AT&T Jumps into the Barcode Game with New Mobile App


Because there aren’t already a million barcode scanning options for Android, AT&T is launching their mobile app to allow for users to scan and share codes linked to promotions, content, and other information. Mobile Barcode Services features a bit of something for everyone. Businesses can create codes and place them in print and web advertising campaigns that provide mobile access to special offers, everyday users can create scannable codes to share with friends and family linking to a site or v-card and more, and of course all traditional scanning of things such as QR codes will be possible.


If you have used Android you are probably pretty familiar with barcodes, they have been a main avenue for accessing applications on your phone when the app in question is presented online. We use them on our own AndroidApplications, even. But still, many average users don’t realize the power of QR codes and mobile scanning besides pricing out items in a store, so perhaps AT&T’s effort will draw more attention to the usefulness of such scannable content. You can check out more at their Mobile Barcode Services site.

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  1. oops, not the right link:

    “Mobile Barcode Services”, please fix

  2. Oh boy! I really hope AT&T customers can pay $10/month for this luxurious app. It will go well with the $10/month re-branded Maps app!

  3. No thanks, not even if I were on AT&T.

  4. AT&T likes to implant viruses that infest your unlocked phone and limits it’s use and keep you from using free apps that provide services AT&T charges for like: Google voice app, messaging apps, Google maps….etc.

  5. why would anyone want to load a company sponsored application in the first place?

    the have to be shilling for someone.

  6. Probably malicious like all other AT&T Android apps. Their tracking/payment app requires a permission to format SD card (lol?). While this apps permissions do make sense (except location, no idea why in the world this app needs that permission), I am afraid AT&T would abuse these permissions (personal info, hardware controls).

  7. screw at&t

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