Android 2.2 for Droid Incredible Leaks


FroYo must be coming together quite nicely for all of these leaks to be pouring out. Late yesterday, we learned Samsung’s FroYo upgrade for the Galaxy S (international version) had reached its testing phases as Samsung Firmwares outed the test firmware for users everywhere. Now, the Droid Incredible’s own FroYo upgrade is making its rounds.


It wasn’t said if this firmware was going to be final or if it’s just a release/test candidate, but everything works as normal after flashing it according to the original poster over at XDA. If you’re rooted, want FroYo, and love Sense too much to give it up for the upcoming Cyanogen Mod 6, make no delay in downloading the file and flashing it for yourself. For the rest of you? We hear this upgrade might be headed to your way early August, but don’t take that with 100% certainty.

[via XDA]

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  1. Two words:



  2. U.S. Cellular is getting the Desire next month :)

  3. still waiting patiently

  4. My condolences to all the folks who avoided this phone because they thought SenseUI would preclude them from timely updates.

  5. Well I am running a Sky Raider 2.0 which is based on the leaked 2.2 Rom and its nice to have everything working. For the person that leaked it thanx I enjoyed it very very much.

  6. i got the incredible when it first came out back in april and ive been a droid man since the g1.. gotta say people underestimated this phone its so fast and so user friendly.. i wasnt a big fan of htc sense but i love it although i could do without the whole bottom phone ^ + thing yet i dont regret it i can actually see myself holding out till my actual upgrade (bought 2 phones MT3G and incredible at full retail) also had the droid and nexus one htc has been there from the get and will always be the true android partner to all the haters all i can say is my phone runs fast w/out the need for a task manager just glad so many people chose not to get it makes it easier for them to upgrade it

  7. Funny thing about this was a soon as Koush found a fix for the camera the actual Rom leaked

  8. @linuxguru youre right bout a month or so they reported a root but that never went anywhere gotta give it up to Koush and the others working hard to make sure we get the best out of our phone

  9. So root and update to 2.2 or just wait for the official release at this point? What do you guys think?

  10. Too bad Bluetooth still sucks in this Rom wiimote still a no go.

  11. @Ian if you root your phone and hold off on installing a ROM (cyanogen, red&blue and others who have worked on the incredible) you still will get the upgrade come August(fingers crossed) major hackers still havent made a stable rom and it probably wont happen till after froyo for us so if you wanna root you’re good.. personally i wanna wait for a solid 2.2 rom but i still rooted the phone

  12. im there for all android owners as long as im familiar with your phone i have like 15 no lie 15 friends and fam that i just spend my time playing and experimenting with their androids… i love it got an inside source at best buy too ;) but alas im off to the beach right now but can still check the post on my incredible LOVE YOU PHANDROID!!!!

  13. *and i have an inside source at best buy

  14. I appreciate the response JR. Maybe I will root and play around with that for the next week or whatever(hopefully!) until we get Froyo

  15. I want to connect my Incredible to my HD tv. Any where i can buy the proper cord?

  16. Ok..the Droid Incredidle does indeed live up to it’s name. I had the Eris and what a super slow of a phone that was but whatev. I’m glad we’re getting some Froyo soon for this beast of a phone. Yeah, the Droid X is cool with it’s big screen and HDMI out and so is the Evo (I got Verizon) but I have to say that the guys at HTC knew what they were doing when designing the Sense UI. I like how the text ‘wraps and resizes itself on web pages. Pretty cool stuff and in my opinion just makes the iphone look janky. Anyone agree?

    So here’s what HTC’s has to do..

    1. Don’t make us wait as long for Gingerbread as we are with Froyo.

    2. micro-USB to HDMI out cable for incredible would be nice…

    3. Stay with AMOLED screens, they’re just better.

    4. Droid Incredible II with a big screen and make it thinner than EVO!!!! :)

  17. @Mario
    i think a big buying point for the incredible was that the screen wasn’t huge like the evo or droidX, those 2 are too large for me to use on a daily basis as a phone and im happy with the 3.7″ screen

  18. I too got the Dinc in April and have been waiting and watching my phone for the Froyo update just like waited for Santa when I was a kid…

  19. @im_myself and @karincharles,

    You know at first I would have agreed on a 3.7″ being just fine but after playing with the Droid X it’s pretty cool but to each his own. :) As for waiting around for Froyo! Ugh!!! YES!!! I was going nuts two weeks ago on that dumb rumor of a Verizon OTA update for the Incredible. It’s never ending cuz you know once we have it we’ll just be bored with it after 30 minutes and we’ll be wanting some gingerbread. :)

  20. Flash doesn’t work

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