MyTouch 3G HD? Say What? This Could Be the Phone T-Mobile’s Teasing Us With


T-Mobile – right on the heels of the MyTouch 3G Slide’s launch – is apparently looking to continue that line. Paying homage to the original MyTouch 3G they carried way back in 2009, the new device – being called by tech bloggers the MyTouch 3G HD – looks like the Slide variant except it doesn’t have the slide.


The Genius button is intact, that beautiful optical trackpad remains, and the screen looks a lot bigger (we’re thinking 3.7-4 inches). This could very well be the device T-Mobile’s hyping up with their latest promotional site. That particular device is said to have full support for T-Mobile’s growing HSPA+ network that we’ve been calling the HTC Vision/Blaze G1. Some detective work on the part of BGR, however, is saying this could be the Vanguard  as they looked deep into the site’s soul (or source code, if you want to go about it more appropriately).


We’re not sure if all of these names could be one device or if they could be two devices (it’s common for HTC and other manufacturers to use different names for the same device in different regions) but some of these details can’t possibly stay bottled up much longer: something’s brewing for T-Mobile and the leaks are only going to intensify from here on out just like they always do.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. oh! i’m loving it!

  2. wow can’t wait to change my new mytouch which I love to the super new mytouch I will certainly love.

  3. wow HD screen ? for real ?

  4. wow HD screen ? for real ?

  5. Couldn’t they have made it with a bigger screen to compete with htc evo and samsung galaxy.

  6. Wasn’t a requirement for 3.0 to have 4″ screen or larger? Seem to remember that, so this one should have a 4″ screen if they plan on it being their new flag ship phone.

  7. #

    5. boostedscooby wrote on July 28, 2010

    Couldn’t they have made it with a bigger screen to compete with htc evo and samsung galaxy.

    are you people never happy? holy god. go buy a briefcase phone and then complain.

  8. It’s not going to be an HD display. Also, you probably wouldn’t want an HD display on a device this small, as it would almost certainly be overkill. That would be 50% more pixels than Apple’s Retina display btw, and you need a magnifying glass to see a pixel on that thing.

  9. 3.0 requirements are fake there are no requirements

  10. Plus emarald is supposed to be 3.0 not this

  11. Early reports are that it has a ffc. Interesting, however the processor & GPU needs to be better than the current Mytouch Slide to have any success.

  12. Android 3.0, 2.2 even 2.1 have requirement just not said out loud. All OS have some requirement, if it didnt then we would have seen 2.1, 2.2 then 3.0 on good old Tmobile G1. Forget 3.0 even 2.2 have lot of requirement thats why we dont get to see it in the 1st gen devices. In conclusion 3.0 does have requirement maybe not dramatic as rumor said out to be but i assume at lest as same or more as 2.2 requirements.

    I hope at least they launch this device with 2.2 on board. I hate seeing people bashing on 1st gen Android because the hardware slowing the entire system. Its also common sense why put out beefed up hardware and an obsolete OS on it. If Tmobile wants Android to shine then they need to stop sitting around and upgrade their devices to the most current Android OS.

  13. 1st – HD means nothing when used as a marketing ploy rather than refer to actual screen specs. There is no way the screen is going to be HD a real resolution. To be honest, there isn’t a need to HD resolution on a 4″ display anyway.

    2nd – the 3.0 specs that were leaked are “recommended specs” if they are real (this was clarified later). They certainly are not min specs required to run 3.0. There is a good chance they will turn out to be wrong anyway.

  14. The G1 didn’t get 2.2 mainly due to internal RAM/ROM constraints (hence CM6’s Dream/Sapphire port requiring Apps2SD). To my knowledge there hasn’t been a verified screen size requirement placed on Froyo or Gingerbread; Google has come out and said the “leaked requirements list” that was floating around was/is a fraud. I doubt that a 4″ screen is going to be a requirement, as that would put the Nexus One out of the running for Gingerbread, which I HIGHLY doubt Google would allow.

  15. Thankyou will.people have no sense these days

  16. Im not to big on this design… id much rather have the uni-body aluminum chassis on the yet-to-be unveiled desire HD…
    this early mock up wreaks of cheap plastic

  17. Looks cheap, this is hopefully not T-mobiles new flagship HSPA+ ANDROID phone….I pass….luckily I have my N1….

  18. Everyone needs to take a deep breath. this phone is going to be watered down. they know you are salavating and the first phone is going to be no better then a mid level phone.

  19. That baby has a huge forehead and no ffc to make the big top look some what appealing…back to the drawing boards on this please.

  20. anything with the “mytouch” label is destined to NOT be a high end device. plus looks very plasticky…typical t-mobile phone.

  21. @moises

    Seriously you guys? 3.0 DOES have requirementw that were wet by Googoe, so no, not fake. 3.0 will never run on the Aria, Cliq, Cliq XT, MT3G, MT3G Slide, or anything else that old or small. 3.0 requires at least a 3.5″ screen, 1 GHZ processor, and a few other things.

