Droid X Actually Shown Running Android 2.2


Yesterday’s revelation may have given us a look at screenshot of Android 2.2 running on the Motorola Droid X, but there are many reasons to call fake on such a story. Things may have just gotten a bit more legit, though, as Engadget’s tipster blessed them with a shot of the actual phone that looks to be running Android 2.2 (which he said was pushed to him over-the-air). These shots are quite easy to fake, as well, but I don’t think we should be doubting the possibility.


We’ve already seen one of Verizon’s Droid phones – the HTC Droid Incredible – have its Android 2.2 firmware leaked earlier today, and rumors are still swirling about the atmosphere stating we might see the OTA for the Motorola Droid, Droid X, and the Droid Incredible sometime in early August.

FroYo’s definitely looming, but we still have to keep playing the waiting and guessing game until anything concrete crops up.

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Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  2. The EVO has been running Froyo for a while. There are atleast 6-7 different Froyo ROMs out, depends on if you like sense or not. Im running CM6 Cyanogenmod Froyo and there is nothing better….

  3. The picture doesn’t mean anything. He could have easily changed the build.prop file.

  4. If he’s for real he’d get ahold of one of the DX devs so they can extract the update and get it online for the rest of the world.

  5. Phandroid should know that these are fake by now I’m getting tired of these stories if it was 2.2 it would say android version not firmware ugh

  6. @Moises Phandroid does know. That’s why we pointed it out in the article:

    “These shots are quite easy to fake, as well, but I don’t think we should be doubting the possibility.”

  7. I just checked my Droid X and I continue to run 2.1 update 1. No update is available.

  8. @shawn1224
    Would you be able to list some pros and cons of what you would consider the top 3 to 5 Froyo roms for the EVO?

  9. @Ash

    1.CM6 RC1 would be my top because its cyanogen. Totally optomized, and basic. No sense, and has a bunch of different custom kernels that do some exciting things.

    2. Ava-Froyo v2 a really good froyo with sense ui. I believe everything works except BT and 4G. Great speed and great look.

    3. Damage Control 3.5 – Its still beta and I haven’t tried it but I did run their 2.1 ROM for a long time. They do great work, they install great features that Sprint doesn’t which allows you to setup profiles for better performance, or better battery life. They also have a ROM updater so you don’t have to worry about updating the manual way.

    Me personally I love CM6 because its clean, no sense and really delivers with the benchmarks, but once Damage Control 3.5 is out of beta, it will probably be hard for me to resist trying out just because I know it will be killer. Hope that helps you.

  10. I bet this is the same guy that “tipped” phandroid to 3.0 on some device. I would even go further and say its the same phone.


  11. Actually im the one who reported this to engadget and i work for verizon but i can tell u that were shooting for the 2nd and to all devices by 12th.

  12. @KING That’s going to be up to HTC and Sprint. The Droid X is up to Motorola and Verizon.

  13. @swazedahustla
    Thanks! I’ll have to try them out once I get my EVO today or tomorrow (if things go as planned)

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