About Droid 2



New cell phone releases are a funny thing. Every one knows a phone like the Motorola Droid 2 not only exists, but that it is also heading for a release very soon. But if you asked anyone at Verizon, the official stance would be that they really can’t comment on rumors and speculation. Kind of like the aliens at Area 51. So when a VZW rep was so wowed by recent Droid 2 benchmark results that he made a statement about it on his Verizon-branded Twitter, it is a little out of the norm. We’ll give him credit for not playing along with the corporate games and just saying what everyone at Verizon or with access to the internet and the ability to Google search “Droid 2” already knows. At least now we can say the Droid 2 is unofficially official.

[via IntoMobile]

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  1. David Samberg – I will see you on the unemployment line my friend.

  2. Too bad he won’t get the employee discount after they fire him.

  3. its coming out the 19

  4. WHY does it have to be so hush-hush? What’s the deal with the secrecy? I don’t get it! Just tell us when your phones are coming out so we can decide what we want to get!!!

  5. Its a re tweet from droidz updatez. He aint getting fired.

  6. Companies should really start using Twitter and other social media to ‘leak’ information about upcoming products, just to quietly build hype and momentum.


  7. lol, dude….a million bucks says they already do…

  8. Uh, did anyone else notice that it scored _only_ a 1299 on Quadrant? That’s _with_ 2.2. My X’s top quadrant score was something like 1305. This is not the performance improvement we expected from 2.2. Hm…

  9. So a retweet is now news? Come on Phandroid….I expected much more from you. Dig a little deeper and try to only post worthy stories.

  10. Went into a corporate store today to pick up an adapter for my X. While chatting with the rep I asked if he had any idea when Froyo would be pushed out. To which he replied that it wouldn’t be that long with the Droid 2 coming out in the next 2 weeks.

  11. My Droid gets a 1251 running at 1ghz on froyo. This doesn’t seem like that much of an improvement (until we find out how much we can overclock it.) It’s good for those stock 2.1 users though.

  12. KK-youre on spot. Good stuff!

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