Verizon’s High-End Android Phones to Receive FroYo August 6th?


FroYo rumors still swirl about as most (translation: all phones besides the Nexus One) Android handsets have yet to be upgraded to the latest version. As it’s been suggested before, Verizon may be the first American carrier out of the starting gate to offer Android 2.2 to most of their Droid customers. Specifically, AndroidSpin‘s tipster is telling them that the Motorola Droid, HTC Droid Incredible, and Motorola Droid X are to get a simultaneous upgrade to Android 2.2 beginning August 6th.


The process will reportedly see the update staggered out to users through August 15th, after which most users should be basking in ice-cold FroYo. We’ll mark our calendars and we will be sure to revisit this rumor once August makes its way to everyone’s doorstep.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. YAY!!!!!!!!

  2. I’m hopeful, but I’ll believe it when I see it. The VZW Nexus One was supposed to be announced and released at CTIA, the Incredible was supposed to come out like 3 times before it did…etc, etc.

  3. I’m curious how this relates to the Droid 2. I would think that if Verizon wants to market the Droid 2 as the first device to ship with 2.2, they’re not going to release Froyo for the rest of the lineup TOO far ahead of the launch of the D2. Maybe this lends some credence to the August 12 date we saw earlier.

    Verizon should include the Eris too. It would be pretty impressive to have their full Droid lineup with Froyo before any other phone but the N1.

  4. SWEET! (pun intended)

  5. and… whilst the rest of the world waits to catch-up I’m chugging away with Froyo on my D1 for the last month.

    I just wish Verizon/Moto/HTC would actually announce a specific date – even if it’s a long-way off – and then stick to the deadline. It shouldn’t be that hard and it certainly would be less deceiving.

  6. Aug 6th? Sweet just in time for shark week!

  7. uh the droid? a high end android phone? maybe at launch but not anymore! hahaha

  8. They all need to have froyo at the same time. Verizon should say that Droid does Flash

  9. I work for Verizon and your post is full of shit.

  10. Yeah right. If you believe an htc phone will receive 2.2 before December, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn you may be interested in buying ;)

  11. If that means HTC have a ROM for the Incredible that’s near completion, I would hope it bodes well for the Desire at the same time

  12. Heh just saw Adman’s comment. I heard that line in the Sopranos last night too! (The bridge, of course, not the HTC stuff)

  13. Well if they wont update the eris, and I still hope they will, at least this should improve the custom ROMs available when I go root.

  14. The Eris won’t be getting anymore updates. It’s end of life, discontinued, and outdated hardware wise(it was when launched to be honest)

    As far as HTC incredible, it’ll be interesting to see what happens. FROYO is turning into a huge deal in the android world. I think they realize that if can’t get “sense” phones updated in a timely matter with the rest of the world, it will be a big blow to their image. My bet is it’s sometime in August.

  15. HTC is in a real pickle, they cannot allow Motorola to release 2.2 before them. Their sales will drop. So I do believe they are working very hard on getting Sense working on 2.2

  16. The wait for froyo is getting on my nerves. I have 3 smartphones, D1,DI, and the”X”. All phones are just waiting for the update. Htc, Moto…. Get it together!

  17. So what percentage of 2.2 being used will drive the developers to program apps for the sd card? Google is the worst, Earth is a huge file and you cannot store it on the sd card of a non-rooted phone. You’d think that with 2.2 becoming the new standard, Google could at least get their own apps reconfigured to support it.

  18. I’ll believe it when I see it

  19. Is this just like the rampant speculation back in June that they were going to release 2.2 on the droid on July 13th? You know, since Motorola likes the second tuesday of the month, the pixie dust was falling from the heavens, and the unicorn fart queen said so?

  20. I’d be happy if they could get Sense to work period!
    No sync to Facebook going on 2 weeks and no word from anyone?

  21. FINALLY!!! Oh wait, I have the Milestone. ..never mind.

  22. And the Devour??? they expect somenthing for this device?

  23. If Skyfire’s FROYO 2.2 ROM for the Incredible already has Sense UI working including the widgets I’m sure HTC isnt having any trouble. The only hold up would be Verizon…

  24. @Aeires I believe they have updated most of their programs to save to SD cards. 4.xx mainly are setup for 2.2 configuring. I do not have a N1, but seem to recall reading that while updated many of my G apps right when 2.2 went live.

  25. Meh. If you wanted quick updates, you should have got a Nexus One.

  26. Yes please august 6th is my birthday and some froyo would be a great gift.

  27. I was one to say that VZW would take forever to update the Droid to 2.1 and then I was blown away when they did it much earlier then anyone could expect. I’m hopeful this story is true.

  28. First early July, now early August. I hate being fed a line of crab. Pick a date, stick to it and release the damn thing.

  29. I bet the other phones won’t get it til the Droid 2 is released with it.

  30. Maybe I will unroot and update to the “official” 2.2 update for my Droid. Until then, I’m happy running Flash on my LEGALLY rooted handset.

  31. I dunno, Rick. I think crab can be rather tasty if properly prepared.

  32. I like crab…feed me a line of it anytime!

  33. I love having root. 2.2 on cyanogenmod 6 since my dinc arrived. I do hope that this pushes cyanogen and koush to get the camera working :(.

  34. @k – latest version (test8) for the DInc has a working camera, the full 8MP even. Have at it.

  35. Yeah, cyanogenmod 6 on my droid friggin rocks!

  36. google motorola and verizon are really pissing me off. All they do is come up with lies to keep people happy. They announced froyo for the droid for about 4 times now, ever since they announced it at google I/O thing. first time it was going to be a week after the convention, then they said the near future then late july then july 13th and now from august 6 until the 15th im sick and tired of their “boy who cried wolf” Act

  37. Sooooo… where’s my 2.2?!?!?
    I love my Incredible but want some of the 2.2 apps!

    Any word on real release dates for VZW HTC Incredibles???

  38. I would be surprised if the Droid X gets it at all since its end shelf life is March 2011

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