Droid X Gets a Taste of Android 2.2?



If you thought the Motorola Milestone getting Android 2.2 and the one-click root method for the Droid X would be enough to fill your Motorola-hacking desires, perhaps this image of Froyo supposedly booted onto the X might send you over the top. Nevermind that we are hearing an official Android 2.2 release might be hitting the handset starting next week, the development community wasted no time hacking this one together. Of course, with every “About phone” page image we must offer the disclaimer that there are numerous ways to fake the actual version of Android running on a phone (from the rather simplistic Photoshop method all the way down to messing with some of the Android code), so take it as you will until we get more images and reports to verify this one.

[via Android Community]

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  1. Fingers crossed for Aug 6th!!!!

  2. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! im calling BS!!!! Dont you know how simple it is to make changes to that screen by now?

  3. i believe its fake you can see the screenshot tool running and its highly unlikely a leak since we cant even get a sbf file thats 2.1 yet this is simply a rooted phone with a simple change to the build.prop

  4. wait…has it ever been a case where someone actually faked an update on an android phone???
    cause…like who would do that?
    has it??

  5. This is same as today’s “Milestone Froyo” – it is a 2.2 UI running on 2.1 kernel + base system. In other words – none of the speed improvements are here, only the new UI.

  6. I think this may be legit. Notice that this was posted to My Droid World by P3Droid. This is the same user that provides the low voltage overclock kernels that I am using on my original Moto Droid. Currently I am running CyanogenMod 6.0-RC2 plus P3Droid’s kernel. So this is pure awesome Froyo 2.2 enhanced by the hacker community rather than hindered by the manufacturers.

    So the fact that P3Droid posted the screenshot says a lot. Rejoice. Looks like the X will be more awesome soon.

    To get P3Droid’s kernels, go here:

    To read about my Droid modding, go here:

  7. Terry read one post above yours……ITS NOT FROYO…….More like a ported scoop of FroyNO. lol

  8. Kevin Krause is an idiot…all these images he writes whole posts about could possibly and are probably completely doctored! My dog could probably use photoshop to change the “1” in “2.1” to a “2” to make it “2.2”

  9. Benchmark please ….

  10. heres Droidx running gingerbread and the screenshot tool removed

  11. Is there a reason the system version and/or kernel version are blurred out after a certain digit?

  12. k last one my favorite Droidx with gingerbread running on at&t


  13. Ok that one made me lol.

  14. @cmacv I realize you’re spoofing here but the difference is that these images at least look real, unlike yours.

  15. I am leaning towards fake, if the .604 doesn’t give it away, the obvious photoshopping job, not to mention
    V V V
    A major selling point for the Droid2 would be for it to be the first device to ship and to be sold with Froyo; would almost have to give this one away as fake…
    Personally, I really don’t see any other device getting it first besides the Droid 2.
    The Droid1 is responsible for igniting the Android success over at VZ.
    But then again, I’d still love to be proven wrong by Motorola/VZ ; with an earlier than expected OTA.
    Droid 1 was also first device to get 2.0…
    See an upcoming pattern here?

  16. I guarantee it is not a fake pic. I’ve seen an X myself running 2.2 on it already, and on top of that it was rooted already also. So to say the pic is not real because of drocap2 taking the shot is DEAD WRONG. you folks need to have some faith in what people do and are willing to pass along before knocking them down. Anywhoo to be perfectly honest tho the Froyo build I did see running on the X sux and is not worth running at this time.

    @cd0289: the reason that info is blurred out is the number/info displayed could be back trace to where the actual file came from which would be very very bad for the poor person who got the file.

    @swazedahustla ; you are dead WRONG it IS in fact Froyo. And seeing as I have seen it I can tell you it has the 3d app drawer, a new lock screen even. Keep in mind the build I did see was not near final either tho. So maybe next time get your facts straight before you comment.

    And I would not hold your breathe on getting 2.2 on Aug 6th. Last I heard it has failed the last 2 test and was not approval for push out at this time.

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