  22. Damnit, I was content with my MT3GS, now they spring this thing on us… After discovering the joy and ease of Swype I don’t really use my keyboard all that much. If this IS a Slide without the slide, I might make the switch. Also, it sure looks to me like there’s SOMETHING to the right of the speaker hole. A glossy round something at that. FFC? A Slide-like form with bigger screen and FFC sound awesome to me. Oh yeah, HSPA+?

  23. presto, show me source by google

  24. All this Android 3.0 talk makes me laugh. Anyone that things the current Top of the line phones will barely be able to meet Android 3.0s specs are drinking some good kool-aid. Those rumored requirements may be recommended but not minimum. That would simple increase fragmentation and drive people away from the OS (seeing their brand new phone cant run the new OS well).

  25. The fact is that most people don’t want a 4″+ screen. If they did, apple would have made the iphone larger this time around. If google made a requirement for 3.0 that screens had to be 4″, they would be asking for lower sales. Resolution requirements are plausible, but that has no limit on screen size.

  26. TMOs only getting BIGGER & BETTER & I love HSPA+!!!

  27. It does look plasticky, but there appears to be a ffc next to the ear piece. The phone looks pretty thick from that angle as well.

  28. Screen requirement is 3.5″ or bigger & 4″ or bigger for 1280×760 resolution. Good old Nexy is in fact within the requirements.

  29. T-mobile might have slacked off after the G1-but after the Slide, Vibrant and now this!?! They are definately stepping up their Android game! Bring this and the other “rumored” devices-I will add lines to my account to get the HTC HSPA+ baby, whatever it will be called.

  30. I don’t care if any phone is plastic, as long as it performs besides, that’s what my Otterbox is for.

  31. @wodin. i dont know who you have been talking to. but everyone i talk to and the comments i read on several android sites has people saying they want that 4′ screen. especially when watching tv or movies on it. and more so for the screen realastate. apple isnt the setting the standards anymore. there phone is behind the curve already. so your “if people wanted it apple would have made it” argument is trash. maybe the iphone users wanted it. but from what i have seen i think more android users want the bigger screen. i hope this thing can compete with the evo and droid x. step it up tmobile!

  32. OMG I hope this mytouch becomes reality. I might replace my original Mytouch 3g and give Evo/Iphone 4g phone owners envy.

  33. In the picture it looks like there is a slide out keyboard. You can see a little ledge/step at the bottom of the phone.

  34. Apple doesn’t make anything except 3.5″ because they want compatibility with all the ipod accessories.

  35. @jasonv, stfu dude. I have an Evo and prefer something not as large-so it’s not for everyone, there buddy.

  36. I have the Vibrant and although, super thin and light-even it does not rest as comfortably in my hand as other smaller phones. just saying. I personally, don’t want a crazy large iPad like phone.

  37. this does look like the render from the earlier article, especially with the camera button(?) at the bottom right. however, it does look really cheap and plasticky. i think i’d rather keep my nexus instead of changing to this, even if the specs are better.

  38. Why isnt anyone saying anything about the obvious “Sidekick” in the websites code? Whatever that code is pointing to is the new sidekick that is supposedly “project emerald” with the 800mhz dual core processor

  39. Anything resembling a MyTouch is going to seem cheap and toy like. How about something like a Droid 2 with mucho power under the hood.

  40. so pissed. you get a newe phone and something better comes out every month

  41. @sursly, did you read my comment? how about yoou go back to school and learn to read befor you post your ignorance here. my comment refers to most of the people that “I” have talked to and the comments that “I” have seen. that doesnt mean everyone. so in your own words as you eloquently put it, stfu dude.

  42. @jasonv, nice. Whomever you’ve spoken to, is not everyone, so what was the point of your initial post? Then get a Vibrant or whatever comes about. But thanks, for playing-your feedback is duly noted. BTW, TMO, apparently, has been “steeping it up” and it will only get better : )

  43. Hey, I’m just happy to see more choices rolling out, regardless if it is a myTouch or something else. I think the Slide has been a decent option since the G1 & before the Vibrant. Pretty sweet & the sky is blue for T-mobile.

  44. all i know is from the pic it looks like a slide
    why would they release another HTC slide with they just released one….makes no sense time will tell

  45. screw you phandroid for deleting my post. didnt say anything bad but making a point of who cares about a front facing camera, this site is censorship commies

  46. @Screwyou, if so-then why do you continue to visit and repost? TROLL, move on!

  47. Is it just me or does anyone else make out a front facing camera in this picture?

  48. Seems it have front facing camera too.

  49. What is the problem with the Better Keyboard, it doesn’t seem to work and the MyTouch Slide.

  50. sad…I had high hopes for this phone but it’s looking pretty crappy. Sigh, vibrant, here I come!

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