Early Dell Streak Test Units Now Blocked by AT&T?



Word is spreading that the early units of the Dell Streak handed out to beta testers around Austin, TX are no longer functioning on AT&T’s network. An IMEI block is responsible for voice calls forwarding to AT&T customer service and a lack of 2G and 3G data connectivity. This really wouldn’t be too much of an issue, except for the fact that testers were apparently allowed to keep the Streak after the initial beta period. Some of those test units changed hands via eBay. Some of those customers believing they now owned a Dell Streak for AT&T are left without a network to connect to. One user did get the device working using the iPad plan and APN settings, but most have a Streak that doesn’t do much of the tablet or phone functions it offers. You can read more about the issues over at MoDaCo’s forums.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Sucks….that’s why I left at&t for sprint. Hoorah Evo 4G!!!

  2. HipHipHooray for Sprint!!

  3. There are lots of reasons not to be on AT&T…

  4. Wow that is so CDMA.

  5. how does at&t have any customers? tmobile is where its at! they know how to take care of their customers!

  6. Is this even legal?

  7. Yeah, sounds like AT&T, anytime I get an email or regular mail from AT&T, my stomach turns. I got a letter from them about their “$99 iPhone” (3GS, but don’t explain it is outdated) and said for only $15 for data their rates are more affordable than ever! (200mb..what a joke). A quick Google search will show how many people were surprised with their new 200MB plan’s overage charges.

  8. hmmm at & t = gay t & t
    verizon….we have a map for that…
    none of them are really any better or worse than the others….except verizon’s coverage……
    glad i ditched at&t a long time ago

  9. @mike-youre right. TMO is bringing it. At&t has yet to see the Android present & future!

  10. Since AT&T claims they don’t do IMEI blocks, I’m amazed that some “journalists” are so quick to come to that conclusion. What’s the confirmation that this is true?

  11. So either you guys can’t read or you don’t understand what is going on. they did the IMEI block cause the phones are still in beta. they usually do this before they are ready to release the phone, especially if the phone is all over ebay and craigslist. so once the phone is offically released you go back in and get your phone turned on with a working sim.

  12. rumor has it that AT&T will reactivate the IMEIs after the officially release the phones. Time will tell I guess.

  13. Is there any point in visiting this site any more all you do is republish engadget articles and you never get any exclusives..

  14. @dan…Actually yes there is because Engadget sucks for me!! Its always slow to load because of the 8 trillion flash adverts and whatever else they got going. I hate their website so this works great for me.

  15. i dont get y every one puts att down i know for some people it sucks but for others like me it works. AT&T is no better or worse then Verizon or Sprint or T-mobile. They all suck and they are all great it just depends on the phone and area your in. I live in an area where att is like the best thing in the world up here but so isnt verizon and tmobile. and jsyk i hate verizon because they are cdma and sprint just suck i hate people who say “im happy i switched to sprint cause att was horrible” well news flash sprint is worse. And i would switch to tmobile but its servise isnt as good as att in my area. just wanted to let that all out.

  16. Only reason why I stay with then is because roll over minutes.

  17. AT&T is happy for you rollover…and take it up the poop chute…

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