Jul 28th, 2010

T-Mobile – right on the heels of the MyTouch 3G Slide’s launch – is apparently looking to continue that line. Paying homage to the original MyTouch 3G they carried way back in 2009, the new device – being called by tech bloggers the MyTouch 3G HD – looks like the Slide variant except it doesn’t have the slide.


The Genius button is intact, that beautiful optical trackpad remains, and the screen looks a lot bigger (we’re thinking 3.7-4 inches). This could very well be the device T-Mobile’s hyping up with their latest promotional site. That particular device is said to have full support for T-Mobile’s growing HSPA+ network that we’ve been calling the HTC Vision/Blaze G1. Some detective work on the part of BGR, however, is saying this could be the Vanguard  as they looked deep into the site’s soul (or source code, if you want to go about it more appropriately).


We’re not sure if all of these names could be one device or if they could be two devices (it’s common for HTC and other manufacturers to use different names for the same device in different regions) but some of these details can’t possibly stay bottled up much longer: something’s brewing for T-Mobile and the leaks are only going to intensify from here on out just like they always do.

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