Jul 28th, 2010 publishUpdated   Sep 10th, 2021, 4:49 pm

FroYo must be coming together quite nicely for all of these leaks to be pouring out. Late yesterday, we learned Samsung’s FroYo upgrade for the Galaxy S (international version) had reached its testing phases as Samsung Firmwares outed the test firmware for users everywhere. Now, the Droid Incredible’s own FroYo upgrade is making its rounds.


It wasn’t said if this firmware was going to be final or if it’s just a release/test candidate, but everything works as normal after flashing it according to the original poster over at XDA. If you’re rooted, want FroYo, and love Sense too much to give it up for the upcoming Cyanogen Mod 6, make no delay in downloading the file and flashing it for yourself. For the rest of you? We hear this upgrade might be headed to your way early August, but don’t take that with 100% certainty.

[via XDA]

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